Little Red Infinity Dress Tutorial

February 14, 2011

I’m always searching for a beautiful, well-fitting, versatile dress, and I finally found it. In fact, I MADE it. The infinity dress has got it all! You can wear this amazing dress basically any way you feel comfortable–and it can look like a new dress each time!

I made my infinity dress in about 3 hours and for under $20! I used some soft polyester knit I found at Hancock Fabrics for $4.99/yard. I got 5 yards, and with my 40% off 1 cut of fabric coupon, my total came to $15.87 after tax!! These dresses sell for upwards of $200 in stores, so I’m thrilled with my savings!

I found these infinity dresses on Craftster years ago and have always loved them. I hadn’t thought about them in a while and was really excited when I decided on making one for my Red Week challenge. I read several blogs about how people made these and I was confused. All the directions were basically the same, but none took me step by step through the process. And no one’s math was the same! So using some from here and some from there, I was able to simplify them.

First, you need to do some measuring. To get the size of my circle skirt, I needed to measure my waist: 30″.  I measured right at my belly button because that’s where the waist of this dress sits. To make that into a pattern, I needed to find the radius of a circle the size of my waist, so I divided by 6.28. You don’t need to know the fancy math, just trust me.

So, 30/6.28 = 4.7. I adjusted this to 4.5″ because my knit fabric stretches so it doesn’t have to be exact.

Then I decided on length of skirt and came up with 18″. In hindsight, I wish I’d gone about 4″ longer, but that’s just because I like to wear my skirts right below my knee instead of right above it. So decide length based on your personal preference.

To make your straps, you need to decide how wide to make them. To cover your bust, measure from your breastbone, over the fullest part of your breast, and to the middle of your underarm. Mine is 11″ (yes, I have gigantic hooters).

To determine strap length, you need to make them 1.5 times your height. It’s daunting, but doable! I’m 5’5″, which is 66″. 1.5 times 66 inches is 99 inches, but I just rounded up to 100.

So, got that? You need 4 measurements: waist divided by 6.28, length of skirt, width of straps, and length of straps.

To make your pattern, get packing paper, freezer paper, or a bunch of pieces of computer paper taped together. Start at one corner and measure down the first number you came up with for your waist. Mine is 4.5″ so I made a curved mark 4.5″ from the corner. Do this with the old pencil-on-a-string trick, or make a series of little marks and connect them with a line.

Then I measured 18″ down from that and made another line for my skirt length.

Cut out on your lines. You’ll have 1/4 of your circle skirt.

Now, keeping your fabric folded in half with selvages matched, fold the fabric in from the end so it’s doubled on itself. Place your pattern so the 2 straight lines match up with the edges.

Next, cut a waistband 10″ tall and the length of your waist you measured. So mine was 10″ by 30″. (In the picture mine is longer than 30″ but trust me on this! Make it the length of your waist measurement!)

Next you’ll have to cut your straps. You’ll need to lay your fabric out flat somewhere (and it’s 3 yards for me, so quite a bit of space!) to cut them all at once.

I kept my fabric folded in half  so I could cut both straps at once. I took my ruler and placed pins 11″ apart, every 2″ the length of the fabric. Well, 100 inches of it, anyway!

Then I cut along the pin lines to get my straps.

Now for construction. A lot of people call this the 1 seam dress because it’s easy to do at once. I’d recommend doing it in parts, and wish I had.

Open up your circle skirt. If there are sides to your fabric, place the right side up.

Get your straps. They need to be overlapped a little, 3 to 5 inches is average for what I read. I opted for 5″ because I’m quite modest about my chest. So overlap the straps at one end and pin.

Take them to your skirt, and deciding a middle point, place the middle of the overlapped straps down.

I then pinned the straps from edge to edge.

This is where I recommend stopping and starting the sewing. Just sew the straps on then come back. If you’re daring, keep reading to learn how to do it at once. It was just difficult to keep all the layers in the right place.

Take your waistband and fold it in half. Start in the middle of the front of the dress and sew the waistband on, all the way around to the beginning. There should be just a little overlap.

After securing the waistband to the dress, sew around the perimeter again, making sure everything has been included and reinforcing your seams. If you don’t have a serger, do a wide zigzag on your regular machine.

I took the waistband in the front and sewed the pieces together. I guess other people leave it V-shaped, but I wanted a more complete feel to my dress. I used black thread to show where I stitched because this part will never be seen.

(Please forgive the bunching at the waist. I made this dress to fit me, not my mannequin, and she hasn’t had 2 kids in the last 3 years!)

So this is what your completed infinity dress looks like:

Then when you start wrapping it, you put it up over your bust one strap at a time.

To learn to tie it, I spent a lot of time on YouTube watching videos. There are a ton of them out there and they’re all super helpful.


I’ve added an updated version of my infinity dress with a bandeau top for more coverage. Please check it out for an alternate way to make the convertible dress work for you!


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313 Responses to “Little Red Infinity Dress Tutorial”

  1. Amy @ Positively Splendid said:

    This was a gorgeous project!!

  2. Janimal said:

    Oh how cool! I’ll have to be on the lookout for some fabric to try that!

  3. Heather said:

    Fantastic tutorial. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to try it out!

  4. Marie Gross said:

    That is so impressive!

  5. Sabrina Feller said:

    What a great tutorial! Glad to see somone else measure their fabric in the floor :)

  6. Anna C. said:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is the easiest tutorial I’ve found for one of these dresses. The millions of pictures helped a ton, and because of you, now I know how to make a seamless circle-skirt. That picture was the most helpful of all. Just reading about how to do it doesn’t work for me.

    As soon as I can get some fabric, I’m making one of these… Maybe white with a yellow print…


  7. Rachel said:

    Oh wow- this is really, REALLY stunning! Thanks soooo much for this! I’ve been wanting one forever. I’ll be spreading the word.

  8. Melissa said:

    Thanks so much for the wonderful compliments, everyone! They mean the world!

  9. kris said:

    you rock! i’ve wanted to make one of this for FOREVER and found the tutes generally confusing as well. maybe i’ll get one made for a wedding we’re going to next month!

  10. kathleen said:

    wow! this is amazing! i can’t wait to try it myself. thank you so much for the tutorial!

  11. Sofia said:

    this is absolutely gorgeous!!! good job!! I have seen one of these dresses on tv a while back and thought just how much fabric it might need. well done~

  12. Mom of Two said:

    So, did you sew any hems?

  13. Jenny said:

    That is great! I love it… a ton of fabric though, wow!

  14. Heather said:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the simple tutorial. I’ve been wanting one but had no idea how to do it based on some other tutes. Also, I thought the fabric cost would be prohibitive, but it sounds like its not! Also nice to know the length of the skirt – I like knee length or just below knee, also. Does it seem fairly modest in other ways? When you tie it on, does it stay put?

  15. Robyn said:

    This is so kismet – I’ve had the infinity dress tutorial bookmarked for ages and recently (as in this last week) started figuring out how to make it and this post is going to help out SO much. You did a great job of explaining everything and bringing together all the information from the numerous blogs I’ve found. Thank you!

    My only question is on the final construction – you say lay the dress down wrong side up, but doesn’t the way you sew it leave it wrong side out with the seams on the inside? Maybe if I finally work up the nerve to cut my fabric, I’ll figure it out!

  16. Melissa said:

    Yes! Thank you so much for catching that, Robyn! I wrote this tutorial very late at night and I missed that mistake. You’re right! Thank you!! :)

  17. Melissa said:

    No, I didn’t sew any hems or finish any sides. The fabric I used doesn’t fray so it wasn’t necessary.

    It does stay put when it’s tied on, and it feels secure. It very much reminds me of my Moby baby wrap!

  18. Sarah said:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have seen others out there and was thoroughly confused by them. You have covered the parts I had trouble with. Thank you.

  19. Allie said:

    What a beautiful dress! I’ve never seen one of these before, but now I must have one. Thank you for the awesome tutorial!

  20. Kas said:

    This is the best tutorial I’ve seen for one of these dresses – I can’t wait to try my own! :)

  21. Carol-anne said:

    What a lovely dress…love the red! I had also seen many tutes out there but was very confused by most of them. Thank you for explaining it so I can make my own. I plan on having at least five in my closet for the summer….supposed to be very hot where I am so I will spend my summer days in dresses and skirts. Thank you again:)

  22. Stephanie said:

    This was super helpful. I really want to try this, but I will probably try a different color then red.

  23. Rebekah said:

    Fantastic! I’ve been wanting a dress like this for SO long. I’m dying to try this. Thanks for the step-by-step!

  24. Ashleigh said:

    Thank you so much for the tutorial. I have been looking all over for instructions on this type of dress and like I found everthing to be very confusing. I will have to stop and pick up fabric on the way home so I can try this. I cannot wait!!

  25. Amanda - VintageDutchGirl said:

    Um, seriously? HELLO how have I been sewing for so stinkin long and never heard of this dress!?!

    Thanks for enlightening me! Being that I plan on doing a massive 5+ weekend super sale fabric store journey I have now added 5 yrds of soft polyester knit to my list.

    Hello. Even the CLEARANCE racks are an extra 50% off. I’m sure to five yards of SOMETHING amazing :)

    If…*Ahem* WHEN I make this dress I’m totally linking to you girlfriend.

  26. Gayle said:

    OMG – you should sell these. You make it sound so easy and doable, but I don’t think I would have same results. Rock on!

