Daisy Dress Pattern and Simply Sweet Fabric

July 3, 2013

Sew Like My Mom | Daisy Dress Pattern

I recently shared that I’m getting into pattern designing and showed 2 things I’ve been working on. But this dress will be my first pattern released and it’s coming soon! In fact, I’m now officially looking for testers!

Sew Like My Mom | Daisy Dress Pattern

I’m so in love with this dress! It’s a breeze to sew together and the finished effect is gorgeous.

Sew Like My Mom | Daisy Dress Pattern

Sew Like My Mom | Daisy Dress Pattern

Even little Ella can’t wear hers enough!

Sew Like My Mom | Daisy Dress Pattern

Sew Like My Mom | Daisy Dress Pattern

Sew Like My Mom | Daisy Dress Pattern

The fabric for Sofie’s dress came from one of my sponsors–Simply Sweet Fabric. Shay is such a joy to work with and she’s passing along her awesomeness to my readers!

Sew Like My Mom | Daisy Dress Pattern

Today through JULY 17th, every Sew Like My Mom reader will receive a FREE fat quarter of fabric with any $20 purchase from Simply Sweet Fabric! Who doesn’t love free fabric, right? Just buy your fabric (must be $20 before shipping) and when you pay add a note to the seller and let her know which fabric you’d like to get for free!

 photo simplysweetbutton320x85.jpg

So are you interested in being a tester? Please read all the criteria I’m looking for before signing up.

-Pattern needs to be completed within 6 days from the time you receive it. I’m sending them out Monday, July 8th and need feedback no later than Saturday, July 13th.
-Completed dress needs to be worn by a child. If you like sewing for your niece or granddaughter but they’re not close by to try it on, please don’t test. I need to know how the garment fits on the actual child.
-Send pictures of child in the dress. Unless I get express permission from you, I will not be sharing your photos without your permission. You may, however, share yours as you wish.
-Do not share the pattern with anyone else.

Once all feedback is in and all changes have been made, you’ll receive a final completed pattern in exchange for your participation. You may make items to sell from this pattern.

Still interested? AWESOME! Please go here to fill out the form with the info I need.

**Please note, not everyone will be chosen to test. I’m looking for sewists with a range of skills to test 2 of each size. Please don’t take it personally if you’re not chosen!

7 Responses to “Daisy Dress Pattern and Simply Sweet Fabric”

  1. Misty Ford said:

    Size 3 OR size 8/10
    Intermediate dress seamstress. Switching from baby goods to dresses!

  2. Tricia said:

    I have a 4 year old but she’s tiny so i could test a 3 if you need. i’ve been sewing for 15 years since my oldest daughter was a baby.

  3. Laura said:

    Intermediate sewer with tons of fabric sitting here waiting! I’ve been sewing for years.

  4. Lynn Wannop said:

    I sew for fun, have been for years. I would consider myself intermediate. I have a 1yr old who wears size 6-9 months and am sewing her fat quarter dresses regardless, I would love to try out your pattern! I know I’m past the due date but if still in need please let me know.

  5. mundina said:

    Iam so making this for Thalia and Alessia. Looks adorable!!!!

  6. Amanda Clayton said:

    This dress is adorable. I have a hard time finding dresses for my daughter. She has a scar on her chest from open heart surgery that she had at 6 months old and we’ve been told to limit the exposure of it to the sun. Most dresses I find in stores have a lower neck line that exposes it quite a bit. Your design is super cute and would cover what we needed. I’m sure there are a lot of heart baby moms that would appreciate this. Great work.

  7. Jan Crawford said:

    If you are making more patterns I would be interested. I sew for my granddaughters, size 3 and size 7 right now. I think I sew at a high intermediate level. I have been sewing since I was about 6 years old.

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