Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day! **giveaway closed**

May 6, 2013

Congrats to the winner!

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 2.12.05 PM

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 2.09.35 PM

If you didn’t win, stay tuned for the tutorial, coming soon!


Today starts Sew Mama Sew’s giveaway day (week)! I’m really excited to have you here and to give one of you this awesome shirt for a special little superhero in your life.

A wardrobe malfunction a friend of mine shared inspired me to create these unique shirts (tutorial to follow this week). I’ve seen plenty of superhero shirts with velcro capes, but velcro and I aren’t always friends. It’s scratchy, gets full of gunk, and after awhile it’s not quite so sticky anymore. So I decided to make a shirt that was the perfect blend of wearable costume and washable functionality for Mom but leaves plenty of high-flying imagination for your superguy. Or girl, crime needs all fighters, doesn’t it?!

Sew Like My Mom

The capes are attached so they won’t fall off or get lost but they’re not big enough to be heavy or get stuck in things. This is truly the most effortless cape you could ever get them!

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 12.43.18 PM

It will blow behind your superhero as they run, fighting crime and ridding the world of injustice.

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 12.48.49 PM

And they just look so darn cute in them!

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 12.46.25 PM Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 12.44.56 PM

And today I’m giving one of them to one of YOU!

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 11.49.34 AM

All you have to do to win a custom shirt is leave me a comment telling me about the very special superhero in your life you’d give the shirt to if you won. I’m throwing in a matching mask, too!!

***Edited to add: I have GIRL superhero fabric as well! It’s a pink background and features Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Bat Girl. So don’t think this is a boy only giveaway! Let the little supergirls in your life play, too!

-Winner will receive 1 shirt and 1 mask.
-Shirt will be custom made to fit your child. Sizes range from 12m to 5T, but can go bigger if needed.
-You pick the superhero!
-Giveaway ends MAY 10 at 5:00 PST.
-Winner will be announced via email on May 12 and this post will be updated to include winner’s name.

Good luck!

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81 Responses to “Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day! **giveaway closed**”

  1. Heather W. said:

    Those are so cute! My son has a couple of shirts like this with the velcro that we have bought and he loves them but my daughter is a huge spiderman fan and would love to have a shirt like this! We have never seen caped shirts for girls before! She climbs walls just like spiderman! She’s a sweet, fun loving girl. She wears a size 6.

    I can’t wait to see the tutorial on these!

  2. Susan said:

    These are soooo adorable. I’ll be giving them to my sons to share!
    mcintoshsusan at Hotmail dot com

  3. Nikki said:

    These are so cute! All my boys would love these, especially my youngest son. He is a Superhero fanatic!!!

  4. sorahart said:

    My 5T son would adore this (and I adore you for your last post on freezer cooking!). We love all superheroes around here, so you can surprise us with the fabric choice!

  5. Georgia said:

    I would give it to my 2 year old son! He’s pretty super. ;)
    peachstateme at hotmail dot com

  6. Niki said:

    So adorable! My little superhero’s public persona is Peter the three-year-old, but when duty calls he becomes anything from Batman to Super Peter to Diego to Adventure Boy, etc. etc. etc. He would love this!

  7. Kimberly Marcus said:

    Those are so cute! I would have to nominate my 3 year old, Audrey. She is a super hero in so many ways. The main way being the watchful eye she keeps on her little sister :) She is always making sure small things don’t make it in her hands and that she doesn’t climb up the walls (which she would try!) I am thankful for her and her awesome super hero skills! I can’t wait to see how to make these!

  8. Jenn said:

    Oh MY GOSH! My son would LOVE THIS!!! I would give this to him – he’s 4, and totally obsessed with super heros! He has some Superman pj’s with a detachable cape, and he’s always asking to wear them to school! lol

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!! My fingers are VERY crossed! :)

    daintyrevelations at gmail dot com

  9. Nicole M. said:

    Just amazing! very cute. I would be giving this to my daughter who is 8 and loves super heroes. She would want the pink cape because she is girly too.

  10. Jenny said:

    These are fantastic! My 16 month old is an absolute superhero…turning more and more into spiderman every day:-). Would love this for him.

