#love4jlk donation April 21, 2014 – Posted in: Family

I’m still in shock over the surprise pattern tour my amazing blog friends held for me last week! I was so touched by their generosity and in the spirit of giving, decided to donate half the money generated by sales of my patterns last week to The Young and Brave Foundation in honor of Jennifer Kranz.


I first found out about JLK, as she’s been affectionately called, by Jess from Craftiness is Not Optional. JLK and Sadie went to Preschool together and Last October, on her 6th birthday, Jennifer was diagnosed with an aggressive and incurable brain tumor and was given just months to live. She lost the battle to cancer in February and her story has touched me deeply. I’ve read many posts Libby (JLK’s Mom) has written and I just cry and cry. Sofia will be 6 in June and I cannot imagine losing her so suddenly and tragically. We’ve recently fought our own health problems with the kids, multiple ear infections, a baby with pneumonia, but they all seem so insignificant in comparison to what the Kranz family went through.

It was my honor and privilege to donate $250 to The Young and Brave Foundation in honor of JLK this morning. I know it’s just a drop in the bucket, but every drop makes a ripple and I know this one will be felt by many for years to come!


Thank you to all of you who purchased my patterns last week! If you’d like to read more about Jennifer, visit love4jlk.org or search #love4jlk to find many post and pages and love dedicated to this amazing little girl. And please join my Facebook group to share all your wonderful sewing creations and show off those Sew Like My Mom patterns!