The Early Bird

September 28, 2010

I often feel like I need to apologize here for not posting enough. But what is enough? Especially when my life is this crazy race to get through each day alive. I read other blogs of crafty stay at home Mommies, but most of their kids are older than mine. A lot are even in school! Most of them don’t have 2 little butts in diapers, a nursing baby, and a husband who works the hours The Hubs does. So I have to cut myself some slack, because at the end of each exhausting day I have to decide between blogging and sleep, and I choose dreamland every time!

I have been trying to sew more for my own kids lately. Wanting to make sure I have special things for them this holiday season, I got a little ahead of myself and made Halloween shirts. Sofie LOVES the witch shoes on her shirt and has asked to wear it several times. I had to put it away because trying to explain to a 2 year old why she can’t wear a black long sleeve shirt in 90 degree weather is a pointless argument! But at least I know when the holiday sneaks up on us in a month, they’ll be well-outfitted to celebrate!

4 Responses to “The Early Bird”

  1. lisa said:


  2. Allison said:

    absolutely precious! and I like the cute shirts too! 😉
    I always vote for sleep myself! Good for you!

  3. Katie said:

    Cute cute!!! I’m lovin’ those little shoes!! I’m sure my goose would love a little tee like that…perhaps she will get one. hmmm…

  4. Marcia said:

    I love the shirts and the pics of the girls modeling them are just precious. Happy Halloween, early bird!!

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