  11. Carol Cate said:

    Oh my goodness….these Superhero shirts and masks are adorable! I have a 3 1/2, boy (William) and a 2 1/2 girl (Ella) and they are superhero fanatics! In fact, they love them so much, we just named our blastball team The Superheroes! They are very much like twins and constantly play and battle good vs. evil. Though, it’s debatable which one is which sometimes!!! Can’t wait for your tutorial so we can be a family of Superheroes!!!

  12. sandy said:

    Darling. I vote for Superwoman …. we have lots of girls in our family (only 1 boy). Superwoman is strong (mind) and decisive …. good role model for females. thanks

  13. Ashlie said:

    My daughter. She loves Spiderman. She is a hero because she can make anyone happy. And she is strong-minded too.

  14. Brooke said:

    My seven year old son would be getting it if I won. He is always trying to run faster, climb higher, and generally living life dangerously! And at the end of the day he showers me with hugs and kisses. :)

  15. Hana K said:

    My two yr old is into anyone with a mask but his particular favorite these days is Spider-Man.

  16. Debra Lee said:

    My neighbors little boy is so sweet and I am sure he would love this!

  17. Rachell R said:

    I have two special little boys I love to sew for. the older has autism and is a super-smart sweetheart. my younger is so creative and imaginative. he loves Transformers and Thomas trains, and builds some pretty amazing Lego towers that he tries to jump and fly over. they love pirates. my little guy is special because he’s just about the only other child my older one will play with imaginatively.

  18. Shanny Gallagher said:

    My daughter is one. She helps sing the “na na nas: when we hold up her Batman figures from Little People. zthis would be perfect!

  19. Amy said:

    I have 2 very cute super heros at home (ages 2 and 4) that keep me safe from any bug, spider, bad guy that may be in the shadows! Gotta love little boys! Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  20. Suzanne said:

    I would love this for my grandson….I only have one (plus 5 granddaughters). I make girly dresses for all the girls, but grandson doesn’t always enjoy a shirt or shorts. He’s a Super Kid!

  21. Catherine said:

    I have a 5 year old boy who is obsessed with superhero anything – on any given day he will be superman, spiderman, batman, any of the teenage mutant ninja turtles or even a transformer (not sure they’re really superheroes though). I love seeing his imagination at work and the seriousness in his face when he tells me he wants to be a teenage mutant ninja turtle when he’s a grown up. I bet he will be a superhero of some sort, at least to me!

  22. Linda said:

    So cute! My big girl was Super Girl for Halloween a few years back so I’m glad you have shirt/capes for little girls. I have a tiny great neice that will follow in her footsteps to become a fierce young lady one day. Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. lmnop said:

    Awesome! My little superhero is not quite here yet, but seems to specialize in bouncing off walls… I am hoping she grows to like pirate things, since I haven’t been able to resist those. But a superhero outfit would be fabulous.

  24. Becky said:

    My superhero’s name is Maci! She is 2 yrs old, and a wonderful big sister to her 8 month old sister, Lily. She LOVES to play dress up already, and I think a shirt with a cape would be more than she could imagine!

  25. Leslie Farrar said:

    I have a daughter and a son who would love this! We had a girly super hero party for my daughters birthday earlier this year. Our gifts to guests were capes but they weren’t as cute as these!

  26. kathyh said:

    Great idea. I once made superhero capes for an entire birthday party.
    Nowadays, I have two great nieces. One is size 5 and the other is almost a 3T. I could make another for the sister. Wonderwoman – as the actress was from Oregon.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Brandy said:

    I have a 2 year old boy who LOVES “soup-soup heros!” And spent the better part of Saturday running around with a blanket tied around his neck. He would LOVE this shirt!

  28. Hilary said:

    My little superhero would love to wear this … his latest catch phrase has been “to the rescue!” Thanks for offering!

  29. Fabi said:

    My little guy will love these! he loves super heroes spider man is his very favorite. Thanks.

  30. Elizabeth Johnson said:

    My superman is 7 years old (size 7) and my grandson. We have had since birth and he is my best friend. He loves to dress up like spiderman, yours is so awesome! He is so bummed his costume is to small (bought it). His birthday is in August the week he goes to third grade. This would be very exciting for him, comlisajohnson(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you for a great giveaway!

