New Sponsor & a Giveaway!!

March 10, 2012


I’ve changed a few things around on the blog lately so you may or may not have noticed I have my first Sponsor! Author Diane Reed is sharing her newly-released book, Twixt.


Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day:
A Magical Irish Romance!
Twixt is an epic tale about a love so powerful
that not even the sweep of time can tear it apart…

Everyone in Ophir Creek, Idaho knows the wild legend of Corvine O’Dannan, a mysterious Irish woman with “fairy powers” who came to town during the gold rush to find her fortune, only to be betrayed by her lover and meet a tragic end—

Fast forward to the twenty-first century, and her descendent Rose doesn’t have time for such nonsense! After a crash-and-burn marriage, she’s returned to her hometown to renovate her father’s gold-panning business and to start over. But everything changes on her 30th birthday when her friend talks her into doing a love spell. Unbeknownst to them, they conjure the spirit of the very same man who once tormented Rose’s ancestor. Why? Because Rose was Corvine O’Dannan in a past life—and her really bad habit of attracting Mr. Wrong still haunts her, and now jeopardizes her life.

What Rose doesn’t realize is that along with this dark curse comes an extraordinary blessing—in the form of a soul guardian named Chance Murphy who’s been protecting her for centuries. But this time around, the evil spirit that now plagues Rose has stolen Chance’s body. So the only way that Chance can reach her is late at night in her dreams, when he appears as a magical raven who escorts her to an enchanted island off the coast of Ireland. There, Chance becomes a man again, and he shows Rose how she can heal her past through the fairies’ special brand of magic. But will Rose finally be able to forge a new future and make the man of her dreams become real? Only if she can once again believe . . .


The author, Diane Reed, is actually a family friend and I’m so thrilled and honored that she asked to sponsor my blog with her amazing first book! It’s pretty awesome to say I know someone who has written a book–and even cooler that my Mom is thanked on the acknowledgements page!

But the best part is that Diane has sent me FIVE COPIES, all autographed, to give away to 5 lucky readers!

Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this beautifully written book. It’s a great love story that transcends time and leaves your heart wanting more. I wish I could give copies to everyone so you could all experience the magic of it. To enter for a chance to win an autographed copy of Twixt, simply leave me a comment on this post! I’ll draw the winners next Saturday, March 17th. What a great way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day!

And if you just can’t wait to get your hands on a copy, you can get one today at one of the following retailers: & & as an ebook at Kindle, Nook, iBooks & Kobo.

**For more information on how to become Sew Like My Mom sponsor, please email me at for details!

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59 Responses to “New Sponsor & a Giveaway!!”

  1. Monica said:

    I love books like these and will love to have a copy:)

  2. Angela E said:

    Sounds likes a good read! I would love to add this to my collection

  3. Norma said:

    Sounds very interesting and charming.

  4. Tracy said:

    This sounds just like a book that I would pick up off the shelf.
    Love the sound of it.
    Congrats on your first sponsor.

  5. DeAna said:

    I am excited about this give away!

  6. Elizabeth said:

    I found your site recently and love it! I’m from Idaho and would love the book, too:)

  7. Tia said:

    Love your blog and love everything you do. Reading is a hobby for me. I would love this book.

  8. Lisa Schmidt said:

    Sounds like a great book. I’d love a copy!

  9. Joella said:

    Hey, the book sounds fun! I would love to read it.

  10. Kat said:

    Awesome! I have been looking for another book to read.

  11. Dixie said:

    I would love to read this :)

  12. jen a. said:

    Hope I am a winner! I love to read.


  13. Julia C K said:

    Sounds like a wonderful book!

  14. Tammy said:

    This book sound soooo good, not your traditional romance books. I would love to read this.

  15. Nicole said:

    I would like to read the book! Sounds like a good one :)

  16. denise said:

    How exciting! Sounds like a fun read

  17. Mariah said:

    Congrats on the sponsorship! Super cool!

  18. Shannon said:

    V cool about the sponsorship! I love this blog so may more come your way!

  19. casey mazzio said:

    Sounds like a great book. I would love a copy.

  20. Maria said:

    Sounds like a wonderful book, would love to read it! Second only to sewing, is reading!

  21. Rachel K said:

    This sounds like an amazing read!!

  22. Donna said:

    I’m a sucker for a good book! Love your site. I read it all the time. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Terri Betz said:

    Love faerie and books! Congratulations to you! Love your stuff! Wanting to make my two granddaughters your kid’s top! Thanks! 😉

  24. Betsy said:

    This sounds like my kind of book! Thanks for the chance to win it!!

  25. Amber said:

    This sounds like an awesome book, I’m a hopeless romantic! Good luck to everyone that enters! 😀

  26. Jeni S said:

    Sounds like an interesting read!

