Sycamore Shorts Pattern

May 14, 2014

I’m over at Riley Blake today with my latest Project Design Team post—my newest pattern, the Sycamore Shorts! And it’s FREE!
Sew Like My Mom | Sycamore Shorts

Sew Like My Mom | Sycamore Shorts

The Sycamore Shorts are for boys and girls, sizes 12m to 8, and feature adorably unique, large side pockets–perfect for hidden treasures, snacks, rocks, and everything else kids like to keep close at hand. My kids adore these shorts and have worn them almost every day since I made them! They’re begging for more and since they’re a super fast sew (I made 2 pairs, and dinner, in under 2 hours!) I’m likely to oblige.

Sew Like My Mom | Sycamore Shorts

Sew Like My Mom | Sycamore Shorts

Sew Like My Mom | Sycamore Shorts

Are you ready to get started sewing your Sycamore Short pattern? Go check it out on the Riley Blake blog or click here to download a copy!

18 Responses to “Sycamore Shorts Pattern”

  1. Debbie said:

    Thank you so much! This pattern is adorable, love the pockets! My granddaughters will love shorts made from this pattern!

  2. Janay said:

    This pattern came just at the right time. I made a pair for my niece’s birthday next week. This pattern is great, Thank You so much!! I hope to make a pair for my son this week too.

  3. tracy said:

    Enjoy your blog

  4. Carmella said:


    I’m stuck! Can anyone help me with stage 14 of this pattern. I’ve sewn the pockets and have sewn the rises. I then get stuck on the next stage. Please help!!

    Thank you.

  5. Melissa said:

    You’re stuck sewing the inseam? Match the rises up and you’ll have 2 little raw edges to sew together for the inseam (crotch) to make 2 legs. Does that help?

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  7. Pat said:

    Would like to have your patterns, but I hate the”Doc to PDF”. You end up with an aggravating tool bar that is almost impossible to get rid of.. Link would be better inside your blog. Too bad..

  8. Melissa said:

    I’m not sure what “Doc to PDF” you’re referring to, there’s a direct link to download this pattern, and a direct link to the full instructions. Happy Sewing!

  9. Speattle said:

    Hi! I just discovered this site and the darling shorts. I went to craftsy and the pattern is not there. Is there a way I can get this pattern?


  10. Melissa said:

    The pattern is there, happy sewing!

  11. Speattle said:

    I have gone to craftsy, signed in and when I do a search for your pattern, it shows a photo, but when I click on it, it takes me to other patterns.

    Following your link, takes to patterns that are not the sycamore shorts.

    The picture of the pattern shows up, but when I click on it, I get something that says “Other Popular Patterns”, but not the sycamore.

    Could it have been somehow deleted from Craftsy?


  12. Melissa said:

    No, it’s definitely still there, I just tested it and downloaded it myself. I’m not sure why you’re having trouble, I clicked on the link in the post and it took me right to the pattern where I downloaded it. Are you clicking on the pink link that says ‘”click here” to download a copy’?

  13. Speattle said:

    Hmmm…. it is not just you. I can’t seem to get any pattern to get to the download point. Very strange! I

  14. Melissa said:

    Shoot me an email and I’ll send it over!

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  16. becky said:

    Those are so cute! love the pockets on the side!

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