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Top 11 in 2011

Date December 31, 2011

Everyone else is doing it, so why not? Thank you for the overwhelming support and success for Sew Like My Mom this year. I appreciate each and every one of you! 11. Katie Dress 10. Easiest Pillowcase Dress Ever 9. Game Day Gym Bag 8. Peasant Dress 7. Makeup Bag 6. The Great Cover-Up 5. […]


Date December 29, 2011

I can’t even begin to count the number of times this year I’ve mumbled, “this is the worst year of my life.” Grandpa died in June. There are still times I forget he’s gone and expect to see him walk through the door and hug me tight. It’s been six months already, but there are […]

DIY clothing labels

Date December 13, 2011

For years I’ve been putting “tags” in the clothes I make. They’re nothing special, literally just loops of ribbon that tell the wearer (or the parent dressing them) which is the back side of the garment. But I’ve wanted labels. I’ve researched, planned, and hunted everywhere for them, but nothing I found really pleased me. […]