  31. Emily said:

    Well, I’d give it to my littlest guy because he’s the only one young enough to appreciate and believe in superheros still! Capes are such fun play things!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  32. Emily said:

    Totally cute! I have a crazy 4 yr old who would love this – she actually regularly asks me to sew her a cape. She rotates between her construction worker costume, tinkerbell costume, and pretty much anything else she can pretend to be! :) I’d say the aqua batman is perfect for a girl – we don’t need to over gender socialize. :)

  33. Tanya said:

    My lttle girl would enjoy this in a few months. Capes are great fun.

  34. Sasha said:

    My son is a superhero, we were coming back from nursery the other day and he asked if his super power could be speaking french (they are learning the basics at nursery). I found it hilarious, one lesson in he’s better than his daddy already!

  35. Amy said:

    My little guy is just starting to get into the whole super hero thing. He would love to have a cape and mask to play with.

  36. Heather said:

    My Izzy loves to play super hero. She’s 7 and has a huge imagination.

  37. Cricket said:

    My 9 year old daughter has been asking me for a plain red cape lately. She has a shirt that would go with it that says “Asperger’s is my superpower” so I guess her superhero would be AspieGirl or some such.

  38. Donna O'Neil said:

    My Superhero is my daughter, Aurora. She is awesome!

  39. Garilyn said:

    My daughter would love one of these. She has 3 older brothers and all 4 of them LOVE superheros!

  40. Kate said:

    I’d love to win this for a friend’s daughter!

  41. SarahT said:

    I want to win this for my daughter. Our family loves super heros so this would be the perfect addition for her closet.

  42. chibidani said:

    I have two superheroes that need these shirts! One is 6 and the other is 4, and they are both super girls. So I think that if I happened to be the winner, I would give it to my 6 y.o. and then ask you politely to please make another that I could buy for my 4 y.o.!

  43. Rachel said:

    What a wonderful idea! How very practical. I completely agree on your opinion of velcro. I have a super hero 6 year old in my family who would be over-the-moon with one of these t-shirt-capes! He loves to help around the house, and is a very thoughtful young man. Today he had an eye appointment, and had to pick out some glasses. At first he wasn’t keen, but then the optometrist showed him a pair with lightening bolts on the side and he said “Those are perfect for me, because I’m super!” And he really is :)
    Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  44. dawn said:

    My little boy would love any of them!

  45. carriem said:

    I love these, so fun for adventuring! I’ve got 5, kids, not sure which needs a super boost!

  46. Meg said:

    Hmmm I have 3 little boys that would love these so if I won it would go to one of them and I would probably have to buy two more!

  47. Jeanie said:

    Aww- adorable! My son is a little young yet, so I would give this to my nephew. He’s 2.5yr old, and has had some recent home life upheavals, so I think being a superhero would be really exciting for him right now. :)

  48. Laura said:

    My 3 year old little girl loves super heroes. She was spiderman with a tutu for Halloween and regularly goes around the house wearing a cape, mask, tiara, and heels! My perfect combination of princess and hero.

  49. emilia said:

    my oldest son is a super duper guy!! today we went to kindergarten roundup and he NAILED it!!! super brain guy!!

  50. Jessica said:

    Both my sons would love these! I would have a tough time deciding what to do if I won!

  51. Joanna said:

    These are great! As a geeky mom (married to a geeky guy) we have a big job ahead of us teaching our little boy (who is 20 months right now) all about the joys of comic books and superheros. :) If I won this I would save it for his 2nd birthday coming up in August and give it to him just in time for his first trip to Fan Expo! (a great big comic/anime/gaming/scifi convension in Toronto!) :)

  52. Elizabeth said:

    My little brothers would love a superhero cape!

  53. dee said:

    Thanks for the offer – those shirts are brilliant. Our littlies would love one.

  54. Melanie said:

    These are ADORABLE, Melissa! Andrew would love the Batman one, he LOVES Batman! :)

  55. Donna said:

    They are so cute! I know a little girl who would love this. Especially since her uncle is a batman fan!

  56. Heather said:

    My son is a fan of all the superheros. He calls Batman “Fatman” even though we corrected him, so now we just go with it…. These shirts are adorable!

