Doll Clothes Galore!! June 3, 2011 – Posted in: Family, Sewing

Last August, my oldest niece decided she wanted an American Girl doll for her birthday. I made the Katie Dress for Katelyn, and gave her 2 dresses in different styles. She was in heaven. Her sisters anxiously awaited their next birthdays to get their AG dolls as well. Emily’s birthday was in January and we were knee-deep in the SYTYC competition, so I didn’t get to make her anything. Madison turned 5 last week and I knew I owed lots of little doll clothes!

So I drafted a pants pattern and played with the length. Then I made a top and figured out how easy it was to lengthen and shorten it. The result? 2 outfits for each, one a top and bottom, and one a dress. I felt so bad that poor Emily had to wait almost 5 months, but she didn’t seem to mind! I’ve got a few other ideas in mind and will be sewing much more this summer for my girls and their dolls!

This was Madison’s first outfit. I made her pants cropped.


And I made a long dress for her doll.


Emily’s doll got this outfit, which turned out to be my favorite! Her pants were a little shorter, more capri length.


And really, the tops are long enough they can be worn as a maxi dress.


And Emily’s dress.


The pants have a simple elastic waist and the tops and dresses have snaps at the shoulder for easy dressing.

I’ve already started drafting the outfits I want to make next!