  27. Liz said:

    I LOVE this! Thanks so much for sharing. We will be featuring you on our blog, I can’t wait to start mine. :)

  28. Heather said:

    Fantastic tutorial! This is the simplest tute for an infinity dress I’ve seen yet…makes me think I can actually turn out a decent dress! Can’t wait to try it!

  29. Ange said:

    Thanks so much for the tutorial. I bought a magazine solely to make a dress like this and the instructions aren’t half as comprehensive as yours. Thanks again.

  30. Jenn Post said:

    could this be made using a jersey knit?? been dying for one of these in that type of material (perhaps a bit longer in the skirt)

    amazing tute, thanks for sharing!
    Jenn Post

  31. Katha said:

    Ha! I read the crafster one ages ago too and coudnt figure it out. thank you so much! now onto finding all that fabric 😀

  32. daphne said:

    I finally understand. I have looked at this project several times but none of the tutes ever made sense, thank You so very much for taking the time to explain. your dress turned out beautiful.

  33. Sachi said:

    Funny you say it reminds you of your moby wrap because I was thinking the same thing and wondering if I could find a way to secure my son in the dress, it would be perfect for my SIL wedding. I’m the photog so I have to be hnads free but I don’t want to look silly for when I have to jump in pictures…. hmmm looks like I have some sewing and experimenting to do….

  34. Ellie said:

    Many, many thanks for laying this tutorial out so beautifully. Do you hem the skirt after it is all together? Also, do you hem the straps before putting it together? Will it begin to fray if you don’t? I’m sorry if these seem like stupid questions! Again thanks!

  35. Stacey said:

    Oh my goodness – this is the best dress/tutorial ever! I just found this post a couple days ago and I have made 2 dresses already! Thank-you for all the pictures, the proper measurements and the awesome pictures! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!

  36. melanie said:

    this is is fabulous! i’m thinking pink. i assume if it is a knit you could choose to hem or not to hem. now all i have to do is get this cast off of my arm!!

  37. Natissa said:

    Awesome! It looks like it may even do as a “nursing” dress. I’ve been wanting to wear a dress for months.

  38. Hannah Lynne said:

    I made this in brown and I love it! Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial!

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  40. Sara said:

    yay! ive seen so many tutorials for this and have NOT been able to understand them. you made this look so easy, i cant wait to make this.

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    […] Available at every price point, from a $995 Donna Karan version to handmade by The Jersey Maid on Etsy for under $100 to a $29.99 Target option, this dress really does have infinite – or at least several hundred – options for wearing it. Tons of videos can be found on YouTube for how to tie this dress (or skirt, depending on how you tie it), which can be formal enough to wear to a wedding or casual enough for a day at the beach. If you have basic sewing skills, you can even make your own following this tutorial. […]

  42. seeks said:

    this summary of your calculations just helped me so much! The tutorial I was going to use previously was just a little too vague for me to feel confident. Thanks for posting this!

  43. Liana said:

    Have you made this with any other fabrics? I love this dress and bought some polyester that I think will work, but I don’t know much about fabrics and the ladies at the fabric store had never heard of polyester knit. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  44. Anne-Chantal said:

    I made mine yesterday. Thanks !!!!
    You can see pictures on the link.

  45. Sevgi said:

    Just great! I adore such multi functional dresses! And I could not resist to post it on my blog. Here is the link:

  46. Autumn said:

    Like many others said, other tutorials are vague and don’t make any sense or are hard to understand! I have wanted a dress like this for SO LONG and I don’t want to break the bank buying one. Your steps are very easy to understand and I can’t wait to make one for myself! I’m sure once I make it I’ll be making some for my girlfriends and sisters too! Thank you so much! I’m so thankful I came across your blog.

  47. Saartje said:

    I really love your tutorial. I wanted to make a dress like this for a long time, but I could never really find any tut that was very clear on what you have to do. It isn’t that hard a dress to make, but still I think it’s important that it is well explained, like yours certainly is. For me personnaly, it’s the best I’ve found on the internet so far. 😀
    Thank you very much!

  48. Sara said:

    I have seen these as bridesmaids dresses and they are SO expensive. You could make your own and save hundreds of dollars. For a dressier look I would make the skirts full length.

  49. Sarah said:

    How much sewing or clothes-making experience is needed? The instructions are very clear and make it sound not very difficult (except for dealing with huge pieces of fabric), but I have no experience making clothes. Mostly just patchwork bags and basic quilts. I am very good at accurate measuring and math if that helps :)

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  51. Elizabeth said:

    I like yours much better than the store bought ones I’ve seen! It’s much more classy.

  52. Elizabeth said:

    can you tell me what brand of fabric you bought? Or what item number? I love the red!

  53. Kaitie said:

    This is an excellent tutorial! I just discovered the Infinity dress and I can’t wait to sew my first one! Thanks a lot!

  54. Rain said:


  55. Jennifer said:

    A word about buying fabric. If you don’t want to add hems, make sure your fabric doesn’t ravel when you cut it. The width of the fabric determines the maximum length of the skirt. Take the width, divide by 2, subtract the amount you’re going to measure down for the waist, and that would be the length. So, if you need to measure down 4.5″ for the waist, if you get 36″ fabric, your skirt will be 13.5″ – probably too short. If you get 42″, you can do a skirt 16.5″, still pretty short. If you get 62″ (and I think a lot of jersey is 62″), then you can go as long as 26.5″. So, pay attention to the fabric width.

    As to how much to buy. If you follow these instructions, then you can calculate the fabric you need like this:
    Find the (waist divided by 6.28) plus the length you want. For the instructions above, that would be 4.5+18 = 22.5
    Multiply that by 2. This is the fabric you need for the skirt. For the instructions above, that would be 22.5 x 2 = 45.

    Now, add to that the length of the straps. In the instructions above, she uses 100″, so the total fabric required is 45″ + 100″ = 145″ or 4 yards.

    If you buy 62″ wide fabric, and you want to cut down on the amount you buy, you could add a seam to the middle of the straps instead of making them one long piece. The seam should be in the part that wraps around the waist and shouldn’t be too visible. If you do that, then, using the measurements from above, you would reduce the 100″ to 50″ and the total would be 45″ + 50″ = 2 and 2/3 yards.

    Another idea – if the fabric is thin, you could double the thickness of the straps, either for the entire length (if you have 62″ fabric,you can cut 4 instead of 2 and sew them together, and you’ll still have enough to cut the waistband) or you could do it just for the front (probably about 18 or 20 inches, or the front and back (about 40″), then leave the portion of the strap that you’re going to wrap as a single thickness. I haven’t tried this – I’m going to make my dress today. But the fabric is thin, so I’m thinking I might do this.

  56. Vanessa said:

    Thank you soooo much for the steps! I just finished making my first one and it came out PERFECT! =)

  57. The Infinity Dress « Life of a College Girl said:

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  58. Ashley said:

    Hi, love the tutorial, I have been looking at alot of these and was wondering how you would go about making the skirt longer in the back (I am sure it has a name but I am new to sewing) than it is in the front to have the look that some of the fancier versions have. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated from anyone!!

  59. Kiki said:

    Fantastic tutorial! I love it! I am thinking this would be a great dress for maternity/nursing. Between the stretch and the circle skirt it could be very forgiving at the right length. How difficult do you think it would be to raise the waist up to empire height?

  60. tanyetta said:


  61. Monica said:

    Love you blog. Just found it today and have already bookmarked a long list of to dos!

  62. Abby said:

    My sewing machine doesn’t have a zig-zag stitch (it was my great grandmother’s). Is there something different that I could do?

  63. I made a dress! | You guys! said:

    […] found this tutorial for an infinity dress, and it looked reasonably simple, and I had some fabric that had been sitting around not being used […]

  64. trish said:

    I bought some blue jersey to make some sleep sacs for my son, but I think I may have to make this instead!! I think it would be super flattering on a real person too.

  65. Angela Lausche said:

    I don’t really know how to sew, but I was able to pull off a scrappy version of this in 2 hours, thanks to your tutorial! I’m far from a perfectionist, but I think that it’s good enough to wear on an evening out with the hubby. My big problem was that I purchased some really soft jersey material. I did all the measurements right (I think), but since it was so stretchy, the skirt hole was way too big. It fell right off me. I had to cut out a large portion and sew it together.

    My husband is very impressed and thinks it’s hot. :)

  66. Lynne said:

    Oh my goodness!!! My best friend actually bought two and absolutely love them!!! I have not been able to dish out the money, so THANK YOU!! So fun and lovely on so many different figures!!

  67. stellalilys said:

    AWESOME! I have a party to go to on Wednesday and I WISH I had time to get out and get some material. This dress would be perfect! I’ve got another party in July and I know EXACTLY what I’m wearing. I think I’d like the skirt a little longer though…

  68. Andreaa said:

    @ Abby: Can your machine use a twin needle? It may prove to be a viable solution as it can basically convert a regular machine to a “poor woman’s” coversticher. Very suitable for stretch wovens and jersey knits. Here’s a link that explains further:

    Twin needles are fairly inexpensive, appx $5 each (or less).

    This month’s issue of Vogue patterns just featured a dress like this one. I’m so happy I could bypass a pattern purchase!

