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April 14, 2014

Pattern Tour!

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Did you know there’s a Sew Like My Mom pattern tour going on today? Don’t worry, I didn’t either!!

I woke up this morning to see my amazing friend Andrea from Andrea’s Notebook had posted about my Darling Daisy dress. My brain’s foggy little sleep-deprived wheels started turning because I couldn’t remember giving her the pattern. I scrolled through her post on my phone, giggling over the gorgeous pictures and when I got to the bottom I went back to the top and started reading. Imaging my shock when I saw a bunch of my bloggy friends had organized a surprise pattern tour of MY patterns! AND I HAD NO IDEA! I clicked through each link, drinking in the thoughtful words, perfect photos and dreamy reviews in pure astonishment. This is surreal, guys, and completely astounding! So I have to share their work and love with you all.

I’ll start where I started–Andrea’s precious bright pink polka dot version of the Darling Daisy.

I LOVE Marissa’s raccoon Kudzu Coveralls. And isn’t tiny baby Teddy the cutest (you’ll have to click through to see him)?!

Susan at Living With Punks made a gorgeous version of my Busy Lizzy. I BIG heart her choice of bold fabric, and in the background of her pictures is my bowling set!

Christie at A Lemon Squeezy Home put a spin on my Darling Daisy and created this precious bias tape version for her daughter.

Jess at If Only They Would Nap is my sewing soul sister. Her littlest guy is just barely younger than Ollie and is also a tiny peanut. He’s also completely precious in turtle Kudzu’s!

Melissa at Melly Sews made a fab blue version of my indoor bowling set for her guys. This was my first pattern and is what made me set out on this whole adventure of pattern designing.

Stacey from Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy made these fantastic seersucker Kudzus for her son. Isn’t it perfect for Easter?!

Jess at Craftiness is not Optional made the most adorable plaid Busy Lizzy cut on the bias. Couldn’t you just eat up her Charlotte??

And lastly, Veronica at SewVery shared her original Darling Daisy review that she made in the shirt length. She’s working on a new version and will be sharing it, as well as my new shorts pattern, later this week!

Did you catch that last part? A new pattern! That’s right–tonight I’m sending out my newest pattern to my testers. Look for many posts about it coming next week! This is another gender neutral pattern with adorable options and, as always, a modest fit.

Sew Like My Mom | Oakley Shorts pattern

This surprise pattern tour has been amazing and just another wonderful gift in a long line of heartwarming things this group of ladies has done for me lately. They’re truly beautiful friends and incredibly talented women! Their generosity is so overwhelming and I want to give back in some way. So this week I’m donating 50% of all proceeds from pattern sales to The Young and Brave Foundation in honor of JLK, a beautiful little girl, the Preschool friend of CINO’s Sadie, who bravely fought a battle against an inoperable brain tumor and ultimately lost her life to cancer at the young age of 6.


If you’ve been thinking about getting one of my patterns, now is the time! Help me support the memory of a beautiful little girl and a truly worthy cause!

April 9, 2014

More Appliqued Canvases

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So for a New Years Resolution this year, I decided I was going to make everyone’s gift for my family members. I started out with a bang, though one gift is still unfinished (but nearly done and I’ll definitely been blogging about it!), and I’ve been doing great so far! We have at least one birthday every month, so it’s been a fun challenge to keep myself thinking outside the box.

I posted a tutorial on appliqued canvases for the Home Sewn Series on Living With Punks. And after my cute apron canvases for my kitchen, I really was hooked! My sister and her family built a house last year and moved in last fall. She’s been searching for things to hang on the wall and I knew this would be perfect for her! I quickly came up with an awesome little design in my mind and was thrilled to see it come to such adorable fruition.

Sew Like My Mom | Appliqued Canvases

I made it a tree with birds, representing her and her hubby and their three darling girls. The girls each picked out which bird was “them!”

It just makes me so happy to see it hanging in her house!

Check out my tutorial and whip up some for the little love birds in your life!

April 7, 2014

Calling All Kids

Filed under: Sewing - 07 Apr 2014

Sew Like My Mom | Calling All Kids

I am SO EXCITED to be part of the Calling All Kids series at Alida Makes!

Alida Makes Presents: Calling All Kids

When deciding which of my kids I wanted to use for this series, I had to choose my little man. He’s still pretty unaware of clothes at all, much less fashion, so I still have full control over what he wears with no backtalk from him on the issue.

ISew Like My Mom | Calling All Kids

I LOVE all things print, color, and bold. I enjoy classic pieces in bright, interesting fabrics, and I adore mixing prints. I’ve been having a blast with modern boy pieces that drift a bit from the commercial choices of old man or knit pants and graphic tees.

Sew Like My Mom | Calling All Kids

I’m currently having a love affair with my newest pattern, the Oakley Shorts & Capris. It’s still in testing (but part of the giveaway!!) but I’ve already made tons of them for Ollie for this summer. Such a great staple that’s easy to modernize to your style with fun fabrics.

Sew Like My Mom | Calling All Kids

Sew Like My Mom | Calling All Kids

And I made him these precious shoes inspired by TOMS. I used a free tutorial and had to alter the pieces to his feet. I made them while he was sleeping so they’re not perfect, but I’m so in love with them I just don’t care! I live in my TOMS and wanted him to enjoy the same comfort, but Mama made, of course.

Sew Like My Mom | Calling All Kids

So that’s my Mama’s Boy and his style–totally MY style in miniature pieces. He’s not just my boy, though–his sisters are wrapped around his little fingers, too! During our shoot Ella kept her face pressed against the window, watching over her tiny best friend. He just couldn’t ignore her anymore and they started kissing each other through the window. Swoon!

Sew Like My Mom | Calling All Kids

Sew Like My Mom | Calling All Kids

I can’t wait to see what everyone else is sewing up for this fun series! Head over to Alida Makes and see the other bloggers amazing outfits, and be sure to enter the giveaway below for your chance to get your hands on my Oakley pattern, as well as other fantastic patterns and a boatload of fabric!

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