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February 28, 2013

February was an exciting month for me all around. Not only did we welcome little Ollie into our family, but I was featured in a magazine!

Back in December I was contacted by Sew Magazine, a British crafting mag, asking if they could feature me in their February issue as the Blog of the Month. Yes you can! I couldn’t believe they’d ask ME! That’s only 12 bloggers a year and to be asked was so flattering and truly exciting. So the week before Christmas I had my sister take some pictures of me (since they wanted a headshot), I filled out the written interview they sent, and then I nervously waited.

My Mom, sister and I scoured every newsstand we could think of trying to find copies of it being sold here in the States, but we came up empty-handed. I was starting to think I wasn’t ever going to find it, but I finally broke down and used my 21st century brain and looked for a digital copy of the magazine. I anxiously waited the 8 minutes it took to download on my iPad, then frantically clicked through the pages until finally, there on page 95, was my little corner of the internet, in print, for all to see.

Sew Magazine

I cried, obviously (hello, I was 39 weeks pregnant!), and immediately sent a screenshot to everyone I knew! My Mom has a friend who lives in the UK and she was able to track down 6 copies to send to us. I can’t WAIT to get them in the mail and have a true hard copy in my hands! This definitely goes in the top coolest things that have ever happened to me.

And just to share, since I kept the whole thing a secret, I had Meredith take some belly shots of me that day, too. So this is me and Ollie at 33 weeks. I miss being pregnant, but I can’t get enough of his little face!

33 week belly shot

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  1. Yvonne Bentley said:

    What a lovely story, Congratulations on getting your Blog mentioned in a British Magazine. You are truely a beautiful, talented lady. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas. You have given me the inspiration to start sewing again, something I haven’t done since my kids were little. I am now sewing for one of my granddaughters who lives with us. I saw your nap mat, which I have got the idea and adapted for her camps. I used a exercise mat, and a single quilt cover, which already had a pillow case, made another pillow case, plus a large sheet with the remaining fabric. I have attched the pillow with button to the mattress cover, so it won’t slip and has also made it longer . I am running out of time so I am using a sleeping bag which coordinates with the rest as the blanket. Now back to sewing, Thanks and keep up the great work.

  2. suburbancorrespondent said:


  3. Becky Litte said:

    I am from the UK and I saw this article (I already had your blog pinned so it wasn’t new to me!). I love your blog and I have followed your tutorial to make my daughter a Rapunzel wig and am currently sewing a Rapunzel dress (using your tutorial too!)…I hope to finish it for her birthday on the 31st…. If you wanna see my progress/or the finished end product (not nearly as neat as yours!) have a look at my blog Keep up the good work 🙂

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