    I’m in the middle of making my dress and found that I have an excessive amount of fabric leftover… which is all the better for me, I made a bandeau instead of waistband. :)

    Also, when cutting my circle skirt I cheated a bit. I folded a perfect square 60″ x 60″ into triangles (like a paper snow-flake) and then trimmed to make it round. A great alternative to paper if you’re cramped for space. Then I snipped the centre of the circle until I found a good radius that corresponded to my waistline.

    Y’all may also be interested in this link to an infinity vest (similar concept):

    Thanks for the tute! It’s been super inspirational!

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  70. Rachel Nadine said:

    This is an awesome tutorial!! Thank you so much for sharing 😀 I’ve been wanting to make one of these dresses for a wedding I’m going to (and for just about any other dressy occasion!), and now I can!!! I almost want to make one in every color ^.^

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  72. Runway Diaries said:

    Love this How-To. Thanks! I also write for a wordpress site, The Runway Diaries. While researching for a post, I came across a great Interactive How-To-Style photo tutorial on styling the infinity dress.. Go to!__how-to-style Anyway it has front and back photos on a mannequin, so you can’t get lost! Hope this adds to your blog!

    Happy Posting,

    The Runway Diaries

  73. Josie said:

    Thought you’d like to know I’m making 4 of these for my bridesmaids!
    It’s a lovely dress and an easy to follow instructions for a non-pattern cutter! Thanks from all of us :-)

    Thanks so much

  74. Corrie said:

    These are the best directions I’ve seen yet!!! Great job, and thanks!

  75. Miss Pippi said:

    Thank you! Your step by step process is very helpful!

  76. Julia said:

    Hi, thanks so much for this great tut. My only concern is converting this from inches into centimetres. Shouldn’t be a problem though, right? (Too much maths!!)

  77. Jennifer said:

    Thank you so much! I just finished my first one!! The directions were perfect and simple. I’m generally a quilter, but this brought me back to clothing construction. Next on my list is the T-shirt skirt!

  78. Kirin said:

    Made it, LOVE IT.
    I moved the waistband up to my natural waist (instead of the belly button per this tutorial) and wish I would have added 4-6″ to the skirt. It ended up a bit short because I didn’t (a rookie mistake, I know). I have a less curvy body, and moving the waistband up added more volume to the dress.

  79. Jessica said:

    THANK YOU! I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for a good tutorial for this dress. You are my new hero lol. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  81. Mary said:

    Great tutorial and it looks beautiful! I’ve featured it on my blog at

  82. RobynK said:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    Just the pattern I need to make clothing for an impoverished Uni student – one dress with about a dozen ways to wear it. If I make her 3 dresses in different colours/fabrics she has a summer wardrobe :D.
    Wonder if the top can be adapted to fit a pair of pants??? I might have to try that some time.

  83. Claudia said:

    Thank you for the tutorial. It’s great. I was looking at Sacha Drake’s Ultimate Black Dress and like the fall of the skirt. The full skirt for me is too much for my body. I was wondering if anyone knows what type of skirt Sacha’s dress is or have a pattern or know how her dress is made.
    Thanks in advance

  84. MamaMay said:

    I featured you!

  85. Tenuki Handcrafts said:

    Nifty tutorial! I made two for my dolls ( and now that I’ve made wee versions, I want one for myself. Thanks for sharing.

  86. Crystal said:


    Hi!! LOVE this. Thank you sew much :o)

    Hope you don’t mind if I refer to you when I make this and post to my blog. Are you aware that the fall/winter Gucci line has almost your exact same dress and it is selling for $1,950?

    Here’s one in teal that is super similar to your design here:

    They also have similar styles in red and yellow.


  87. Gloria Lett said:

    I love the dress and plan to try making it as soon as I get time.

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  89. karen said:

    I love the dress! Made it with a med weight knit fabric with print on one side! opps! I made some adjustments to the construction and it was good! So next time, reversible, lightweight knit fabric!!! I love this dress!

  90. 3. Sew and wear a dress « 26 Before 26 said:

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  91. Condo Blues said:

    You are my hero.

  92. neyeska said:

    esta muy bello ,yo hice 1 parecido en negro

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  94. Sarah said:

    I just bought the fabric to make this. Can you post the links to the videos you watched that show you how to wear it? I’m watching videos but the dresses in the videos are different from the one here!

  95. AJ said:

    This was the easiest by far !!!!!! Thank you you so much I love my dress

  96. Andrea (Studio Eleven 11) said:

    THANK YOU! Such a through tutorial. Awesome!

  97. Erica said:

    When you cut the waistband- do you cut it in the “stretchy direction” or 90degrees to the stretch? I would think you wouldn’t want the waist to stretch…

  98. Robin said:

    I am very into the DIY thing right now and I cannot wait to make this! Thank you so much! Exactly what I was looking for!

  99. Erica said:

    Can anyone point me to some videos that show some fairly modest way of wrapping this? I just made it and love it… except for the fact that I can’t wear a bra with it – and as I move around… the fabric shifts and suddenly I am much more… exposed… than I am comfortable with.

  100. The Afton Skirt | Sew Like My Mom said:

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  101. MSH said:

    Metric users: the only figure you have to convert is the waistband height of 10″ is about 25cm. Otherwise you do all the same thing: measure your waist, cup width, and height in metric, divide waist by 6.28 (because this is about 2 times pi), multiply height by 1.5, etc.

  102. Xylina Creations said:

    Hey it’s nice to see a simple set if instructions for a very awesome dress
    For those of you with an iPhone or pad there is a free app from two birds bridesmaids with video clips on how to wrap it in about 15 ways

  103. Claudine said:

    Thanks so much. I have also found other patterns but none that were as simple and easy to follow as yours.

    Already have material to make 3 or 4 of these. Cant wait to get started.

    Thanks again

  104. Jenna said:

    I stumbled across your blog and I am in love! Check out this site for other ways to tie it.. I found it this morning :

    American Apparel used to have a dress like this, I own one, but I can’t seem to find the ties on their site anymore. (I think I paid about $60 for it.. silly me!) Hope this helps!

    I have never sewn before but I’ve decided to be an at home mom recently, and I am definitely going to tackle a couple of beanbags next naptime. Thanks so much for your great blog, Melissa!

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  107. athena said:

    do you think that stretch velvet would work?

  108. nausheen said:

    thankyou so much and all the best for new articles
    you are too good excellent

  109. Lizzie said:

    Which fabric did you use? and if im making a floor length version of this dress (im the same height as you) then how many yards do in need? by the way- FANTASTIC tutorial!!!

  110. Christy said:

    I absolutely love this dress. You made this tutorial so easy to follow. The biggest problem I had was finding the material I wanted to make it. I ended up making mine black but it turn out very nice. Can you do more tutorials on women’s clothes. I’m looking for an idea for some fall shirts.

  111. Beechbaby said:

    You have simplified the directions for making this dress wonderfully!! I’ve wanted to make one of these for a while but all of the instructions I’ve seen have left me confused and intimidated!!

  112. Cherai said:

    So weird I actually have an infinity dress that is red and looks exactly like this one. I bought it online and it was definitely more than $20. I really want to try to make one for myself because it seems pretty easy and these dresses are so convenient.

  113. Quinn said:

    This is exactly the dress I was looking for to have my bridesmaids wear for my wedding! They’ll all look stunning in jewel tones, and it’s perfect for me to change into at the reception and dance! Thanks so much!

  114. Jennifer Hawkins Hock said:

    So glad to have found this Infinity dress tutorial. After hosting a pattern giveaway (which included an Infinity pattern), I realized there was quite an interest in this style. I would like to link to your tutorial and believe this will make a lot of people happy.

  115. Jennifer Hawkins Hock said:

    This tutorial will make a lot of people happy! I realized the popularity of the style after receiving requests for the pattern when I hosted a free pattern giveaway via my blog. I’d like to link to your tutorial, since I mailed the Infinity pattern to a Canadian recipient and have since had other requests. Great job!

  116. cucicucicoo said:

    this is amazing! can’t wait to try it! :) lisa

  117. Leslie said:

    Wow! Thanks for the awesome tutorial – this is the best one I’ve seen yet!!

  118. rachel @ the brown abode said:

    Your blog is amazing! I have so many new projects I want to work on now!! Thanks for the great ideas! I am your newest follower.

  119. meEh said:

    Oh my gosh. This is genius!!! Thank you!

  120. Kelly said:

    Do you have any idea of how to make the skirt floor length? I have seen this in both styles, one long and one short. I actually purchased the short one awhile ago. I did get a crazy good deal on it and hoped to figure out how to make it.

  121. Dinah said:

    Hello, I just got a sewing machine and I’m dying to try this dress. I got my forty percent off coupon off line and ready to start this weekend. My birthday is on Christmas and I always have trouble finding a dress that I like. I think this is going to be a big hit. Everyone I know will want one. I’m 25 and I love to sew.

  122. Jen said:

    I don’t have a sewing machine. Think it’s still possible to make this by hand? i live it China…bleh. There’s probably no way, huh.

