Pitaya Bummies free add-on February 19, 2019 – Posted in: Sewing – Tags: ,

If you love bummies as much as I do, then you’re looking for every possible way to make them! My Pitaya Bummies pattern already offers an incredible amount of options, but what’s a few more?!

This add-on to the existing awesomeness offers three new looks that can be customized in near endless ways! Just when I didn’t think they could possibly get any better, customers piped up and asked for more views!

To put it simply, for the new looks, there’s a colorblocked front, a colorblocked front with vertical ruffles, and a paperbag waist option!

I put these out to my amazing testers to not only make sure the instructions were complete and thorough, but to see how they interpreted the idea. And let me tell you–they did not disappoint!

They used a variety of fabrics, put together outfits and accessories, and used the cutest models around! Some combined elements from the original pattern like the back pockets or the elastic waistband to increase the variety of looks this one pattern provides.

I swear each pair is just absolutely adorable! I love the use of the elastic over the waistband to highlight the ruffles. They’re all the heart eyes!

I love the fussy cuts, the strategic pattern placement, and the thought that went into each and every version they made.

One tester used swim fabric and the Tanna Dress bodice to create the cutest bathing suit!

Have I convinced you yet that you need to have this free add-on!? Grab the Pitaya Bummies first, then include this awesome Pitaya add-on to go with it!

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The fabric for the above pair of Pitaya Bummies was given to me by So Sew English Fabrics. It is a double brushed poly and feels like heaven!