Entries from June 2011

Tinker Bell turns 3

Date June 27, 2011

It’s always a bittersweet day in the life of a Mom when our children turn another year older. I didn’t get the emotion until I started having kids and now I find myself weepy and nostalgic about how quickly the years are flying by. I had such a weekend as we celebrated Sofie’s third birthday! […]

Bean Bag Tutorial

Date June 16, 2011

First, I just want to say thank you to all of you who reached out, left me comments and sent personal emails about my Grandpa. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers, words of encouragement, and especially those of you who shared about losses of your own. It’s been overwhelming to see how the […]

Goodbyes are never easy

Date June 13, 2011

Once again, I have to apologize for my delayed absence around here. I’ve been avoiding updating because there’s just no easy way to talk about what I’ve been doing. My Grandpa died a week ago today. First I should tell you that being just 4 months shy of my 29th birthday, I’m extraordinarily lucky to […]