Men’s Bow Tie Tutorial

August 26, 2013

Every year The Hubs’ company hosts a Christmas party for the management and their spouses. It’s always a swanky, dress-up affair at a gorgeous hotel or palatial estate, and I search for months for that one perfectly flattering dress that will make me feel amazing for the night. Well a few years ago The Hubs decided he was bored of the whole necktie/suit look and wanted to switch it up some. Deciding he wanted to stand out from the crowd, he asked me to make him a bow tie for the event.

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

I played around with the shape and eventually drew up the perfect bow tie pattern. The first one I made him complimented my dress and we loved being able to coordinate our outfits that night! I quickly followed the first tie with several more and he wore them excitedly to work, family functions, and any occasion that called for a unique neck piece that was completely his style.

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

It’s been so fun to create custom neck wear! I’ve even been able to get him to wear holiday bow ties! And he really likes getting to pick out the fabric himself.

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

Tying them is really pretty easy. A quick Google search landed me on some YouTube videos and we were off! I love the classic look of a bow tie on my handsome man.

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

And now that we’ve got Ollie, he’s letting me make them matching bow ties!! They were so handsome at my brother’s rehearsal dinner in February.

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

(And I made Ollie a little seersucker pant and vest outfit for the wedding. He was 2 weeks old and SO ridiculously precious!)

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

Are you ready to start making some amazing custom bow ties for yourself and the men in your life? Great! Below you’ll find everything you need for the Men’s Bow Tie Tutorial.

First, you’ll need to download the pattern piece. Set your printer margins to 0, DO NOT SCALE the image before printing. And before cutting, make sure the 1″ box measures exactly 1″ to ensure your piece is the correct size.

CLICK HERE to download the pattern pieces!! The pattern is FREE, and takes just seconds to download.

Cut out the pieces on the black lines and connect them together to get 1 long piece. You just need 1 pattern piece, cut your fabric according to the directions.

To make the right size tie, you’ll need the neck size of the man you’re making the tie for. You know when you buy dress shirts and they come in size {16 34/35} or {17.5 36/37}, well the first number is the number you’ll need to make the bow tie.

You’ll need:
-1/4 yard of fabric of choice. I’ve been using woven cotton.
-1/4 yard of Pellon 950F ShirTailor interfacing
-matching thread.

The cheat sheet:

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie pattern

Cut 4 pieces from your fabric and either 2 or 4 from your interfacing. The plaid and ornament bow ties I only interfaced 1 side of the tie. The blue polka dots I did both sides and other than making it thicker, there wasn’t much difference between them.

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

Lay the interfacing fusible side down on the wrong side of your fabric, matching the pieces.

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

The interfacing instructions say to use a damp press cloth to properly adhere the fabric to the ShirTailor.

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

Take 2 of your tie pieces and placing them right sides together, sew along the short, skinny end using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Repeat for the other 2 pieces. Open them up and iron the seams to one side.

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

Now you just have 2 long pieces, so lay them right sides together and pin down the length of the bow tie.

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

Sew around the entire perimeter of the tie using a 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving a hole 2 or 3 inches wide right in the middle to turn your tie through.

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

Clip the corners on a diagonal and cut slits around the curves so they’ll lay smooth when you turn it.

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

The easiest way to turn your tie is to pinch it at the end so the sides come away from each other,

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

then use a chop stick to push the end down and out the 2″ hole you left in the middle of the tie.

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

It will be a wrinkled mess when you get it turned! That’s okay! Hit it with your iron and use a LOT of steam. It’ll flatten right out. You’ll need to use your chop stick to make sure your corners are poked out and the seams are flat.

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

Then using matching thread (I used contrast so you can see it), sew up the hole you left for turning. You can whip stitch it closed if you want, but it’s hidden under the back of the collar, so it’s not necessary.

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

Sew Like My Mom | Men's Bow Tie Tutorial

You’ll need to iron the tie after each wear to get it nice and flat again, but it’ll come out perfect over and over. I love that it can be washed, since it seems everything in my life is covered with spit up, spaghetti sauce, or snot.

Now go, and tie one on!

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    Looks pretty easy. Can’t wait to get started.

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    Hey! 🙂 nice tutorial, i’ve already tried my hand at bowtie making and made one out of red cotton and it came out quite nice, a bit rough on the details though. my question is, could other materials work for the interfacing other than pellon? for instance, i have some scraps of denim which i have no use for, do you think they could work well for the intefarcing?

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    Try it! I’ve never used anything but traditional interfacing, but ties are made with wool, so you could try that as well.

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    Thank you! I’m so excited. My 17-year old son loves bow ties, and I love to sew. Perfect! I’m really excited to look through my stash of vintage fabrics and scraps, and whip up a few for him:)

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    Hi Melissa. Thanks so much for a great pattern and instructions! I raided hubbies stash of normal ties for two silk ones that complemented each other and made reversible bow ties for the British Christmas party season. There are a couple of tricks to using silk and cutting out of a tie instead of new fabric. I included a link to your page so people could find your pattern. Hope that’s OK?
    Thanks again!

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    Perfect pattern. Thanks…now how I tie it? ;I)

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    This was my first sewing project and it couldn’t be easier! My son loves bowties and now I don’t have to spend a fortune to buy them. They are fast to make, and your instructions are wonderful. Thanks a million!

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    Thank you for posting this. Can’t wait to try it.

  16. Celly said:

    I was wondering if i have to add seam allowance or if it is already added to the pattern?

  17. Melissa said:

    Yes, it’s already included in the pattern!

  18. Art said:

    I hate cutting fabric so I took a shortcut. After drawing the pattern outlines on the interfacing, I ironed it onto the wrong side of my fabric. Folding the fabric right sides together, I pinned it all securely to prevent the fabric shifting. Without cutting, I sewed the outline using the drawing lines as my guide – stopping an inch and a bit from the end seam. Now came the cutting – through all layers at the same time. I sewed the end seams and completed sewing one of the edges. After that, I followed the rest of your instructions. It made it all a lot faster and easier and I only had to cut once!

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    When cutting out the bow tie,why not cut out the narrow end on the fold? One less seam to sew together and less bulk when finished. And I have made them without interfacing when the fabric is heavier or shows the right amount of stiffness.

  21. Melissa said:

    I don’t generally because it takes a long piece of fabric to make them that way and I prefer to use scraps. You’re more than welcome to do it that way, just make sure you remove the seam allowance!

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    Great tutorial. Do you make the same length tie for all men? If not, can you explain where to adjust according to neck measurement. Thanks!

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    Could this be adapted to be a clip on?

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  34. Melissa said:

    Do you have measurements for Ollie’s bowtie? Just had my little man and would love for the men in my life to match 🙂

  35. Melissa said:

    I don’t! I just made a little square of fabric and pinched it in the middle and made that piece like a little beltloop size. Then I strung elastic through the whole thing and slipped in on over his head. I’m sorry that’s not more helpful!

  36. Melissa said:

    There is no closure, it’s a traditional bow tie and you tie it!

  37. Melissa said:

    Ok thanks!

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    Great tutorial ! I’ve been searching for this for some time! Thanks !!!

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    Perfect, I just made two matching in an hour or so as a gift! Love it!

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    Tried to send you this before but do you overlap the pattern pieces that you put together or just lay them end to end? Want to get the sizes right. Thanks!

  44. Melissa said:

    You cut the pieces according to the directions and sew the pieces together in the middle like shown above. You don’t combine the pattern pieces at all, other than assembly. To assemble them you match them at the lines so they’re continuous.

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