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August 19, 2013

About Me Questions

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Well…I’m back!

I’ve had lots of emails from you all, my amazing readers, wanting to know if I was done blogging since I decided to start making patterns. My overwhelming response? NO!!

I’m always going to be a blogger and while I might be slower to post, I’m definitly not giving up on it. In fact, I’ve already got 2 more posts scheduled for this week! They’re definitely coming! And one is a TUTORIAL! Get excited, because I am!

I’m also making a few changes around here. Just little things, small changes you may or may not notice. One thing I want to spice up is my About Me page. These things are always hard to write, so I’m asking for your help. Please leave a comment on this post asking me any questions you may have about me, my blog, my family, whatever! I’m a (fairly) open book so there’s not much that’s off limits.

And get ready to see some amazing things. I’m been super busy lately and have so much to share!

January 27, 2011

Sweet Minky

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When I think about the word “cozy” it makes me want to get all warm and snuggly. And no fabric fits that bill for me better than minky.

I hate taking my kids out in the winter because of all the layers upon layers they have to wear, and I have to haul around. So I decided to make this sweet matching set to make staying cozy a priority for my snuggly baby, as well as pieces that are warm, comfy, and easy to put on and off.

She loves that she can move her hands without being restrained in a bulky coat. And I love that I can strap her into the car seat, then turn her cape around and she wears it like a blanket that she can’t kick off.

Her hat is fully lined in minky to be super-soft against her head. Her boots are tall enough she can’t get them off by kicking her feet, and they’ve got a non-slip sole to help keep her stable when she starts taking little steps. The cape and boots are lined with a sweet coordinating floral fabric that pulls it all together.

Having something cozy and sweet to put my honey in makes me a little more excited about the frigid winter temperatures!

January 10, 2011

So You Think You’re Crafty

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Thank you to everyone who voted for my window seat last week! I’m working on a tutorial (I seriously didn’t think I’d win so I didn’t make one as I went along!) as well as my project for next week. In the mean time, head over and vote for week 2. There’s a ton of cute “Kids Can Do” craft ideas! I hope everyone posts tutorials because there are definitely some things I want to try with my girls!

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