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April 9, 2014

More Appliqued Canvases

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So for a New Years Resolution this year, I decided I was going to make everyone’s gift for my family members. I started out with a bang, though one gift is still unfinished (but nearly done and I’ll definitely been blogging about it!), and I’ve been doing great so far! We have at least one birthday every month, so it’s been a fun challenge to keep myself thinking outside the box.

I posted a tutorial on appliqued canvases for the Home Sewn Series on Living With Punks. And after my cute apron canvases for my kitchen, I really was hooked! My sister and her family built a house last year and moved in last fall. She’s been searching for things to hang on the wall and I knew this would be perfect for her! I quickly came up with an awesome little design in my mind and was thrilled to see it come to such adorable fruition.

Sew Like My Mom | Appliqued Canvases

I made it a tree with birds, representing her and her hubby and their three darling girls. The girls each picked out which bird was “them!”

It just makes me so happy to see it hanging in her house!

Check out my tutorial and whip up some for the little love birds in your life!

February 26, 2014

tote bags for breast cancer

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I’ve been collaborating with some amazing blogging ladies on the Facebook page The Daily Sew. One day last week a reader informed us of a unique service project for a wonderful cause and it immediately piqued my interest.

I bookmarked the link to the post about the project. Please read about it HERE.

I didn’t read the post until yesterday in the car pool line waiting to pick Sofia up and as I read, tears rolled down my face. The post is written by a woman named MJ, who discovered 9 years ago, as a very young woman and Mother, that she had breast cancer. I was immediately moved by her drive to give back to the women who follow in her heartbreaking footsteps. It takes a lot to fight cancer, and a lot more to turn it into a chance to make a difference.

I’ve always felt very passionately about breast cancer and its research, awareness, and fundraising. Breast cancer hasn’t been something that’s affected people in my life, but for years and years it’s touched my heart. There are a LOT of women in my life–my Mom, 2 Grandmothers, my sister, sister in law, cousin, 3 nieces and 3 daughters, and countless more that come in the form of friends, peers and neighbors. My Uncle’s Mother has been battling it for the past year and a half and she’s just so amazing to me.

I love a good service project. I’ve sewn dresses for girls in Africa. I make pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer and donate them locally. And I LOVE the idea of this project. There are so many stories now about the never ending Mommy wars and this is such a beautiful way to gather together as girlfriends, and spend some time lifting each other up, restoring our of community of giving, loving, charitable women.

MJ is asking for bags to be mailed to her by Mother’s Day. That’s 10 weeks from now, including mail time, and I’m going to challenge myself to make 2 bags a week. 20 bags that will forever touch the lives and hearts of the women who receive them. What a wonderful way to serve others. I’ll be using the tutorial she links to from Skip to my Lou since it’s what she recommends. These bags sew up super fast and are a great way to use up some of those scraps we’ve all got laying around waiting for a wonderful cause.

Sew Like My Mom | tote bag service project

You can either mail yours to MJ at the address listed in her post, or donate yours locally if you know of a place that would like to have them. As a thank you to all my readers who choose to sew and donate, for every 5 bags you make, I’ll give you one of my patterns. Just send me pictures of your bags and which pattern(s) you’d like to have and I’ll get them to you.

I’m all in. Will you join me?

January 1, 2014

The Wonderful Jar revisited

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In January 2013 I shared a tutorial for a Wonderful Jar. In my post I wrote:

Every time something wonderful happens to any of us, whether it’s monumental or a little thing that makes us smile, we’re going to write it on one of the pieces of paper and drop it into the jar. Over the course of the year we’ll be able to visually see all the amazing and wonderful things happening to our family and on December 31st this year, we’ll sit down together, dump out the jar, and focus on all the wonderful things that happened to us this year instead of grumbling about the negative.

I’m pleased to say, we actually did it! Not as much as I would have liked, but I was happy to contribute to the jar throughout the year. I’d occasionally catch The Hubs sneaking and reading the things I was putting in it and the girls got the hang of it and asked me to add their accomplishments to our growing glee.

Sew Like My Mom | The Wonderful Jar revisited

Sew Like My Mom | The Wonderful Jar revisited

Yesterday we dumped out the jar and I divided the papers out by who they were written about.

Sew Like My Mom | The Wonderful Jar revisited

Sew Like My Mom | The Wonderful Jar revisited

Sew Like My Mom | The Wonderful Jar revisited

The girls LOVED this. I read each piece of paper to them and watched with delight as their little faces beamed with pride as I read the words about the wonderful things that happened to them during the last 12 months.

Sew Like My Mom | The Wonderful Jar revisited

Sew Like My Mom | The Wonderful Jar revisited

Sew Like My Mom | The Wonderful Jar revisited

Sew Like My Mom | The Wonderful Jar revisited

Sew Like My Mom | The Wonderful Jar revisited

Sew Like My Mom | The Wonderful Jar revisited

Sew Like My Mom | The Wonderful Jar revisited

Sew Like My Mom | The Wonderful Jar revisited

It was fun to look back at all the things I added to the jar. Some were truly incredible.

Sew Like My Mom | The Wonderful Jar revisited

Others were more indicative of life with little kids!

Sew Like My Mom | The Wonderful Jar revisited

But they were all amazing.

I’ll admit, when I first made the jar I thought it was a cute idea, but never could have IMAGINED the joy it would bring to my kids. We spent a good hour reading, reminiscing, and giggling over our year of wonderful moments. I can honestly say this is something I’ll look forward to doing again this year, and this time I’ll be more vigilant about keeping up with the jar. Sofia and Chloe grasp the concept and I’ve already had requests from each of them to add something to The Wonderful Jar.

Did you do something like this with your family? Tell me about it!

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