  123. Kerri-Anne said:

    This dress is amazing & your tute looks very easy to follow….just a quick question tho…you say you’re quite big in the bust – can you wear a bra or is it tight enough to be supportive? I’m quite big-busted & after breastfeeding for numerous years I’m a bit worried about not being able to wear a bra (actually, no way I wouldn’t wear one, lol!),
    Thanks again, Kez :)

  124. Melissa said:

    Hi Kerri-Anne! I’m in the same boat with HAVING to wear a bra. I discovered after making this dress that there were very few ways to wrap this dress and not show a bra–and no way was I not wearing one, either! The easiest thing to do is make a bandeau top out of the same fabric to cover your sides. You can either make the waistband taller with an elastic casing at the top, or you can make it a separate piece to wear underneath. I really should update this tutorial and include that piece, huh? :)


  125. Cecilia said:

    So looking forward to making this dress! Nice job.

  126. Lauren said:

    Lovely dress, I may try it one day if I have the confidence/time, but I probably won’t bother with the waistband, it seems unnecessary.

  127. Ruth said:

    I can’t wait to make this for a cruise I am going on in three weeks! But why am I having such a difficult time finding the right knit fabric? Will any knit fabric do or are there ones that are better than others? Do I need to finish hems? Has anyone tried using linen?

  128. Joyce said:

    I don’t understand your first pattern, you measure your waist, but later on the dress with the waistband is located on your hips. Shouldn’t you measure your hips than? Cause if you measure your waist you’ll never be able to get it up over your hips?

  129. Melissa said:

    The fabric is stretchy so it’ll fit. And it sits on your natural waist, so that’s what you measure. It doesn’t go on your hips unless you want it to. :)

  130. Melonie said:

    I can’t wait to try this! I’ve wanted one for awhile. Hope I can do it! Do I really need 5 yards?

  131. Sammi jo said:

    Omg thank you thank you thank you a million times thank you!! I have been in love with these dresses.forever ans sence I am a plus size girl I can never dind them. you are absolutly amazeing now I can make the perfext dress for my hubby amd my anniversery! Youve made me so happy thank you!

  132. Randi V. said:

    I am so excited to make one of these to wear on vacation this spring I also plan on making one for my daughter to use as a swim suit cover up or if she chooses over her swim suit while at disney world

  133. Katy said:

    I love this dress! I can’t wait to make it! How would you change the size to fit a smaller girl, like my 3-year-olds? Would you just measure in the same places and go from there? How much material do you think it would take? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!

  134. Karen said:

    Best tutorial ever. Made this dress within an hour as you are the same size and height as I am. I could not be more happy with the final result. Thank you for sharing your step by step instructions! I am going to make more. I am however going to make the waistband wider and skirt longer as I placed the waistband around my bust.

  135. Tasha said:

    This is the best tutorial I’ve seen on this dress so far!!!Thanks for taking the time to post the pics and comment step by step!!!

  136. Shaquintha said:

    Thank you for making an easy-to-read tutorial with step-by-step pictures. I’m going to make all the bridesmaids dresses for my wedding and they will be long. I’ve read so many blogs on the short style and was very confused on how to make the dress longer. Thanks to your instructions, I have the confidence to make them. Thanks again!!!

  137. Patricia said:

    I made this dress for myself, super cute! Wore it to a wedding. I also made seven more dresses for my daughters wedding at a vineyard in a lovely deep purple color! The wedding was beautiful. The girls all looked gorgeous. We even made this pattern for the four year old and 2 year old flower girls. It was adorable on them too! Thanks so much for this wonderful tutorial!
    I would love to send some pics of the dresses, but not sure where?

    Looking forward to future sweet projects!!

  138. Lindsey said:

    omg Patricia! I would LOVE to see pics of the flower girls in this and how it was tied. My 3 yr old daughter is going to be a flower girl and I would like to make one for her, but I’m thinking it might be a bit mature for her

  139. Lori said:

    Beautiful thank you for such a nice easy tutorial.

  140. FashionedByRose said:

    Combine the assembly directions with Scientific Seamstress’ Circle pattern and you can make it with a skirt as long as needed. You need your waist measurement for the center hole and measure from your waist to how long you want it (or to the floor for a formal gown). Haven’t tried yet but when I do, this is the way I’m going to cut the skirt.

  141. Britt said:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Im getting married next year and I want all my girls to wear these. They are perfect they can make it however they want, plus they can wear it again which i love.

  142. Katie said:

    Thank you! I’m really excited to try this pattern next weekend. I’m not a seamstress, by any means, but it looks simple enough and I want one of these dresses SO badly.

  143. kaitlyn said:

    Thank u so much i fell in love with the two birds dresses but i cant aford 350 bucks a dress and i need three for my wedding my brides maids are going to look stunning for such a little price thank u for saving mu budget :)

  144. Allison said:

    I just finished my dress made from this tutorial! I really like it but next time, I will have to make a few adjustments. I used a polyester knit with spandex. Because my fabric was so stretchy, I will make my waist much smaller. I measured 29 inches and cut accordingly. The end result won’t even stay up! I will probably cut 24 inches for the waist. Also remember not to cut your skirt part accidentally from the middle of your fabric. It may be easier to cut 2 yards to use for the skirt and 3 yards for the straps and waist band to keep everything separate. Very good tutorial, easy to follow.

  145. kellie said:

    I love this. i’ve been looking all over youtube for how to tie the dress how you have it in the middle picture on the top but i can’t find it. how do you do it?

  146. Stephanie @ Hugs, Kisses and Snot said:

    Oh my gosh! I love this dress and can’t wait to try this. It looks like you can’t wear a bra w/ a lot of those methods of tying. Have you found a method of tying where you can wear a bra?

  147. Stephanie @ Hugs, Kisses and Snot said:

    Never mind. I just read your bra response to another reader. I have to have a bra but I have the opposite problem as you. w/o one I look like a 11 year old girl 😉

  148. Melissa said:

    Kellie, I emailed you, but wanted to make sure others knew. These are the videos I watched and here’s a link to that specific style:

  149. Amy said:

    I just found your blog and I think it’s terrific! I haven’t sewn any clothing but I want to start. Your instructions are so easy to follow – I think my first project is the peasant dress for my little one.

  150. Megan said:

    I am making this right now! Your tutorial was so incredibly easy to follow, and the dress looks great!

  151. Shaina said:

    Thank you so much! This was perfect for me. every one of my measurements is the same as yours so I didn’t even have to make my own calculations! Perfect!

  152. Lindsey said:

    quick question: im not sure 1.5 times your height would be long enough for everyone (on the straps). how long would you suggest on plus size girls? I have a friend who has asked me to make her one, but i want to make sure it will be able to wrap around the waist well enough

  153. Frankie said:

    Thanks so much for this tutorial! I made the dress and it came out just like you said! Lots of pictures made it easy to follow!

  154. Michelle said:

    Thanks so much for this tutorial. You really made it so easy to understand. I have been so afraid of trying my hand at making actual clothes, but I can’t wait to try this.

  155. Anna said:

    Honestly the clearest tutorial I’ve seen so far, I was going to ask a friend of mine who’s a little more skilled to make these for my wedding but after your post I think I might even be able to handle it! I’m just wondering if it would be possible to make a floor length plus size version with the circle skirt directions or if the fabric won’t be wide enough, any suggestions?

  156. خياطة وتفصيل said:

    Thanks so much for this tutorial. You really made it so easy to understand. I have been so afraid of trying my hand at making actual clothes, but I can’t wait to try this.

  157. Lemetria said:

    I love this dress and making the bandeau is ingenious. I made it a while back but found that the fabric was too stiff. I have been looking for the right fabric and to no avail. Is there another name besides jersey knit? I can’t seem to find something that doesn’t look like the double knit pants from the 60″s or swim suit material. Any suggestion would be great.

  158. Anna said:

    I’ve seen posts saying the material needs to be a minimum of 40% stretch so I believe it has to have a small percentage of spandex or lycra as part of the blend. :) I can’t wait to try it, though to get the length and size (plus) I may have to do two half circles for the skirt, I’m just not sure how it will look with seams :S help!

  159. Laura said:

    I made one today! So fantastic! Thank you so much for this tutorial. :)

  160. Holly said:

    Beautiful dress! Just one question, how much skin will show on the sides of the upper body after the dress is wrapped?

  161. Kelly said:

    thanks for the simple math and explaining how to make the skirt piece. very helpful!

  162. Lily said:

    Thanks so much for the tutorial! The instructions are really clear and even with hemming all the edges and making a matching tube top to wear underneath, it only took a few hours. And I love it more than any of the dresses I’ve spent days on.

    One thing I worried about was choosing a fabric with a 1-way stretch. I couldn’t find anything that was stretchy in both directions, but the 1-way stretch worked fine. I cut it so that it stretched across the straps (so the straps could get wider, but not longer).

  163. Jennifer said:

    I have been dying to make this dress. I have read the tutorial and comments and just have one question: I had been worried about the bra thing too. I have the complete opposite problem from you but it definitely necessitates a bra. SO I saw that some recommend a bandeau. I also noticed the idea of making a higher waistband. What worked out better? How high would you make the band? 11 inches looks like it would go up pretty far on me (5’4) so I want to see before I buy and cut fabric. Thanks for the tutorial by the way. I’m so excited about this project!

  164. akgeezee said:

    I am so happy with your instructions. I think I could make one now.

  165. Ashlee said:

    I just discovered your blog and I think I’ll be hooked!. This dress is amazing and I only wish I could have had your awesome tutorial before spending a bunch of money of fabric for dance costumes. I am having serious buyers remorse now because this dress would be perfect for our spring performance. (a modern Romeo and Juliet). Sigh…maybe next time! In the mean time I might try my hand at making once for myself. Thanks for the great tutorial that even a beginner like me can follow with ease!

