Ruffle Tshirt Dress

January 31, 2011

Thanks to everyone who voted for my little dress! There was definitely some stiff competition last week! In case you missed it, here’s my submission.

I’m so excited about this week! I discovered this shirt at Goodwill a few months ago and since then, I’ve been dying to turn it into a dress and diaper cover.

This adorable striped dress is made from the body of the shirt with a sweet ruffle details across the bodice. The diaper cover is cleverly made from the sleeves!

It’s soft, comfy, and the perfect tshirt dress for summer play. Bring on the warm afternoons!

16 Responses to “Ruffle Tshirt Dress”

  1. Marie Gross said:

    That is so cute, Melissa! I can honestly say I’ve loved every single one of your entries. I hope you win!

  2. Natissa said:


  3. Ruffle T-Shirt Dress. Sewing As My Mother | T-Shirt Reviews said:

    […] original article: Ruffle Tshirt Dress | Sew Like My Mom. […]

  4. Amy said:

    Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top make a tutorial for these?????

  5. Melissa said:

    Let me see what I can do. 🙂

  6. Holly said:

    I agree with Amy pretty please make a tutorail I am recently a stay at home mom and I would love to make this cute little dress for a friends grand daughter. Your ideas are great Thank You!

  7. Sandra said:

    Agreed! LOVE this idea. We are finding ways to tighten our budget with twho new additions to the family this year 🙂 One of which is a girl who NEEDS mommy to make her some of these out in our AZ heat! Please, please make a tutorial:)

  8. The Shirt Skirt | Sew Like My Mom said:

    […] A: I use the neck part to make the Shirt Bibs, and I use the sleeves to make shorts or bloomers. I haven’t posted a tutorial on this, but I did do it in one of my projects during SYTYC. […]

  9. Monica said:

    This is sooooo cute! Would love to make, did you have any luck with the tutorial?

  10. Isabel said:

    Could you show how you make the little ruffles? I Just sewed a dress for my 6 year old our of a jersey fabric and the top looks too grown up for my taste, these ruffles would make it perfect 🙂

  11. Angela said:

    I am having my first grand daughter this summer, I would love to start making these cute little dresses for her with the matching diaper cover -any chance you can send me the directions?

  12. Zipgraphix T-Shirt Printing said:

    Wow. You did a great job on the dress. Good use of an old t-shirt.

  13. Georgia said:

    Are you going to do a tutorial for this one? I hope you will consider it. This is just so cute and I love it. I am always looking for t-shirt repurposing projects and I have to say this one is the BEST I have found by far!!! Please Please Please do a tutorial for this, I will be so ecstatic if you do. I bet I won’t be the only happy girl either. It’s just perfect for summer. Hope you will consider it. I can beg some more if you wish… LOL.

  14. Kris said:

    Another plea for a tutorial! I love the ones you have done so far…even a novice like me can follow them! 🙂

  15. Jena said:

    Not only is this (yet another!) plea for a tutorial on this project but also a HUGE thank you for the ones you’ve posted thus far. My Mom passed her sewing machine on to me a week ago – prior to that I could barely thread a needle, truly. Since then (using your tutorials), I’ve made 3 pillowcase dresses, 2 baby “taggie” beanbags, a big kid hooded bath towel, have learned to applique, and tonight I plan to tackle shirring and the t-shirt skirt. I love your easy to follow, practical tutorials and am looking to make my way through all of the ones you have currently and looking forward to new ones! Thank you again!!! 😀

  16. Abigail said:

    Would love the tute for this…I figured if enough people keep bugging you, you’ll post it! Hmmm, will you let us down or pull through? Your other tutes are great and easy for newbies to experienced sewers alike!

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