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January 19, 2015

Just Sew You Know #2

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It’s Monday! Time for the second installment of Just Sew You Know!

Today’s tip was a real forehead slapper once I figured it out!

Just Sew You Know | Sew Like My Mom

When you line your pieces up together at the edge, it leave a gap at the top of your seam, creating an uneven edge. If you slide your top piece up until the edges meet at the width of your seam allowance, you’ll get a perfect edge! It’s easy as pie and makes such a nice edge!

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January 12, 2015

Just Sew You Know #1

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New Year, new blog goals!

One thing I wanted to do this year was start a weekly feature where I pass along little tips, tricks, tidbits, cheats, and whataya-knows that I’ve read, discovered, and come across over the years. I’m really excited about doing this and I hope you enjoy the posts!

just sew you know

This week’s Just Sew You Know comes courtesy of my Sycamore Shorts pattern for Riley Blake fabrics. Everyone who has made the shorts has raved about this time and sanity saving trick!

When you’re sewing, especially for little kids, it can often be frustrating trying to turn and press tiny hems and casings. So read through your pattern and when able, press them before you construct the garment! It’s *SO* much easier to iron them flat, so make it work for you! Once you’ve sewn your seams, like the rise and inseam in the Sycamore Shorts, your ironing will be done for you! Instant hem and casing!

Just Sew You Know | Sew Like My Mom

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