  166. Melody said:

    Okay, seriously just paid $310 last week, to order a ball-gown length of this dress, in navy, for a bridesmaid’s dress for my girlfriend’s wedding!! Was not thrilled to pay that much to begin with…now I really wish I had found your post sooner! ;0)

  167. Jennifer Hawkins Hock said:

    Thanks for this great Infinity tutorial, Melissa . I had given away an Infinity dress pattern on my blog and kept getting requests for the pattern, so now I just refer people to your post. You can read the post (bragging about you) at: – and I still have two other patterns to give away which some of your readers might be interested in…see the 12/6/11 and 11/29/11 posts at Toile La La.

  168. Trish said:

    Thanks so much for this great tutorial! But I’m wondering also, exactly what type of fabric blend did you use? I am having trouble finding the right type. Thanks so much!

  169. gail said:


  170. Amber McCoy said:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I bought a sewing machine just to make this dress, it was really more of the kick in the butt I needed to go buy one so I could try my hand at sewing. I found the Cheapest fabric I could find at walmart and decided to give it a test run before I bought nicer material. It turned out perfectly! I have pics on my facebook and I am linking your website to everyone who asks me about it. If it turned out that well with crummy fabric, I can only imagine what it will be like with a stretch material. Going this week to get more fabric to make it again! Thank you for making this so simple a first timer could do it with little machine sewing skills.

  171. Jackie said:

    The fabric is stretchy, but does the stitch itself stretch enough to get over your hips?? Should I use elastic thread?

  172. Karon said:

    I love this!! I’m making one in Jade for me. My granddaughter, Amara,12, wants one in deep purple, granddaughter, Alyssa, 6, wants one in deep (cobalt)blue. May pick out couple other colors too. I’m excited about making them!!

    You said something about 40%off coupon, where can I get one of those.


  173. Sarah said:

    Thank you so much for this! I have made it in my size and my four year-old daughters size. She loves it and am going to be making them for a wedding. Thank you again!

    Karon, you can get 40% off coupons from JoAnns or Hobby Lobby by signing up for their mailing lists. These make these dresses a fantastic deal!

  174. Melissa said:

    GREAT JOB on this dress! You wouldn’t by chance take orders for this dress? I love the dress and need something for a June wedding. Email me at and let me know what you would charge to do this. I don’t have the patience or the equipment to make it myself… :)

  175. Jody said:

    I would not call myself a sewer but am thinking that this project may become a first try. I like the versatility but am too concerned about the whole bra thing so yes a separate bandeau or long line to cover. That being said, I am not a huge dress person (but am working on it).

    For the sewers; I was wondering about a project for down the line. Do you think this would work, look good, be doable and how difficult do you think it would be to achieve? Picture the convertible top with a wide leg pants bottom.
    Example ideas: Skip looking at the top, its the stylish, full and almost skirt-like, wide legged look I was most interested in. Another example: Only with a higher waist, like the peach ones in this;

  176. jen said:

    love it! thanks!
    Pinterest just keeps bringing me back to you!

  177. cd said:

    omg! i love this!! do you sell them? u should take orders cuz i would love to buy one! :)

  178. Sloane said:

    I’ve literally never sewn anything in my life before I saw this blog and randomly decided to give it a try. I ended up sewing my own dress for my junior prom and it came out so amazing! Thank you sooo much!

  179. Csilla said:

    What youtube videos would you recommend for learning how to tie the straps?

  180. Jessica Strange said:

    I’ve read three tutorials now, and yours has made the most sense! Thank you for spending the time to figure it out. I’m an experienced seamstress, but they lost me at times. You didn’t! I can’t wait to make my dress!

  181. jordan armstrong said:

    so i was wondering if you would make me one???? my email is id pay you!

  182. Amy said:

    I just made the dress following your tutorial – I had some problems with the waistband being too large and the knit having too much stretch. I accidently cut it a little bit big which didn’t help, so I altered it a bit. I removed the waistband and instead covered a piece of 3 inch elastic (cut to fit my waist) with fabric and used that instead of the waistband. The fit was much snugger and the drape was still great. Thanks for the tutorial!

  183. Jean said:

    I was wondering if i would do the skirt the same if i wanted to make a floor length dress?

  184. Holly said:

    Oooh, that looks great!

  185. Jane said:

    This is the best tutorial I’ve found! I’m stoked! These will be my bridesmaid’s dresses for my wedding and I’m going to make a few for myself to expand my wardrobe. I am suuuuuper broke, so I was wondering about the size of your scraps. If I were to get 5 yards of one color and 5 of another and make a dress with the same measurements (I’m 5’6″) out of each would I be able to make a two tone dress with the scraps from both? I started a dress using a pretty sheet for the skirt and some white jersey, but I haven’t worked on it since I got the waist pinned. It will be exciting to finish it and start on a white one for engagement pics!

  186. Sara said:

    Thank you so much! All the tutorials that i found were really confusing! Did you have any extra fabric remaining? If so, how much?

  187. Marge said:

    I’m in the process of making five of these dresses for my daughter’s bridesmaids and I’m done with two of them. These instructions are so helpful! Thank you!

    I did want to comment on the problem some have had with the waist being too big. I am using a very stretchy spandex fabric, which is turning out beautifully, and the waist is turning out exactly right. Here’s what I did – I cut the waist opening 1/2 inch smaller than what the instructions say. For example, if the waist measurement divided by 6.28 equals 4.5″, measure down 4″ for the waist line. (BTW, I used the circle pattern at and it worked great.) I cut the piece for the waistband exactly the same length as the bridesmaid’s waist measurement. When you attach the waistband, you will overlap the ends by about a half inch or so, so it will fit the opening perfectly. When attaching the waistband, I’m making a 3/8″ seam. Keep in mind that the bigger the seam allowance, the bigger the waist opening will be. So if you make the seam allowance too big, the waist will turn out bigger than you want.

    One other thing – if you overlap the straps too much in the center front, you won’t have enough coverage on the sides. If you’re going to overlap them more than 3″, you might want to make the straps an inch or two wider than what you measured.

  188. Marge said:

    In reply to Jane: if you’re making more than one dress of the same fabric, you won’t need 5 yards for each dress because you can cut two sets of straps side by side. For the five dresses I’m making, I bought 17 yards total of 60-inch wide fabric. And that was allowing for the longest skirts that I could cut from that width of fabric. I could’ve gotten away with a little less, but I wanted to make sure that I had plenty. The fabric I bought was $7.98 a yard, so with tax and thread, it came out to $30 per dress. That’s a bargain for a bridesmaid dress!

  189. Marge said:

    Whoa sorry about that goof up in my post. I accidentally pasted a totally irrelevant link that was in my clipboard. That’s what I get for trying to post from my iPod! Maybe the moderator can edit, please?

  190. kelly said:

    i just wanted to say thank you for posting. we are low on our budget and clothes are in short supply. out of the 6 drawers for my dresser, only one holds actual clothes that can see the light of day. i will be making this very shortly. thanks so much for your time and your eagerness to share!

  191. Jacinda Cote said:

    Hi! :)
    I am doing a small round up of some of my favorite dresses and would love to include yours by adding a link and picture. Please let me know! :)


  192. Jane said:

    Thanks, Marge. I was planning on making a white one for engagement pics, but now we’re eloping next month! It will be my wedding dress after all! I’m excited! The sad thing is that my order was delayed, so I’ll get my fabric a month before the wedding. It’s cool though, I’m making an easy wedding dress! Haha!

  193. Cee said:

    Hey everyone,

    I made this dress and after I made some mistakes maybe I can clear some things up for some with questions..

    I tried to cut the straps as two pieces that I sewed together to make then long, and save fabric. I would not recommend doing this.
    So, You will likely need 4.5 to 5 yards of fabric to cut both the circle skirt and long straps (along selvage) that are about 1.5x your height.

    I have a small waist so I can make the straps between 1.25 and 1.5x my height

    The straps I made were not wide enough either. I ended up adding fabric. Go for 11″ width on the straps unless you have very small boobs or are immodest.

    I found GREAT FABRIC for this dress at
    I am environmentalist, so I got Organic Cotton Jersey for the first dress I made.

    I went back and got 5 yards of Hemp Jersey so I can make a second dress, properly.

    so, any kind of STRETCH COTTON JERSEY is a great fabric for this dress. at they will tell you what % of stretch you get, I went with 30% .. you can also get it in many nice colors, and for my organic jersey, there really doesn’t seem to be a right-side/ wrong-side.. very easy to work with.

    pay close attention to the stretch as you fit the waistband.. you will want it to be snug..

    *Jean, i have seen a very similar tutorial on a maxi dress, so yes, this easily converts to any length.
    that woman also added a tube top to hers, instead of a waistband.

  194. Marina said:

    What kind of stitch is used? Did you use normal thread?

  195. Lydia said:

    Thank you so much for this! I love those dresses but the price on them is to high! And they never fit quite right! Can’t wait to try this out for myself :)

  196. Jane said:

    I guess my fabric shrank because there is no way I can get a circle skirt out of 5 yards along with the straps and waistband. :'( I can’t afford more fabric for my wedding dress, what will I do??

