What MADE my weekend

June 13, 2010

W.O.W. What a weekend!! I was lucky enough to spend Friday night and most of Saturday with none other than Dana from MADE. And let me tell you, it made my weekend! She is even more wonderfully amazing than you’d imagine her to be!

I went Friday night to Whipstitch and talked her ear off. I’m sure I babbled on like a school girl with a crush, but she indulged me and chatted back! I wanted to go back Saturday morning for the demo she gave, but needed to spend some time with my girls. So I took off in the afternoon and went back for a mystery workshop! There were only 10 spots available and I’m so glad I signed up! (HUGE thank you to Betsie for telling me about it!! Wish you could have been here!)

The Friday night ladies:

The workshop was ridiculously fun. We all got a grab bag full of fabric and assorted notions and a spool of elastic thread. Dana talked a little about shirring and encouraged everyone to try it. I’d only shirred once before, so I was excited to try it with such a talented teacher present! I got this adorable alphabet fabric that was perfect for the alphabet-obsessed toddler in my life!

It was so fun to see and touch the things I’d only seen (and coveted!) online.

The incredibly cool classroom area at Whipstitch.

At the end of the workshop, Dana picked her top 3 favorite designs…AND I WAS ONE OF THEM! I was so flattered! Here’s my shirred sundress!

Me and Dana!

All the workshop ladies!

I had such a wonderful time. It was great to get out without the girls and meet other women who sew, craft, and blog about it. I was inspired more than I thought I’d be and really just had the time of my life. Thanks for everything, Dana. You’re AMAZING!! I hope our paths cross again in the future!

And when I got home I tried my dress on Sofie. But 2 year olds who are hungry for dinner aren’t always cooperative!

9 Responses to “What MADE my weekend”

  1. Jenny said:

    It looks SO CUTE on her! It was great to meet you, Melissa! It was a really fun weekend!

  2. Melissa said:

    Thanks Jenny! She’s a handful, but totally worth it! 🙂 I was a fun weekend–I say we do it again even if Dana doesn’t make it back!

  3. Betsie said:

    The dress looks adorable on her! I sooo wish I could have been there, but I’m glad I got to live out my sewing fantasies through you! :o)

  4. dana said:

    Oh Melissa, the dress looks so cute on Sofie! It fits just perfectly. Thank you for your kind words. I felt like I was the one chatting your ear off, so I’m glad it was mutual :).
    I hope we cross paths again too!

  5. robyn said:

    Melissa, the dress looks even better on Sophie than it did in person which I would not have thought possible! I so enjoyed meeting you at the mystery workshop, it was so great to hang out with other women who like to craft and sew. I think we should all meet up again for drop-in sewing hours at whipstitch! what do ya think?

  6. larissa said:

    aw! huge aw! So cute on your girl, which is no surprise. You a have quite a talent, I could get lost on here! Maybe I’ll see you at another workshop? Have my eye on the serger classes…

  7. Melissa said:

    Robyn and Larissa, I’m up for both! I really want to do the Friday night thing. Maybe July? And oooh I’d love to take some serger classes. Get over my fear of the thing! 🙂

  8. robyn said:

    I am up for both! just tell me when!

  9. Aunt Anna said:

    Melissa, What a great job. That sun-
    dress is adorable, and so is the 2 year old. Your Mom must be so proud that you are following in her footsteps of love for sewing. We will be at the wedding, too, and can’t wait to visit with all of you. Keep up the good work. Love and hugs

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