Christmas Stockings Tutorial

December 5, 2011

Two years ago I knew I wanted to make our family Christmas stockings. My Mom and I were out shopping at fabric stores and I fell in love with this fabric, but it wasn’t until last year that I finally got them made. I went ahead and made 5 stockings even though we didn’t have a third baby yet (I guess my subconscious knew she’d be coming soon!).

Christmas Stockings | Sew Like My Mom

A friend of mine loved them and asked me to make a set for her kids. We’ve been planning them since March, I swear, and I was finally able to get them done last week. I really love how they came out and I’m seriously considering making more for us!

Christmas Stockings | Sew Like My Mom

I appliqued each child’s initial to the cuff of the stocking with plain black fabric.


They just make everything more festive!

(I’m also making a tree skirt, so stay tuned for that!)

And because of the way they’re designed, when they’re stuffed for Christmas morning, you can stand the cuff up to make them a little taller to accommodate all the stocking goodies!

It doesn’t take much to make your own set of personalized stockings! They’re also fast to whip up, I think this tutorial took me longer to write than it took to make all 5!

The finished size is 17.5″ long from top of folded cuff to toe, 21.5″ unfolded, and 6.5″ wide.

For each stocking you’ll need:
2 outside pieces
2 lining pieces
2 cuff pieces
1 6″ piece of ribbon
applique (optional)

This is actually a great project for fat quarters! The stockings I made for us came entirely from fat quarters and 4 out of the 5 of these did as well. To make your stockings fairly cheaply, and to have them coordinate instead of match exactly, search for a fat quarter bundle on etsy. It takes 1 FQ for each stocking, and 1 produces 2 cuffs.

First, iron the cuff pieces in half.

Then iron on your applique. For these, I used Pharmacy font and traced it from MS Word at size 550. Put the fold on the bottom and the raw edges on the top before ironing the applique. I know this seems backwards, but trust me, it needs to go on the top half. To center mine when the cuff is down, I placed the letters 3/8″ above the fold.

Then applique around the letter. If you need more help on this, see my applique tutorial and the tutorial on appliqueing curves.


Now decide which way your stockings will hang and with right sides together, sew the cuff piece with the applique to the front stocking piece. When you do this, make sure the applique is facing the foot of the stocking.

Then sew the same lining piece to the other side of the cuff with right sides together.

You’ll have something that looks like this:

Press your seams to the middle.

Repeat with the back pieces.

Lay the front and back together with right sides facing each other, lining up your cuff pieces.

Take the 6″ of ribbon and make it into a loop.

Place it between your lining layers on the BACK side (heel side) of the stocking with the loop on the inside. Line it up right where the lining meets the cuff. Pin in place.

Pin the stocking pieces together. I usually don’t pin things, but I wanted to make sure I kept this looking nice.

To sew them together, I started in the “sole” of the lining. I sew the lining together at 3/8″ seam allowance and when I get to the cuff, I gradually move it over to 1/4″ seam allowance. I do this to make sure the lining fits perfectly inside the stocking when put together and it doesn’t lump or bulge.

Leave a hole a few inches wide along the bottom of the lining to turn the stocking through.

To make sure your curves lay flat, you need to clip them. I cheat and use pinking shears.

Turn the stocking through your hole and iron everything flat.

Sew the hole in the lining closed, stuff the lining into the outer pieces, and you’re done!!


If you’re making more than one, I recommend doing them assembly-line style. It goes faster!

The Hubs and I had great fun creating words out of these! No words can be made from our initials, so we got a good chuckle before I mailed them.

CLICK HERE to download the free pattern!

For easy applique:

pharmacy-alphabet <---Click here to download the Pharmacy font shown above. arial-alphabet <---Click here for a standard Arial font.

92 Responses to “Christmas Stockings Tutorial”

  1. Lexie said:

    Nice work! Thanks for the instructions. I have made stockings but just can’t seem to get the boot part right. I am exited to try yours out!
    – Lexie >

  2. Sarah said:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I was laying in bed last night thinking that I would like to make stockings for us and now I can!!

  3. Mariah said:

    Awesome! I made some last year, but they bunched all over the place. Guess you live and learn. Good luck with the tree skirt, mine turned out better than my stockings!

  4. Tracy said:

    They are adorable. I love that line of Riley Blake fabric too!! I also really like how you did the aplique letters on the other set. Great job!!

  5. Caitlin said:

    I just ordered some fabric. I have been searching for a stocking pattern since last Christmas. This is perfect. Can’t wait to get started.