  197. Kadye said:

    I am in the process of making this dress, and I want to reiterate what Cee said about the waist measurement. Make sure it is snug!! It is better to have to recut your skirt that to have one too big! This happened to me!

  198. Jen said:

    I just bought some fabric tonight to try and make this!! I am so excited!! All the pictures will help a TON i am sure!! I am a visual learner! :) Thank you so much for making a tutorial! :)

  199. Vivian said:

    This is the best tutorial I have seen and I have been looking for months for a good one… your photos are so helpful as well. Fantastic job on this dress. Now all I have to do is find the material. I hope to find a bargin like you. I have a Hancock Fabric in a city close so I am going shopping…

    GREAT BIG THANK YOU FOR THIS …….mmmmmmmmmmmuah…..

  200. Dlucas said:

    Love it soooooo much! :)

    Thanks (“obrigado”, in Portuguese!) for the tutorial :)

  201. Katrina @ The Interrupting Cow said:

    I am in love with this. I decided to start small, so I’m making one for my 6 year old. I’m partly done, and she is sooooo excited about the “magic” dress I told her about 😉

  202. pianohugger said:

    I think this is my single-most favorite post on Pinterest…. I cannot wait to make this! Thank you!

  203. Cailen said:

    I just finished this dress using a dark purple rayon/spandex fabric that’s very soft. it was a big challenge for me as I am not a seasoned sewer, but it was a good challenge that ended with a lot of reward. I can’t wait to wear it! And you can trick people with it too! I plan to change up the style of the straps throughout the day and see if anyone notices. haha! happy sewing everyone!

  204. Rae Rae said:

    I have my material, and I’m eager to try this out! Thank you so much for posting this. I think it’ll be a great summer dress!

  205. ed said:

    I want to make this so bad but without a place to get fabric anywhere close i grabbed some cotton fabric from walmart, will this work? its doesnt really strech. how could i make some adjustments? thanks for the help!

  206. Lisa said:

    Thank you so much. this tutorial was way easier than another one I saw. Also the addition of the Bandeau was exactly what I needed. As I get older and saggier and lost weight, that extra coverage made me feel so comfortable. Also I could wear a bra! I made it for my daughter’s graduation now my daughters each want one.

  207. Jules said:

    Thanks! I just used this tutorial to make a dress out of an old sheet, good way to recycle it, and I added some elastic since my fabric wasn’t stretchy. This tutorial was so easy to follow and the dress is so gorgeous!

  208. Kirsty said:

    I made a couple of these dresses. Your tutorial explains everything really easily.

    Here are the ones I finished, one is out of old teeshirts.

  209. LaBean said:

    I’m not sure about anyone else, but I trusted the 6.28 and I’m sure I folded the fabric correctly. Instead of getting at 26 inch waist that would stretch nicely I got a HUGE waist that I now have to cut out a significant amount to get it small enough. I will no longer be a circle skirt.

    This isn’t the first time I’ve attempted this type of dress. The other pattern’s measurement didn’t work either. I have a 41 inch waist and it should have worked! What could have gone wrong??

  210. Lulu said:

    How can I make the dress longer??? i want it to be floor length

  211. new2sewing said:

    Hi stupid question here. The hole that I made looks really small. Do I pull the dress over my head (so like the hole had to be big enough for my shoulders? My waist (at my belly button is only 24 inches but my shoulders are quite a bit bigger)


  212. Melissa said:

    Whichever way is easiest for you. I have a large bust and my hips are much smaller so I pull mine on.

  213. Cecilee said:

    Hey, I wanted to let you know that I used your blog to help me make one of these dresses and I can’t tell you how helpful your instructions were. I liked that you included pictures with every step of your instructions! :) I wrote about it on my blog here:

  214. Kylie said:

    A great tutorial! Nice work!!

    A tip for cutting long pieces of fabric (like the straps here) is to lay your fabric neatly on the floor and line up the edge on either the timber planks on your floor or the grout on your tiles (sorry, not much help for carpeted floors)

    Tape down the edge where you want it to be and then use the edge of another plank or another line of grout as a guide for the cutting. Saves all the pinning.

    This is also a great technique for cutting curtains squarely.

  215. Sanjana said:

    i’m confused as to how to measure the width of the straps… some very quick help would be appreciated :)

  216. vee said:

    Yours directions are fantastic and feel to be easy to follow. I have used up all my coupons but I want everyone to know you can also use Michaels coupons at Joann Fabrics. Also, if you have a AARP card use it on Tuesday’s at Michaels for an additional 10% off.

  217. Hosanna said:

    I love this and can’t wait until I make one next week!!!!!

  218. KAREN HARDING said:

    IT’S A WINNER, THATS FOR SURE. Thanks so very much.

    Sincerely, Karen

  219. Jeanne said:

    I love this dress! Thanks for sharing :)

  220. Christine said:

    Thanks so much for the update. It is sooooo refreshing to meet someone who doesn’t feel the need to expose themselves and can still look fashionable. Thanks for the pattern!!

  221. Amy said:

    OMG! I saw the dress on, had 2 different but compatible stretch knits. This was fun. It was my first experience sewing clothing. Your tutorial rocks, even though you didnt like the first dress. the addition of the hi waistband was perfect! Thank you so much.

  222. celine said:

    What width was your fabric, or doesn’t this matter?

  223. Margaret said:

    I love this concept, and the tutorial seems to make a lot of sense. I posted a link up at Pinterest with a picture so I wouldn’t lose track of it before I can make it, but I wanted to make sure that’s okay with you. I couldn’t find an email address, so I hope you’ll reply, or I’ll take it down just in case.


  224. Melissa said:

    It’s no problem! Lots of my things are on Pinterest and it’s absolutely flattering! :)

  225. Maggy said:

    I’m really excited to make this, but reading the tutorial, I’m really concerned with one part. Sewing the waistband on.
    “sew the waistband on, all the way around to the beginning”
    How? Around the center hole? Like, pinned in a circle around the hole? On one edge of the waistband fabric, or both? I’m sorry if this is trivial, but I’ve never sewn a full dress like this before. And do you sew the waistband on the right or wrong side of the fabric?

  226. meridith said:

    I LOVE this! Can I re-post this on my resources page for my readers? (full credit to you of course :-)

  227. Melissa said:

    Please do! Share away!

  228. angela said:

    For plus sized ladies i would recommend adding a foot or so to the length of the straps

  229. خياطة وتفصيل said:

    thank you so much

  230. Sarah said:

    I have another tip that makes a HUGE difference for us larger chested ladies. :)
    I made my dress yesterday and was having a heck of a time with the no bra thing. I can cover what I need to cover because I made the straps wide enough, but I need the support!!
    Today I bought a serger and was testing it out with some of the straps. I had seen brooch sliders put on some of these dresses and thought, why not a same-fabric slider? I made some up quick and tested them out. Voila! FITTED halter! Since my fabric is matte it holds really well – not sure if it would work as well on a slinkier jersey. It’s still not as much support as I’d like but definitely enough to get by with those cup things that I don’t own and may have to buy now. If you want to test the concept out before trying to make them – use some of the thick hair ties to try it out.

    How to make them:
    I took about the width of one of my straps by just over 3 inches. So – for me – 13 by 3.5 probably with the seam allowance I had. I folded it over hot dog style and stitched it together. I cut this in half to get two pieces. Then I turned them so that the seam was on the inside and in the middle rather than an edge. I stitched the ends together to make it a circle. That was it! They don’t need to be as wide, but they scrunch up/fold over pretty well on their own and it’s SOO much easier to flip the tube when it’s bigger.

  231. Sharon said:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve been thinking about making one for a while now. This is super duper cute! Love the pink version. I’m going to put this on pinterest on my “TO SEW” wall.

  232. Nancy said:

    If you make the skirt with 2 pieces and side seams you only need about 3 yards of 60 inch wide material. You can also make a separate tube top to match for when you need more coverage.

  233. Amber said:

    So glad I found your tutorial! Much thanks for taking the time to clarify the steps on making the infinity dress! I can’t wait to make one!

  234. Clair said:

    You will never know how helpful this was. I’ve been searching and searching. All tutorials were so confusing, until yours! I now know exactly what to do, and as soon as I have time, I will make one. I’ve bookmarked this page, and will share the word. Thank you SO MUCH! :)

  235. Leyla said:

    This is soo awesome. I saw one of these dresses going for something like $100 and I was like :O. I want ot learn to sew and I think this is just the right thing to motivate me :) Thanks!!

  236. Debbie said:

    Been planning on making one of these for ages – i have one i bought (and paid a fortune for!) but i want it in a different colour. Thanks to your photos I’m not quite as nervous as I was!!!!

  237. Christy said:

    Thank you so much going to attempt this in the morning with a sheet first inacse I screw up !

  238. Cuqui said:

    This a great tutorial. The pictures, WOW!!! I have been looking for a pattern like this. I bought a dress simular to this at Walmart. It is not as nice. Now I can make my own. Thanx much.

  239. amandaggogo said:

    Great tutorial! Very helpful! Been wanting to make another wrap dress for a good while now, but I couldn’t exactly remember how I made my first one. Yours turned out beautifully!

  240. Melissa said:

    Will any type of fabric work with these dresses? That’s what I’m wondering, they seem easy to make.

    But what I seriously would do is use a skirt front and back, then making the long straps ( I would set them to were they fall under the apex), and sew those straps on before putting the 2 skirt pieces together. That way you don’t have to sew at the funky curve angle to get them on. Also, since you use the skirt pieces, the waist band would already be there, removing an unwanted piece.

