Tinker Bell turns 3

June 27, 2011

It’s always a bittersweet day in the life of a Mom when our children turn another year older. I didn’t get the emotion until I started having kids and now I find myself weepy and nostalgic about how quickly the years are flying by. I had such a weekend as we celebrated Sofie’s third birthday!


Normally we throw these huge parties with lots of family that take me days to prepare for and are absolutely exhausting. But with Grandpa just dying and my whole family still reeling from the loss, I wasn’t up to a huge party this year. So we decided to keep it low key and just have my immediate family over for pizza lunch on her actual birthday.

I had big plans to make her a cute pant and shirt set similar to the Barbie outfit I made for a friend’s daughter recently. Then I decided to make a freezer paper stencil on the shirt and just make the pants. But we lost our power for 10 hours Friday night because a storm knocked a tree down, which took out the power lines! So under a severe time crunch, I just got the pants done. I’m sorry your outfit wasn’t as grand as I’d planned, Sof!


Since I knew there was only going to be my girls and my nieces, I decided to make little party favor bags instead of our traditional pinata. They were extremely inexpensive to make, and turned out really cute! I adorned the outside of each bag with a Tinker Bell hair clip I made, using one I bought from a friend as an example.


I also made these adorable gumball necklaces I stumbled across on the internet recently. My sister tries to avoid artificial dyes in her girls diets, so I was over the moon when I found pearly white gumballs at Party City.


They loved them!

My sister came up a few days early to help me make Sofie’s cake. I like to say “help” but really, I had NOTHING to do with it! She’s trying to teach me how to make great fondant cakes after I raved about her abilities following Chloe’s birthday. I mostly sat and watched in awe as she effortlessly crafted a dress, leaves, flowers, and put it all together. Sofie was in HEAVEN.


I wasn’t sure the cake would be enough, so I also made some cupcakes.

I couldn’t find Tinker Bell cupcake toppers but I was able to find big paper confetti. So I glued toothpicks to the back to make my own toppers, and used the leftover confetti to decorate the table!


She was so adorable with her presents! This was the first time ever she didn’t need any help and tore into each package with great excitement. She treated everything like it was the BEST! GIFT! EVER!


How many little heads can squeeze behind one box?!


After presents she made a wish and blew out the candle on her Tinker Bell cake.


Then we tried to get all 5 girls to cooperate for a picture for my Mom. Not too shabby if you ask me!

And after everyone left, Sofie helped me clean up all the toys they played with throughout the day. Then while The Hubs and Chloe napped on the sofa, we went through all her gifts, one by one, and opened them up. I let her stay up WAY too late playing with all her new toys because she was having a blast!!


Happy Birthday sweet Sofie! We love you and are so proud of the amazing little girl you’re becoming!!

7 Responses to “Tinker Bell turns 3”

  1. Chili Pepper said:

    I have a 3 year old who LOVES Tinker Bell. I might have to use some of your cute little ideas for her birthday in December. Great cake. My girls make fabulous cakes, but I stick to baking and eating and let them do the decorating because my skills are so laughable. And I cry on my kids birthdays, too… so you are not alone.

  2. Missy said:

    I adore those necklaces!
    And the cake is stellar. You couldn’t pay to have a better one made.
    My girls are 5 and under 1, so I’m storing these ideas in my memory bank.

  3. denise said:

    Where did you get that little wall person that’s modeling the necklaces??

  4. Kaylyn said:

    That TinkerBell cake is so cute. I love it. The gum ball necklaces are so fun too.

  5. JoAnne said:

    Love your blog! Inspires me to dust off my sewing machine again :o) I will def be making the bib-washcloths for a few moms to be in our church; great idea, thanks! I do need to ask, on this particular entry, did you make the fabric catch all holder thingy on the wall, behind Sofie?

  6. party planning | Sew Like My Mom said:

    […] all natural cake. My amazing sister is going to help me make my ideas for decorating into reality. After her help last year, I think she’s stuck helping me for many years to […]

  7. YVONNE said:

    Loved your Tinker Bell Birthday. I am making your pillow case dresses for my 4 Great Granddaughters. Keep giving us ideas. Your pants with the ruffle were just darling too. I also have another Great Granddaughter arriving in July. Love all of your darling and easy ideas.

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