  6. jennifer w. said:

    Thank you so much! I made a stocking using your tutorial tonight, and everything went perfect!

  7. Silvia Maria said:

    Good morning I found your beautiful blog today. I’m starting to do patchwork and would like to join your blog.
    I’m from Brazil, see my handwork.

  8. Mandi said:

    Just want to say a big Thank You for this tutorial! I have had my Michael Miller Christmas fabric for about 11 months and for the last 4 of those I have been staring at it thinking “I must make some stockings”. Googling a hundred tutorials, yours was by far the easiest, just lovely photos too!
    I’ve just completed 3 for the children and have another 3 to go!

  9. Lillian Mostraum said:

    Hi. Thank you so much for your tutorial. I googled alot of different tutorials, and most of them were to hard for me to understand. I loved yours and my cute little niece is going to get the stocking at Christmas Day!!!

  10. Jamie said:

    Thanks so much for this! I just finished two and have four more to go. This was super easy to follow.

  11. Haylee said:

    Thanks for such a easy tutorial! I’ve completed one and have three to go. I’ve been wanting to make stockings for the past 2.5 years since my son was born and never got to it and found this tutorial this past year and thought it would be easy to follow and it was. Now that I’m expecting #2 I was determined to get them done before he’s born!!

    thanks again!

  12. Caryn said:

    Fantastic tutorial. I’ve finished one and have three more to go. Simple patter and great directions make for a fun, easy project! Thanks.

  13. Cara said:

    I’m SO excited to make stockings this year, but I’m worried about the shape. Any suggestions for a pattern?

  14. Melissa said:

    At the very bottom of the post is a link to download the pattern I made and used!

  15. Lyndsey said:

    I’m wanting to make some of these, but before I order my fabric I just wanted to clarify…. For 1 stocking I will need one fat quarter for the 2 boot pieces, one fat quarter for 2 cuff pieces.

    So to make FOUR stockings I need a total of 6 fat quarters (not including the lining fabric), correct?

  16. Melissa said:

    It depends on what you want to do for your fabrics and the cuffs. 6 fat quarters would lend you 4 different boot pieces and 2 cuffs each used twice.

  17. Christina said:

    This is probably a dumb Q, but what if you want to add quilt batting to the stocking. Do you add it to the outside fabric on the wrong side?

  18. Melissa said:

    That’s not a dumb question! And yes, you add it to the wrong side of your main outside fabric. I hope you share pics of your finished stockings!

  19. Julia said:

    I just made four stockings with your pattern. Thanks so much for your generosity. They are super cute and were very fun to make.

  20. Elizabeth said:

    I am so excited and grateful to have found this post! We recently adopted 2 little boys and I just realized last week that they need Christmas stockings! I decided to make new ones for the whole family since our current ones are store bought and kinda dorky:) I am a very amateur seamstress but I’ve made two so far and it was easy. They turned out great! THANKYOU!!!!!!!

  21. Randi said:

    Thanks for this! I had to make 13 stockings this year for my massive family and this made it so easy and fun! Love it!

  22. Ashleigh said:

    Thanks for the tutorial! Last year I attempted to make stockings and I wish I had had this tutorial then. I linked to your tutorial on my blog; if you feel like, it check out my stockings. Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!

  23. Debi said:

    This is exactly what I was hoping to find! Thanks and happy holidays!

  24. Shawna said:

    I just followed these directions & my cuff isn’t an actual cuff. I’m not sure where I went wrong??

  25. Melissa said:

    I’m not sure, Shawna. Did you fold it down to make it a cuff? The piece itself should just fold in half.

  26. Heather said:

    I am what you would call a sewing dummy. I’ve never sewn a thing in my life, but after the birth of our triplets last year, decided to go out and buy a sewing machine on black Friday a few weeks ago. I’ve stitched a couple of simple things and wanted to make stockings so badly for our kids. I thought it was impossible, especially when I read about doing an applique- but I just finished the 1st one and I have to say I am really impressed with myself! The tutorial and all the picures you posted really helped! Thank you SO much! I’m a fan!

  27. Alexis said:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I’m just learning to use a sewing machine- and this is totally doable. This is the first year my husband and I are doing xmas at our house and my first baby’s first christmas. So we needed stockings. We decided to use old t-shirts: one we no longer use but have sentimental value to us. Not as pretty or in Christmas colors- but very meaningful, free, and full of history. And a great way to use our old shirts

  28. Becky M said:

    Thanks a bunch for this tutorial. It has been five years since I made a stocking (for my Grandson). I needed to make one for a new family member this year and forgot how to do the “turn inside out” parts. I WAS NOT looking forward to “unsewing” and this saved me.