  27. Fawn said:

    This sounds really good. Pick me!

  28. Jacque said:

    I LOVE Books like this. Congrats on your first sponsor.

  29. Breenah said:

    It sounds really interesting!

  30. Cynthia said:

    This sounds like a great book. Would love to win.

  31. Sarah S said:

    Sounds like a good read :) Hope I win!

  32. Fawn said:

    This sounds so good! Thank you for a chance

  33. Suzanne Curran said:

    This sounds like a lovely story. There’s something about Ireland that seems magical.

  34. Karla D said:

    This sounds like an awesome book. I found your blog through a link for the red infinity dress. I’ll be making it for an upcoming trip to Puerto Rico and the book would be wonderful to read on the beach.

  35. Karen said:

    The book sounds great, I’m hooked…need to know the details. I just discovered your blog through “Sew Can She” and I am going to make the Make-Up pouches, very cute and useful! Thanks.

  36. Jennifer said:

    That book sounds amazing, i hope i can win a copy.

  37. Monica A. said:

    Sounds like a wonderful book, would love the chance to read.

  38. SueAnn W from Richmond said:

    I am so ready for a new book and this sounds like a very good book to start with again.

    I love your tutorials!

  39. Jaci said:

    I love to read and I am always looking for new authors to read. This sounds like a great new author (new to me) to read.
    I stumbled onto your site from pinterest and have pinned a lot of things you make. I can’t wait to get started on my sewing. Thanks for the ideas and inspirations!

  40. Carly said:

    I am always looking for new books!

  41. Jo said:

    Sounds like a great book! I’d love to win it:-)
    I made Celtic crosses with the youth group I lead. Happy St. Patricks Day!

  42. Ashlee said:

    Congrats on your first sponsor! How exciting :)
    I hope to win a copy of the book. I love to do book reviews on my blog and I’m looking for a new book to read.
    Have a great week!

  43. Heather said:

    I would totally love something new to read!

  44. ELLEN said:

    would love to win this…. sound right up my ally….

  45. victoria said:

    Congratulations on your first sponsor! The book sounds so good, Just my type of read. xx

  46. Trixie said:

    *~♥I have a library of over 200 fantasy/fairy tale books. I am in love with fairy tales, and all faeries alike, as well as Love stories! This book would be a beautiful addition to my library as well as great coversation with the ~*Fairy Tale Book Club*~ I was in a few years ago, my friends and I still get together and buy new books to read and share. Hope I get picked! This would be a wonderful read for us all. ~*♥Giggles and Poofs away in a cloud of Pink & Purple Glitter smoke♥*~

    Sincerely, ♥Trixie Fae♥

  47. Barbara Pezzetti said:

    This sounds like a great book and I would love to read it.

  48. Andrea said:

    I love your blog so I’m sure I’d love this book too!

  49. Sarah B said:

    I love your blog as much as I love to read! (which is a LOT!!)

  50. Justine Kohn said:

    Congratulations on getting a sponsor! I have really enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. You are very talented and your tastes are very similar to my own. I hope having a sponsor means seeing more of what you do and getting more people to see it as well. oh and I hope you pick me for the book after all someone from Idaho like me should probably get to know the local lore.

  51. Courtney said:

    Oooo! It sounds like a wonderful book! :) I hope I am picked!

  52. Kelly said:

    Would love to win!

  53. Brandi Williams said:

    I would love to read this book! How cool that you personally know the author!

    Brandi Williams

  54. Cole Mortimer said:

    Congratulations on the sponsor!! I’d love to be in the running for the giveaway!

    Also, side note, I’ll be trying out your infinity dress pattern this weekend–brought here by pinterest!

  55. Lisa Atkielski said:

    How exciting to have a sponsor! I’d love to add this book to my bookshelf!

  56. Teresa said:

    Free is definitely in my budget! Choose me, choose me, choose me……please!

  57. Brenda said:

    Sounds like such a good read! Thanks

  58. Kristy O. said:

    I saw some of your tshirt skirts posted on Pinterest wnd it brought me to browsing all over your site. Love it. And just barely made it into the contest before tomorrow. Yeah.

  59. Diane said:

    BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Amber, Trixie, Mariah, Heather, and Barbara for winning the paperback copies of my novel TWIXT!! What some of you may not know is that Melissa’s mother Marcia taught me how to sew–and since she is a master quilter, I included a magical quilt in the novel in her honor and thanked her in my Acknowledgements page in the book. So for those of you who love to sew, who knows what magical journeys can happen through your stitching… ; )

    I sincerely hope you enjoy TWIXT, and I’d like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Melissa for doing this contest! Her website is so beautiful and I’m deeply honored that she featured my novel on her blog! : ) ~Diane J. Reed

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