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July 26, 2015

Skirting the Issue

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Sew Like My Mom | Skirting the Issue

I’m so excited to share this tutorial today!! I love Skirting the Issue, and I just love being part of it each year! I first “met” liZ and Elizabeth the first year they did this wonderful service project when I approached them and begged to be part of it. So it was incredibly fun to meet them in person this year at SNAP!! I can guarantee you they’re just as lovely and gracious and humble and amazing in real life.

Sew Like My Mom | Skirting the Issue

This year I’m really into knits and wanted to make a super comfortable skirt for Sofia to wear to school. Again she requested giant pockets for all her treasures. Do women ever outgrow that? I feel like giant pockets become giant purses amiright?

Sew Like My Mom | Skirting the Issue

I adore Riley Blake knits and I just happened to have these adorable owls leftover from my Lucky Girl dress.

Sew Like My Mom | Skirting the Issue

Even I want to hang out in this skirt, it just looks so darn comfortable! And it was a breeze to whip together!

Sew Like My Mom | Skirting the Issue

I pieced this skirt together from scraps, really! It’s a great way to use up coordinating prints you’ve got. And it can work for wovens, too, it’s not specific to knits at all!! Are you ready?


January 19, 2015

Just Sew You Know #2

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It’s Monday! Time for the second installment of Just Sew You Know!

Today’s tip was a real forehead slapper once I figured it out!

Just Sew You Know | Sew Like My Mom

When you line your pieces up together at the edge, it leave a gap at the top of your seam, creating an uneven edge. If you slide your top piece up until the edges meet at the width of your seam allowance, you’ll get a perfect edge! It’s easy as pie and makes such a nice edge!

just sew you know

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December 10, 2014

Pillowcase Dress with back ties

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I love Pillowcase Dresses. They’re such a wonderful project for everyone–from beginners to the most advanced seamstresses. They can be worn in all seasons, they’re a fast sew, they grow with the child, they take a relatively small amount of fabric to make, and there are nearly endless ways to personalize them. What’s not to love?

Well for kids like my Chloe, it’s the ties. She hates the ties at her shoulders and fights with them the whole time she’s wearing the dress. I make them for a lot of holidays since their forgiving nature lasts us for lots of wearing, but she just doesn’t like wearing them. But with a quick and easy change, not only does it put a spin on the traditional style, but Chloe no longer feels smothered by her ties.

Back-Tie Pillowcase Dress | Sew Like My Mom

In fact, she loves these dresses! And I just think she’s so darn adorable in them.

Back-Tie Pillowcase Dress | Sew Like My Mom

Back-Tie Pillowcase Dress | Sew Like My Mom

Back-Tie Pillowcase Dress | Sew Like My Mom

And I’m having a love affair with this mustard and blue combo. It’s a good winter floral that will take her dress right into Spring.

Back-Tie Pillowcase Dress | Sew Like My Mom

Changing the dress to tie in the back takes just a few minutes and makes such a sweet impact.

Back-Tie Pillowcase Dress | Sew Like My Mom

The simple modification will work with your favorite Pillowcase Dress pattern. Of course, I prefer mine! I did the serger method for this dress–love those smooth armholes!

Back-Tie Pillowcase Dress | Sew Like My Mom

To create a back-tie pillowcase dress, head on over to Riley Blake for the full instructions!

Thanks so much for having me, Riley Blake! I’d love to see your creations–share them with me on my FB page, or tag me on IG @sewlikemymom.

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