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August 19, 2013

Well…I’m back!

I’ve had lots of emails from you all, my amazing readers, wanting to know if I was done blogging since I decided to start making patterns. My overwhelming response? NO!!

I’m always going to be a blogger and while I might be slower to post, I’m definitly not giving up on it. In fact, I’ve already got 2 more posts scheduled for this week! They’re definitely coming! And one is a TUTORIAL! Get excited, because I am!

I’m also making a few changes around here. Just little things, small changes you may or may not notice. One thing I want to spice up is my About Me page. These things are always hard to write, so I’m asking for your help. Please leave a comment on this post asking me any questions you may have about me, my blog, my family, whatever! I’m a (fairly) open book so there’s not much that’s off limits.

And get ready to see some amazing things. I’m been super busy lately and have so much to share!

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  1. Michelle said:

    What is your favorite thing to sew/create?

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