We moo, do you??

July 8, 2011

Today was one of my very favorite days of the year–Dress Like a Cow for a free meal day at Chick-fil-A!!

And let me tell you, we dressed for the occasion!


We made plans to meet a friend of mine and her girls there and my friend suggested we outfit our girls in cow print pillowcase dresses. She’s the same friend who showed me Sof’s 4th of July dress and suggested the rick rack. She’s genius!


I didn’t get their dresses made until this morning, but they went together quickly using my pillowcase dress tutorial.


I also figured out the best way to get my girls to look at the camera and smile at me!! I discovered this new technique a few weeks ago when preparing their Father’s Day gift for The Hubs and it’s proved fool-proof ever since! I bark at them. Yes, bark like a dog. They think it’s hilarious. And since Sofie now likes to point and laugh at someone when she thinks they’re being funny, most of my pictures look like this.


Also when did, “Hold Sissy’s hand!” become “hold your sister by the arm with a deathgrip?”

Anyway, we had a great afternoon! All 3 of us got free meals for lunch and spent hours visiting with our friends. We forgot to get pictures of all the girls together, but I did manage to snag this one of me and my girls. Don’t we look “moo-arvelous??”


I’m not one for animal print, so we’ll pack our cow-print clothes away for the next time! Thanks for the great chicken, Chick-fil-A!

8 Responses to “We moo, do you??”

  1. kelly said:

    I have never considered doing the chick-fil-a thing because I refuse to dress up the entire fam in cow clothes. however……….after seeing your ADORABLE outfits, I could definitely change my mind. 🙂 those girl dresses are way too cute to pack away! =)

  2. Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts said:

    looks great!! way better than our makeshift outfits!

  3. Serendipity said:

    Whoof!!! I have to remember that trick when my 2 year old Grandson comes to town! lOvE the outfits!! Nicely done!!

  4. Lauren said:

    hilarious! and awesome 🙂

  5. MICHELLE said:

    You remind me of my family. I have 1yr old and 3yr old girls and we dress alike too… I’m not one for animal print either but I think they are adorable. You all pull them off nicely! I am enjoying your site very much, Thank’s for sharing!

  6. Shonny said:

    LOVE these dresses!! Awesome job & I love all your designs 🙂

  7. MrsOgg said:

    Wow! I’m new to your blog (as a result of searching for an infinity dress tut) and I just wanted to say that your girls are adorable, the dresses area adorable and I can’t wait to make matching dresses for my girls. One is 2.5 and the other just 10 weeks and I hope to dress them matching for as many years as they will allow. 🙂 ALso, I literally laughed out loud at your comments about taking pictures as I can totally relate to the challenge. Recently I’ve been having my oldest show off something she has made or discovered in a picture to send to daddy at work since he is gone so much. Unfortunately she insists on holding everything directly in front of her face! hehe

  8. Ashley B said:

    Ok, so are you going to give us the pattern to your cute skirt too? 🙂

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