Baby Gift

August 15, 2010

It’s funny how the world works. I have a friend who asked me for a baby gift a year ago. She was giving it to a friend of hers (who I don’t know) for the baby she was about to have. A year later, she asked me for a First Birthday shirt for the same little girl. The next thing I know, my friend’s friend is asking me for a baby gift for her niece! I was so blown away!

She told me her sister wasn’t a big fan of everything pink, and that she liked dramatic fabric. She didn’t even care about seeing the fabrics I picked before I started creating because she trusted my judgment!! (One of the biggest compliments I’ve ever received!)

It took me a few days before I settled on the fabrics I decided to use. I wanted “girly” fabrics, but not things that screamed baby. I just hope Parker’s Mommy likes my choices, too!

Fuchsia. The new “baby pink.”

I’m so completely in love with this love birds fabric I backed the bib with!

I adore any excuse to use my lemon fabric!

This Heather Bailey Freshcut fabric is some of my all-time favorite. It’s girly and feminine, but not overly so. I made myself a dress from these two prints once upon a time. (Pre-baby, of course, so it no longer fits me.)

Welcome to the world, Parker! It was an honor making you such beautiful things!

7 Responses to “Baby Gift”

  1. Marcia said:

    SOOOO CUTE!! Parker is going to be “stylin” in her bibs and lovin’ her burp cloths. You do wonderful work—now you can start my order.

  2. Robyn said:

    these are beautiful and so unique! love the fabric you used!

    so did you see the Fall retreat in the N. Georgia mountains hosted by Whipstitch? too bad I’m not rich and famous because that looks like an awesome experience!

  3. Melissa said:

    I did see that! I got the email about it a few days ago. I’d LOVE to go, too! Too bad, maybe one day we’ll make it. Are we still on for Friday?? 🙂

  4. Robyn said:

    yes!!! but I looked on the whipstitch website and am confused about what time it is. it looks like they are having an event for the release of Deborah’s book that night.

  5. Katie said:

    Okay, so these are so fabulous!! I love all of your choices of fabrics!!

  6. Robyn said:

    hey Melissa, are we still on for tonight? is it the modern sewing circle at 7?

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