Doll Clothes Galore!!

June 3, 2011

Last August, my oldest niece decided she wanted an American Girl doll for her birthday. I made the Katie Dress for Katelyn, and gave her 2 dresses in different styles. She was in heaven. Her sisters anxiously awaited their next birthdays to get their AG dolls as well. Emily’s birthday was in January and we were knee-deep in the SYTYC competition, so I didn’t get to make her anything. Madison turned 5 last week and I knew I owed lots of little doll clothes!

So I drafted a pants pattern and played with the length. Then I made a top and figured out how easy it was to lengthen and shorten it. The result? 2 outfits for each, one a top and bottom, and one a dress. I felt so bad that poor Emily had to wait almost 5 months, but she didn’t seem to mind! I’ve got a few other ideas in mind and will be sewing much more this summer for my girls and their dolls!

This was Madison’s first outfit. I made her pants cropped.


And I made a long dress for her doll.


Emily’s doll got this outfit, which turned out to be my favorite! Her pants were a little shorter, more capri length.


And really, the tops are long enough they can be worn as a maxi dress.


And Emily’s dress.


The pants have a simple elastic waist and the tops and dresses have snaps at the shoulder for easy dressing.

I’ve already started drafting the outfits I want to make next!

17 Responses to “Doll Clothes Galore!!”

  1. Kassie @ Mommy to a Little Lady bug said:

    I’m your newest follower! Would love for you to follow me @ !

  2. Julia said:

    I love meaking doll clothes for the American Girl Dolls!!

  3. Heidi said:

    Those are so cute! My mom made tons of doll clothes for me when I was little and I still have some of them. She even made clothes for my barbies.

  4. Beth Moore said:

    I love it. My 5 year old is looking over my shoulder saying, make me that!

  5. Dana said:

    Lovely! Any advice on how to tackle the pants? I know it is likely super easy, but I am new to this sewing thing and any advice you can offer would be great!

    Thank you!

    PS – I am very excited to try the Katie dress tutorial this weekend. Thank you for creating the pattern/tutorial to use!

  6. 18 Doll Clothes said:


    Thank you very much for posting this!!!!

  7. Susan said:

    I was wondering if there was any way you were going to share a tutorial (or really just the pattern you drafted)l or put a pattern in your Etsy shop for these dresses/capris? I enjoyed the Katie Pattern and have made a few of those, but these look even easier. My daughter likes it when I make all four of her favorite dolls dresses at a time, so I sew alot for them and would appreciate another easy pattern.

  8. Melissa said:

    Thank you for your interest in getting your hands on the pattern! I do have plans to get it made up to be available, I just haven’t had the chance to do it. Now that I know there’s more interest, I’ll get my butt in gear! 🙂

  9. neco said:

    i like it, and will try this weekand 🙂

  10. Bethany said:

    Love this! I have a whole bunch of doll clothes tutorials on my site, check them out! 🙂

  11. Whimsy said:

    These are terrific. I’ve linked to you for inspiration at my Doll blog.

  12. cat said:

    I love this & would love the pattern. Sew cute!

  13. lynne said:

    I love this dress with the snaps, and I wish the pattern was available. Are you planning to do a tutorial or sell the pattern?

  14. Melissa said:

    It’s funny you should ask because not 3 hours ago I was discussing this very pattern with a friend and I decided to do up a tutorial for the outfit and post it! I’ve been working on it some tonight and I should have something in the next few days!

  15. Valerie said:

    I would love to see the pattern too if you do put one up:)

  16. Terri said:

    I just stubbled across this posting Did you ever create a pattern for these wonderful AG doll outfits?? I didn’t see this version in your shop. Thanks!

  17. Melissa said:

    No, I never did. Maybe I’ll add that to my to do list for the new year!

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