  29. Kellie said:

    Great tutorial! Just finished making two stockings for a couple who got married this year. Your directions were terrific and the pictures really helped as well. Thanks for sharing!

  30. tyla said:

    This is awesome!!!!

  31. Lisa said:

    Great tutorial, just finished three, one more to go! Made two with burlap and red/white stripe ticking, other two with linen and same ticking.
    Material choices work great for Country Christmas theme!

  32. Melissa S said:

    Thank you so much! I just finished mine and decided to use a minky fabric for the cuff and appliqué my son and dogs full names. They turned out beautiful and will last a lifetime!

  33. Jacy said:

    Thanks for the awesome tutorial! I posted about it:

  34. Momof5 said:

    These are so cute! What fabric did you use?

  35. Melissa said:

    Just regular ol’ cotton!

  36. Clare said:

    Can someone post the measurements please of the pattern please as I can’t access a printer thank you

  37. Melissa said:

    The easiest thing to do then would be to blow the image up on your computer until the 1″ square measures 1″ and trace it right off your screen. Trying to get the right angles around the curves would be very difficult!

  38. Clare said:

    Ah Ill try failing that I’m off to the library to use a printer! Thank you

  39. Marilyn said:

    I love this pattern, but to avoid lining and to give the stockings more substance, I’m going to make them in reversible prequilted fabric. I’ve ordered the fabric, but I’m trying to figure out how to do the cuff if there’s no lining? I’ve read your instructions several times, and I just can’t make the transition in my mind–could you help, especially since I’ll be embroidering names on the cuffs before applying them? Thanks so much!

  40. Melissa said:

    The only way I can think to do it, you’d have to make it so they don’t stand up. You’d put the cuff down inside the stocking with the right side of the cuff facing the wrong side of the stocking. Then sew and flip it out so that seam is under the folded down cuff. You could also put some bias binding on it to finish it off. Although then they wouldn’t be reversible…

    I need to think on this more…

  41. Melissa said:

    I’ve got it! Sew one layer of the stocking front to the stocking back. Cover the raw edge in bias so when it’s flipped to that side, you won’t see raw edges. Then monogram both sides of the cuff so you can see it no matter which way the stocking is facing. Place right sides together and sew at the side seams so it’s a circle. Then place it right sides together with the top of the stocking and sew it on. Then flip the stocking inside out, fold the cuff down in half, and tuck the other (raw) end of the cuff up and under so it’s even with the other side and whipstitch it closed by hand. 🙂

  42. nerissa said:

    Hi Thanx for a fab tutorial. I’ve just completed my first stocking. It only took me an hour from printing pattern to finished product. Now to go make 4 more lol 🙂

  43. Kristen said:

    Awesome! Love this tutorial! I had to bust out the seam ripper a few times on the first one because I was sewing things on backwards, but the second one I made took me no time at all. I can’t wait to use these! Thanks!

    (And sorry for the excessive use of exclamation points!)

  44. Jessica said:

    Hi – I am using a fabric with little Santa’s for the cuff. I want to make sure the Santa’s are not upside down. Would I just make sure to have the Santa’s upright on whichever side I’m going to face the stocking?

  45. Melissa said:

    They’ll need to stand with their feet towards the bottom of the stocking. When in doubt, pin it together and see what happens. 🙂

  46. Chris said:

    How much would you charge for a stocking if fabric was given?

  47. Ashley said:

    I love this, but i am trying to understand the cuff part do we sew two cuffs together it doesn’t look like yours are sewn in the middle just folded..sorry I’m a beginner : )

  48. Melissa said:

    No you sew the outer and the lining to each end of the cuff, then put the 2 sides together. The cuff is ironed in the middle. And please don’t apologize, we were ALL beginners once!

  49. Sami said:

    It took me a year but I finally made the stockings and your tutorial made it so easy! They turned out great and it was my first time appliqueing or doing anything like this! Thanks so much for the step by step pictures. I loved it!

  50. Ruth said:

    Years ago my sis had a double stocking – one side for her husband and the other for herself. It looked like Santa’s pants! Have you ever seen a pattern for this? Thanks so much for the tutorial. I want to make stockings for our three kids, our sweet in laws, and our seven GRANDS! – probably not this year, but nice to know I now have directions

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