  241. Melissa said:

    Knits work best.

    I’m not sure how you’re thinking of assembling your dress, but there are no funky curves to sew, it’s a straight waist. You can make the dress in 1 step and with 1 seam, but I recommend 2 just to help you keep things neat and tidy. And the straps are already 5 feet long, any longer would be lots of bulk and lots of weight. Have you ever held 5 yards of knit? It’s heavy!

  242. Jessica said:

    I wanted to say thanks I have made 2 of these dress one for me and one matching dress for my daughter. We both look great. Thanks again.

  243. Dayna said:

    I love love love this! Can’t wait to make the bridesmaid dresses for my sisters wedding! We got the idea of the infinity dress from watching David Tutera, “My Fair Wedding.” He suggested Two Birds, however, their dresses are $270! To much for most of the bridesmaids to afford. So I searched and searched the web and found a websited for convertible dresses. A bargain at about $60 a piece. However, after 5 emails and no response, I began to feel like maybe we’d have to break down and shop for bridesmaid dresses until I thought to myself, “self, I bet you can make this dress. The internet is bound to have ideas!” And Viola’! I found your site. Can’t wait to try this out!

  244. kitty said:

    wow you did a really good job! it looks great you wouldn’t be able to tell you made it and that is key when making nice clothes. As a bridal alteration seamstress I had to fix a whole bridal party of these the other day. They just wanted a shorter hem and I got a good look at the inner workings of the actually dress that does cost like $200! it’s amazing right? how much profit they are making from such a simple dress. as to sewing jersey ive discovered it looks so much better when its sewing on a serger since the foot does pull on the stretchy material it just looks better and cleaner 😀 you should try it out :) oh and I use the knife of the serger to cut and even hem. I just remove all the threads and needle and just sew it straight thru and it gives it a perfect finished line 😀

  245. Krysty said:

    You. Just. Saved. My. Wedding. I’ve had 2 dresses fall through, and now have to resort to making a dress for my big day in 4 weeks! This will be perfect! With a longer skirt, and some ivory jersey I will be SET. Thank you so much for breaking it down for us! I’ve seen others and the are ridiculously complicated!

    I am off to the fabric store!!

  246. Marissa said:

    I love this dress! I helped my friend make 6 of them for her bridesmaids. I will say though that depending on the weight of the fabric the calculation of the waist will change (we used the math in the tutorial and the waist was huge) Again I’m certain it was the fabric we used which was a blended poly spandex that was quite thick.

    On the note of fabric I would just comment that if you are planning on wearing this dress without a bra that you might want to go with the thicker fabric so that niples are hid better. When I first wore my dress I didn’t think about it and I had some pretty terrible headlights happening :/ Woopies!

    Hope this helps 😀

    p.s. we also made a version that did not have the waste band because we ran out of fabric. Still looked great!

  247. Jennifer said:

    I’ve been drooling over this tutorial for weeks now! I went to buy some fabric yesterday, but here in Denmark where I live it’s bloody expensive! About 15 bucks per meter for jersey! Crazy huh? Well anyway, I’ve been doing some webshopping and I’m coming across all sorts of material and hoped you could help me.

    How do you think 97% polyester and 3% elastic would work? Pretty tight? I don’t want that, snug is good.
    What about 45% viscose, 50% polyester and 5% elastic? (And I do plan on wearing a bra 34G here :-O

    Thanks so much! :-)

  248. Melissa said:

    Hi Jennifer! I’m definitely not a pro on knits, but I think most of the ones I use are pretty much 100% polyester. I totally understand not wanting to pay the prices of knits in stores, but would it be possible for you to go and feel them and touch them and check out their fiber content to help you make the decision on the fabric that feels best to you?

  249. Zoe said:

    Thanks for the great tutorial! I made this dress in a strawberry pink polyester interock. I made the straps a bit too wide (and uh, my skirt isn’t quite so circle) so I haven’t worn it as much as I would like but it’s still a great little dress :)

  250. Amanda W said:

    I did a TON of research on the web before attempting this because I’ve only been sewing for about a year now. Your tutorial is by far the best IMO from everything I’ve looked at, so I used yours as a base for making my pattern and constructing the dress, and it turned out amazingly. I’m getting compliments all over the place and it’s so comfy and versatile. It’s just now warming up where I live and I pretty much want to live in this dress for the rest of the warm season. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this with us! And for the record, I used a 95% rayon/5% spandex jersey knit and it worked beautifully. The drape is great, and the stretch is perfect for making sure you are well-covered and nothing slips out of place. Thus far I’ve overcome the bra issue by wearing the waistband rather high and safety pinning it to a strapless bra on the sides to make sure it doesn’t slide down and show the bra at all on the sides or in the back. I wait until the dress is tied exactly how I want, then safety pin to the bra from the inside in an inconspicuous place on each side and it works great.

  251. Kareemah said:

    I am 6 months pregnant and I an attempting to make this dress because buying a long maternity dress fpr a formal event is crazy expensive. I completely understand you directions (which are great), but its there any way you can tell me how I can make it a floor length dress instead?


  252. Melissa said:

    Yes! Instead of doing a circle skirt, do 2 long panels, a front and back, and gather them and attach to the waistband and straps. Congrats on your new little one and have a blast at your event!

  253. Grace said:

    This is awesome! It is gorgeous yet casual too :) but I was wondering, what do you wear for a bra? I noticed most of the dress styles had open backs

  254. Melissa said:

    I made a bandeau version for hiding bras. The link to it is in this post. The dress is pink and white stripes. :)

  255. Nina Young said:

    Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. It looks soooo much better than the others I saw. I already bought the fabric and about to start cutting. Question: are the straps just single layer? Do I need to fold and saw the strap’s sides? I’m afraid that if I make it 2 layers or fold the edges, it will not look nice when I tie the straps. What do you think? Thanks!

  256. Melissa said:

    No, they’re one layer!

  257. Barbara said:

    Hi Melissa,
    Looks like I’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for this dress! Can’t get through all the comments, but I think everyone’s said everything that can be said – just fabulous! My daughter and I have been invited to a wedding, and I’m making the dress – boob tube and full length – for both of us, hers is a surprise though :) Just one thing I needed to ask (as I don’t frequently sew), did you trim the selvedges off the straps? I’m worried about the edges not being straight) Thanks ever so much for the inspiration

  258. Melissa said:

    I didn’t include the selvedges at all in the straps, I cut them several inches in from the edge of the fabric. To make sure I cut straight, I measured with the pins and cut slowly and carefully and it worked fine! Good luck!

  259. Miann said:

    I’m what you would call a “beginner” (a super new one). I’ve made a few maternity items already and they have turned out AMAZING (better than i ever expected).

    Anyways, my question, is if I were to measure the skirt starting at my hips (and down) and make my waistband tall enough to come right under my bust and add some lastin in the sides of my waistband would it still look ok? From what I’m imagining it would, but I’m not sure. I would have my tie offs obviously right under my bust.

    I ask bc not only do I have an ever growing belly, but I’m also considered “plus sized” so it may help hold everything in :)

    My plans for the dress are as my baby shower outfit, but possibly (depending how the shorter length turns out) also making another longer one for my husbands military ball in 2 months.

  260. Melissa said:

    I do think it would work and I’m sure you’ll be beautiful in it! Congrats on the baby! :)

  261. Laura said:

    Ok two questions. How much fabric in total did you have to buy and also is there a better type of fabric to use or should it be a knit more than a stiffer kind of fabric to keep it lighter? I’m horrible at measuring that kind of thing when it just comes down to measuring fabric. This looks daunting but interesting and like a neat project.

  262. Katia said:

    Oh my gosh!!! I am so making this! What did you search on YouTube to find the different ways to tie it?

  263. Chris-Marie said:

    U did an amazing job. I see however u didnt give seams. I am making 2 for my daughters. quite tiny I have to add. lol. But I am doing seams. Omw!!! Im nearly done with the first. And I have to say that it is the first time I am making something from material and first time I use a machine. Im proud to say that my first dress looks stunning so far. Thanx for the how to. It helped me alot…

  264. Joyce said:

    Just found your blog and great

  265. Debbie said:

    If I want the skirt to be floor lengh in may case about 40″ long do I do the skirt the same way or will I have to do it in 2 pieces

  266. sahar said:

    i m from iran
    i like the your blog
    is very good an useful
    but is very very good if you use the many pic for teach

  267. Sam said:

    I just made this is robin’s egg blue, and it came out perfectly. Your instructions were very easy to follow. Thank you so much. I was so excited about making the dress that I linked to this tutorial on our blog. Then, realized I should have asked first if you would mind. I am so sorry I didn’t do that! If you’d like me to remove the link, I will.

    Thanks again for the wonderful tutorial. Not only did it turn out exactly the way I hoped, but, thanks to a 60% off coupon, it only cost me about fifteen bucks for all of the materials ~ and the dress itself cost much less, really, because I have tons of fabric left over for my daughters to use. One of them has already used the circle cut from the waist of mine to make a circle skirt for Barbie :)

  268. Sam said:

    Pics are up!

    Thank you again for the tutorial. My teenaged daughters want to make their own infinity dresses now, and, as soon as we find another good coupon, I have no doubt they can do it.