  57. Jennifer said:

    These are too awesome!! My 2 year old is a superhero fanatic!! He wants us to draw them all the time and he has an old polyester cape that he has worn holes into because he loves it so much! This would be so fun for him!

  58. Suzanne said:

    My daughter will be 3 in June! She is our little firecracker! She loves to place Superman with her apron! She would love a “real” cape! Thanks for the chance to win one for her!
    Suzanne dot Jourdan at

  59. Kaitlin Belcher said:

    My daughter would love one of these. If I don’t win, I’ll be making her one :)

  60. Sarah said:

    My superhero is Ben. He has two sisters and so lives in a house of girly dressing up clothes. He loves spiderman and always wants to wear the costume at our local toddler group. He would LOVE this – plus his 4th birthday is coming up this month so would be perfect. Love you blog, thanks!

  61. Maria White said:

    I have three girls, but the 6 year old loooves superhero stuff. I am not a fan of velcro either.. it tends to damage other fabrics when washed (grrr)

  62. Hueisei said:

    My son will love this..Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!!!

  63. Mary Ann said:

    My little girl just turned three. She is so strong and kind and brave! She is my hero.

  64. Carlene Eby said:

    I would give it to my grandson. He loves spiderman and I made him a cape when he was little. They are so cute. He wears a size 6. THanks for a chance.

  65. Stacy Alfano said:

    I have three little girl superheros who would love to win this! Thank you! atabanana29(at)gmail(dot)com

  66. deborah b. said:

    i have two little superheroes, ages 4.5 and (almost!) 2. my girls are strong, confident & i have no doubt they will grow into fierce, compassionate adults. they already say the wisest, mind-blowing things. and they both love spiders. i am not sure which i’d give the costume to – so i will need to buy an extra if i win, so each of my girls can proudly don her cape!

    thank you for the chance. these are awesome. i have been looking for a cape like this that doesn’t mess up clothes in the wash!

  67. Alexis said:

    These are so darling! My 3-year-old daughter likes to run around the house with one fist in the air saying, “Princess Lindy to the rescue!” Apparently princesses are super heroes too.

  68. Stephanie Lewis said:

    I live in the UK, and found this wonderful blog after seeing it in my crafting ‘bible’ Sew Magazine!
    I’ve made some baby blocks from your tutorial and they came out great, so thank you for that! :-)
    So having a superhero tshirt and cape made by you, for my wonderful superhero Camball would be fantastic (he’s 5) and we’d be so thrilled to win this as he’s avengers crazy! :-) Thank you for doing this competition!

  69. Heather said:

    My son would love this! He loves to pretend.

  70. Sherry Lykins said:

    My daughter would love the batgirl!

  71. Amber Dixon said:

    My little superhero is almost 3 years old and loves everything Batman and Spiderman! He always tells me he’s going to “get the bad guys!” This would be so much fun!!!

  72. Kate Lins said:

    This would be PERFECT for my son Tommy’s 5th birthday party! I love it!

  73. Tammy said:

    what a super idea. I would be giving it to my little great neice that I help to take care of. I can see her running around playing in this right now. She is full of adventure seeking. Thank you for the chance to enter such a wonderful giveaway. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  74. Fawn B. said:

    I’d nominate my son who be 2 y/o at the end of the month. He loves Spiderman and has a spiderman figure and motorcycle for him that he’s loved since he got it for Christmas!

  75. christi m said:

    For my 17 month old explorer boy!! I want one so much!! :)


  76. Tanya said:

    My 2 1/2 year old little boy, he would love this!

  77. Katie said:

    My cousin’s little girl just turned 5 and is in love with Batman and all superheros!

  78. Carmen said:

    I’d give this to my daughter – she loves to wear capes in play, but I don’t think we have a favorite super-hero yet.

  79. Michelle J. said:

    My children are my superheroes–so forgiving and full of life!

  80. Jenna@CallHerHappy said:

    My super hero is my hubs!

  81. Erin Noie said:

    I would give this to my son. He’s 4 and loves playing with action figures, his current fave cape wearer (not really a hero lol, villan) is Darth Vader. What a fun prize, thank you!

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