Baby Gift August 15, 2010 – Posted in: Applique, Sewing

It’s funny how the world works. I have a friend who asked me for a baby gift a year ago. She was giving it to a friend of hers (who I don’t know) for the baby she was about to have. A year later, she asked me for a First Birthday shirt for the same little girl. The next thing I know, my friend’s friend is asking me for a baby gift for her niece! I was so blown away!

She told me her sister wasn’t a big fan of everything pink, and that she liked dramatic fabric. She didn’t even care about seeing the fabrics I picked before I started creating because she trusted my judgment!! (One of the biggest compliments I’ve ever received!)

It took me a few days before I settled on the fabrics I decided to use. I wanted “girly” fabrics, but not things that screamed baby. I just hope Parker’s Mommy likes my choices, too!

Fuchsia. The new “baby pink.”

I’m so completely in love with this love birds fabric I backed the bib with!

I adore any excuse to use my lemon fabric!

This Heather Bailey Freshcut fabric is some of my all-time favorite. It’s girly and feminine, but not overly so. I made myself a dress from these two prints once upon a time. (Pre-baby, of course, so it no longer fits me.)

Welcome to the world, Parker! It was an honor making you such beautiful things!