La Pollera

October 4, 2012

Whew, was that September that just whizzed past? We’ve been going like crazy and between everything we’ve had going on, I haven’t had a chance to sit down and blog. Months like that exhaust me.

This post isn’t anything sewing related, but still something I wanted to share. I know many of you are familiar with those gorgeous mixed babies of mine and might wonder where their brown skin comes from (as I’m quite the pasty white girl). Well, The Hubs is from Panama originally, so their exotic half come from him. In fact, my MIL and SIL live there as well as all of his Mom’s family. The girls have never been, but we hope to take them soon!

Several years ago on a trip home to see his Mom, The Hubs brought back this gorgeous outfit for Sofie. It’s a traditional dress for girls called La Pollera. I’m sure you’ve seen the fancy adult versions, though you might not have known they’re native to Panama or what they’re called.

Their hairpieces are called tembleques and are extremely ornate and often passed down through families. While traditionally many tembleques are worn, we just have one.

I’ve cherished this little outfit for years. Sofie was only 18 months, maybe 2, when The Hubs brought it home, and it was way too big for her then. I’ve had to wait all this time to get her in it–and I know my MIL has been anxiously waiting, too! My SIL came for a visit last week and while she was here I got Sof all decked out and took some gorgeous photos of her to take home to Abuelita.

I love getting to celebrate this other half of their heritage. Sofie was very delicate with her skirt and while she loved dancing in it, she’s more of a hip-shakin’ booty dancer than the traditional twirler she’s supposed to be in this outfit!

I’m looking forward to blowing some of these up to adorn our empty walls. I also can’t wait for Chloe and Ella to get big enough to wear it, too!

4 Responses to “La Pollera”

  1. Natalie said:

    OMGOSH!!!! I’m from Panama! Well, I’m a zonian…your husband will know what that means but I grew up in the zone. My parents both worked for the military down there and I was born and raised there. I left when I graduated high school. My step-mother is panamanian and so is my step-brother and step-sister. I loved pollera dresses as I grew up and I keep asking my dad, who still lives there to get me a nice one for my daughter but he has only gotten small ones that don’t look anything like that! I love the outfit for your daughter! those pictures are going to be great big and on your wall! Thanks for sharing! I saw pollera in my feed and got so excited!!

    Thanks again for sharing!!! Love this post!!

  2. Rachel said:

    Wow! She looks so pretty!! 🙂 I have never known the name of that outfit before, but I have seen it. Thanks for sharing this. I love learning something new!! What wonderful pictures and such a special family memory.


  3. Afsana said:

    That is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing. Will you possibly try to recreate the ensemble yourself? It looks very intricate.

  4. Melissa said:

    No! I don’t think I could recreate this one! 🙂 There’s also a gorgeous underskirt you can’t see very well that would be very difficult to do. I do like the fullness of the skirt, though, and may do a knock-off of it maybe!

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