  269. Amanda said:

    Thanks so much for this tutorial! I hope you don’t mind but Ive put a link on my blog as I made my own dress and have since bought them as bridesmaids dresses!

    Thanks again!

  270. Marisa said:

    The fabric that I want to get is only sold by the yard,is it okay that they aren’t all attached? I am used to just being told to see this seam here and that one there so I don’t know much about the rest. Did you end up using all 5 yards, how many should I get? While I am asking questions I might as well ask if you could tell me the difference between spandex cotton jersey knit and cotton jersey knit? Please help me, and thanks dog or posting this my sister will be thrilled when I figure it out.

  271. Marisa said:

    Great job!! :)
    I am trying to make one myself except I am over thinking this step
    “Now, keeping your fabric folded in half with selvages matched, fold the fabric in from the end so it’s doubled on itself. Place your pattern so the 2 straight lines match up with the edges.”
    Does it mean just along the edges or make the whole thing four layers?
    Could you please help me with this?

  272. gerrie said:

    Hi, Im really wanting to make a few of these in various lengths and i am totally stuck on how to achieve a floor length for my wedding. Could you please enlighten me on how i would achieve this as all i can find is 60inch material which is not long enough.
    Thanks in advance

    (ps, your a genius!!! I love this so much)

  273. Melissa said:

    To make them floor length you’ll need to do a front and back and have side seams. Or you could do it with just one seam and place it on one of the sides (I wouldn’t say put it in the back since the guests at your wedding will be looking at their backs). It’s easiest to do as a tube, then gather the top of the tube and attach to the waistband. Make sure you look at the bandeau style dress and decide which they’d prefer as there’s a LOT of side and back showing in this regular style, even tied, and might be more skin than you want showing at your wedding! Congrats and many wishes for a lifetime of happiness!

  274. Beth said:

    Thanks for this tutorial! I’m looking forward to giving this dress a try. Do you think adding in bra cups (B or C) to the straps would be an option for the not so well endowed? Thanks!

  275. Olivia said:

    I found this dress through Reddit, and all I can say is that I love it. I’ve only sewn small things before, like stuffed animals, but your instructions are so easy to follow that I think I’ll be able to make it without too much trouble. Since I’m very flat-chested, I think I’ll be able to get away with wearing an adhesive bra under this, but just in case, is it possible to put in the bandeau after the dress is finished? I love this dress and the bandeau style, but I’d hate to make the regular style, realize it’s showing to much skin, and find out that I’d have to restart completely for the bandeau version. Thank you for this comprehensive pattern, I can’t wait to try it.

  276. Melissa said:

    You could, Beth, but I’m not sure it’s entirely necessary. It gets wrapped over the bust several times in most styles. And you can always do the bandeau version and wear a strapless bra!

  277. Melissa said:

    Yes! You can make the bandeau as just a circle, basically, and put it on under the dress. It doesn’t have to be sewn to the dress and can be a contrast print or color, too!

  278. Jen said:

    Melissa – amazing tutorial! I had bought a sewing machine on sale a couple years back, but had been too intimidated to use it…but I think I might be able to do this, thanks to your directions and photos! I hunted down an awesome 4-way stretch blend that I want to try. If I can do it successfully I will be able to use it as a bridesmaid dress in an upcoming June wedding instead of ordering one made (with the *exact* same fabric, nonetheless).

  279. Lisa said:

    I just made a dress–that I now love–from this tutorial. I blogged about it here!

  280. Cheryl W said:

    I loved your tutorial for The Little Red Infinity Dress. I found your instructions a lot easier to follow than some of the other tutorials. Last year I was given the task of creating the full length version of this dress x 5 for my best friends wedding, limited sewing experience, no pressure. I realised that there may be an issue with the top half of the dress regarding how revealing it may be so for some of the bridesmaids I made a small bandeau. For myself I bought a good strapless bra and a low back bra adapter which worked for the way I decided to wear my dress. Thank you so much for your tutorial the dresses came out perfect x

  281. Erin said:

    I made this last night, thanks to your tutorial here!! It was wayyyyyy easier to follow than any other ones I’ve seen online. Spent about $15 on my fabric that was on sale, in a beautiful kelly green color. Wearing it now and absolutely having the best time playing around with all the styles 😀 😀 😀

    I made the bandeau top, and when I don’t want to use it I just fold it down inside itself so it sits on my hips like a slip. Made the skirt 22″ long as well, perfect, hits right at my knees so I can wear it to church and all :)

    Thanks again!! I’m excited to make this in even more colors… haha! :)

  282. Wendy said:

    I can’t tell, but do you actually hem the dress? Thanks.

  283. Melissa said:

    No, I don’t hem it. The knit doesn’t ravel and this style doesn’t roll, either, so it’s fine left as a raw edge. Just make sure it’s cut cleanly.

  284. Yulia said:

    Thank you! I always wanted a dress like that but was too cheap to buy one (too expensive) and now I can make a couple of my own in a few different colors. Excited to start!

  285. Leanne said:

    Does the fabric need to stretch with the grain or is diagonal ok?

  286. Melissa said:

    It doesn’t matter. The skirt won’t be on the grain since it’s a circle and the straps don’t have to stretch, just wrap. You’ll want to make the waistband stretch horizontally around you, though, make sure that piece doesn’t stretch up and down or diagonally.

  287. Mommybirdie said:

    I saw a question earlier about putting it on over the shoulders or hips. Will the waist stretch enough to do this? I really want to make this dress, but am very worried about this one part. My waist and hips have about 10″ difference in size.

  288. Melissa said:

    I’m assuming your waist is the smaller of the two, and would probably be comparable to your shoulders. So going over your head would be your best bet. Make sure you sew using a deep zig zag or with a serger, and choose a fabric that’s got a lot of stretch to it and you should be just fine!

  289. Elizabeth said:

    Hi Melissa

    I’ve never sewn using a stretch fabric. Though have done lots of other sewing. I’m concerned about the fabric dipping, as it would when sewing with a non-stretch fabric using this pattern.

    Many thanks

  290. Melissa said:

    Hi Elizabeth. I’m not sure I’m understanding. Dipping where?

  291. Nessa said:

    Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial! I am going to attempt to make my own bridesmaids dresses for this summer and this has convinced me it is going to be very doable!

  292. Elizabeth said:

    Melissa, when you cut fabric without stretch and don’t cut on the grain the hem will be uneven, so it dips. Will this not happen with stretch fabric?

    Many thanks

  293. Melissa said:

    I haven’t had that happen with any fabric.

  294. cherith said:

    Oh my goodnes I have just made one for my 2 year old for our wedding abroad in august and it looks amazing as my other bridesmaids have the dessy version and couldnt get a tiny one made anywhere! Thankyou for such simple instructions!!

  295. Angie said:

    I just wanted to ask in regards to working with stripes like in the pic with the pink stripes, was this a 2 way stretch? How do you go ifnyou want the stripes horizontal but the stretch means they would be vertical? I have a picutre i want to incorporate into my design but am not sute when a fabric is only a 2way stretch. Sorry if i sound silly, only just learning to use a sewing machine and LOVED this tutorial. I found fabric shopping overwhelming. Not many helpful staff infortunately!

  296. Stephanie said:

    What about the strapless one? Do you have the wrapping instructions for that?

  297. Melissa said:

    There isn’t a strapless one. The one without the bandeau? It ties just the same as the others! Search youtube for videos until you find a style you like. :)

  298. Melissa said:

    You’d have to use the fabric in the direction of the stretch, otherwise it won’t give and move as you need. This is a 4 way stretch, very soft and very stretchy!

  299. Maria said:

    Thank you for the tutorial! Thank you so much for the bandeau idea, becuase otherwise it’s not very practical. I just made this for my best friend’s birthday and I think she’s going to love it!

  300. Tahlia said:

    Hi I as wondering if you could actually make me one. I’m going on holidays and in desperate need of one. Please reply. Thank you.

  301. Melissa said:

    Hi Tahlia, unfortunately, I don’t take orders. But I hope you’re able to find someone to make it for you!

  302. Tahlia said:

    Hi there Tahlia here. Question. How do u make the skirt less wavy or pleated. I wanted a more straight look. How can I achieve this? Thank you.

  303. Melissa said:

    It’s a circle skirt. If you want less fullness to it, you’ll have to do it as a front and back and have 2 side seams.

  304. Alayna said:

    Does the fabric fray at all with unfinished edges? Or does it stay pretty well?

  305. Melissa said:

    Nope, knits don’t fray, so it doesn’t budge!

  306. Mayu said:

    Did this fabric roll at the edges?

  307. Melissa said:

    No not at all!

  308. Elizabeth said:

    Hi! I am following your tutorial and so far am loving it! I cut out my circle skirt and it’s pretty big on my waist… will that tighten when I sew? Or do I need to re cut it?

  309. Melissa said:

    If it’s a little large, you can gather it or stretch your waistband while sewing it on. Just make sure the waistband is the right size for you!

  310. Julia said:

    Hi thanks for that I’m definitely going to give it a try!

  311. Lexi said:

    Hi, I wanted to make a shirt out of this but was curious; should I put a small amount of skirt on it or should I make the waist band bigger (I.e. Taller)?

  312. Basma said:

    Hello !! You did an amazing job but I have a question, what fabric did u use ?

  313. Melissa said:

    Just a jersey knit!

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