Hey June June

June 1, 2016

It’s Hey June June!! A day dedicated to all things Hey June and the creative genius behind its patterns, Adrianna.

Sew Like My Mom | Hey June June

If you don’t know Adrianna or her patterns, you’re missing out. And I’m not just saying that because she’s my favorite. I’m saying that because her patterns truly are amazing! I’ve never been one to make a pattern more than once and her Lane Raglan? I’ve made 12 of for myself, and 4 for my Mom. TWELVE. And I don’t repeat patterns! THAT is how good they are!

Sew Like My Mom | Hey June June

But first let me back up a little bit. Adrianna isn’t just someone I admire on the internet. She’s my actual real-life friend! Like we get together once a year (at a little conference with hundreds of other attendees) and spend 5 days together getting into trouble taking amazeballs selfies being awesome. And we talk every day, bless her heart for putting up with me!

Sew Like My Mom | Hey June June

So when I got an email inviting me to spend today spreading my love for Adrianna and her patterns, how could I say no? They’re literally almost all I make for myself!

Sew Like My Mom | Hey June June

But I wanted to celebrate the day right! And fresh off Me Made May it was hard to think about one more day of pictures of my face (hats off to you fashion bloggers, I won’t be taking a selfie for quite some time!). But for Adrianna? I’m up for anything! Sadly, I’ve never blogged about my HUGE Hey June wardrobe, so I figured it was probably time. I left a few things out because they were dirty, then I enlisted the help of my crazy-patient 7 year old Sofia and we had ourselves a massive photoshoot. Are you ready for this?

I’ll start with my Cheyenne. It was one of the more difficult things I’ve ever made myself, but it’s also hands down one of the most rewarding. I get compliments like crazy on this shirt!

Sew Like My Mom | Hey June June

I also got out several of my Union St Tees. I’ve got one more but it’s buried somewhere in my laundry pile so I’ll have to post about it another day. I’ve never made the scoop neck version of the Union, because I love a good v-neck!

Sew Like My Mom | Hey June June

Sew Like My Mom | Hey June June

Sew Like My Mom | Hey June June

I’ve also got a Santa Fe:


A Biscayne Blouse:

Soccer Tournament Saturday in my Biscayne Blouse! I looove this shirt!! Thanks for my awesome hat @adriannaappl I'm hoping it keeps my nose from turning 1000 shades darker than the rest of my face. #heyjunehandmade #soccermom #mmmay16 #memademay

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A Halifax Hoodie:

Hula Hooped with my Chloe girl at field day this morning. It got uncharacteristically cold today so I had a chance to wear my #halifaxhoodie with #raspberrycreekfabrics more time!! Then came home realized I'd caught the stomach bug that's taken out two of my kids this week. Me Made May day 5! #heyjunehandmade #seekatesew #sewingmamatee #mmmay16 #memademay

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But I didn’t want to stop there. I’ve got all those Lane Raglan‘s remember?

Sew Like My Mom | Hey June June

And as we were wrapping up I looked down at this massive pile of shirts and had a funny thought. Adrianna and I LOVE Friends, the 90s cult classic tv show. It’s a deep part of our bond and my clothes reminded me of something Friends related. So I started putting them on…

Sew Like My Mom | Hey June June

Look at me, I’m Melissa,

Sew Like My Mom | Hey June June

Which, naturally, must be followed by some lunges!

Sew Like My Mom | Hey June June

But I won’t tell you if I’m going commando or not, it’s just not blog appropriate.

There was also a little bit of a fat guy in a little coat happening trying to get that last shirt on my body…

But I digress.

And there you have it, my public display of affection for the one and only Adrianna. If you want to see more of this awesome day of joy, head over to instagram and check out the #adriannaisagenius and #heyjunejune hashtags to see so much more! Then go to Hey June and buy a few patterns. I PROMISE you won’t be sorry you did!

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  1. marissa | rae gun ramblings said:

    you are hilarious and too cute. and I agree her patterns are fantastic so easy to sew the construction makes sense and they fit great!!!

  2. Jess Abbott said:

    I love you. That’s all 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Jess said:

    you guys are the best. I had the greatest time last year crashing your party. LOVE YOU both!

  4. Felicia Balezentes said:

    Oh. My. Gawwwwd. (In my best Janice voice.) This is the best blog post ever.

  5. skirtfixation said:

    Laughing like a crazy woman right now !!

  6. replicatethendeviate said:

    Love this so much!! I am going to bust out laughing the next time I do lunges at the gym!

  7. Kyla said:

    This just made my day! Love the references, and definitely love Hey June!

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