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November 8, 2011

I’m starting to think I should rename my blog “Sew Like My Mom Intended to Make” because things just haven’t been going my way the last 6 weeks! Ella’s an amazing baby, but she’s got some horrible reflux that’s been hard on us both. Sofie and Chloe had it too, but Ella’s has been harder to get under control. We’re finally getting into a good routine and getting good sleep at night. I love getting past the zombie stage!

So life with a 3 year old, a 19 month old and 6 week old is rough. The Hubs has been working 16+ hour days for the last few months so I’ve been doing my best to just keep everyone alive! Sewing and blogging has had to take a back seat to my family and though it’s made me sad, it was necessary.

But since things are finally starting to go smoothly around here, I feel like I can get us all into a good routine and get back to regular sewing. I spent all weekend giving the house a cleaning overhaul and it’s refreshing to have everything orderly again! I also finally got around to getting my birthday gift together, which leads me to this post.

I reorganized my whole sewing area…again. I started my blog not long after Chloe was born and my sewing area had become a disaster. I did a good job keeping it clean until my orders and sewing got out of control and I jumped from one project to another. The last 6 months or so I’ve just completely outgrown it. And while I was pregnant with Ella, my sacroiliac joint was misaligned. It was causing me lots of pain, especially while sitting in my sewing chair. I was sewing at our kitchen table while sitting on a medicine ball and fabric and notions were literally spread throughout the entire first floor of the house.

So for my birthday I decided I REALLY wanted a good storage system to help make life easier. The Hubs insisted that wasn’t a gift, just something necessary, but it was the only thing I wanted. We got them at Target on my birthday, but the shelves sat in the boxes for a few weeks until I had the time to not only assemble them, but get everything put together. Turns out last Sunday was the magical day and I’m SO excited with how it all came together!


Earlier this year I was using my serger and my sewing machine regularly, but my sewing table wasn’t big enough to accommodate them both. I did some research and found this GREAT table at Ikea for only $20!! It doesn’t rock or move at all and holds both machines perfectly! It’s so wonderful to have them next to each other while I’m working on a project.

And I got my fabric all back in order. I like just looking at it!


I’m also so glad that I finally get to use my table! It was hidden in the corner under a ton of other stuff and I was never able to open it up. I’ve been cutting fabric on the kitchen floor for a year and a half! So this has been great for my knees and my back, and it’s awesome to be able to leave a project there at any point and not worry about little hands getting to it.

I still share the room with the girls which makes it easy to sew and parent at the same time.

I’ve already made two things since getting it all cleaned up and put together and I’ve got a list a mile long of things to get done in the next few weeks. It feels good to be getting back to “me.”

12 Responses to “Where I create”

  1. Kalyn said:

    Oh MY Goodness, I am LOVING your room! I was just searching Pinterest to find a way to organize. My crafting area is combined with our guest room so it needs to be pretty but functional. Yours is awesome!

  2. Lovelyolivia said:

    Hi! I love your space 🙂 I have the same Serger! Love it!

  3. Eva said:

    Your craft room is great! Big and tidy. I really like the cabinet with your fabrics 🙂

  4. Bohemian Hijabi said:

    I have seen the magazine “Where Women Create”, but never thought to purchase it. Your room was so inspiring, I think I might do some organizing this weekend!

  5. Sarah Lou said:

    you deserve an award, oraganising the whole room whilst having a 6 week old, and your other children!! Love this room, making me wish I still had my craft room. oh well, i guess the kids need to sleep somewhere!! Love the peek at your fabric stash!

  6. Rachel G said:

    I LOVE your craft room and especially love how you have the kid space in there! Right now I have a craft closet and have to drag all my stuff out every day. Whenever we talk about getting a bigger house a craft room is on our list of ‘needs!’
    I wanted to let you know that I know how you feel with Ella’s reflux, my daughter had it so severely that she was on a breathing monitor and lost weight…it was a horrible struggle for almost her whole first year. I researched it to death and found lots of ways to help her (and me!) through it and as a nurse have helped countless mothers get through it with their babies. My heart goes out to you and baby Ella, but what a lucky little girl to have such a great and dedicate mommy! You are truly inspiring!

  7. Angie said:

    I have that same table from Ikea for my sewing machine and I have another one that a borrowed serger is sitting on. I love them and am glad you like them also. Ikea ROCKS!

  8. Leah said:

    LOVE your organizers from Target! Your room looks great ~ you’ve inspired me to get mine organized!

  9. Julie said:

    I like just looking at my fabric too! Is that weird?! I just recently got have of my sewing room in order, but I’m in the laundry room and it gets tight sometimes!!

    BTW, love it! will start following you.

  10. Anshu said:

    I’m pretty jealous of your sewing room. Mine looks like a shop floor.

  11. Kyria said:

    I know what you’re going through with the reflux! Have you considered food allergies? My daughter had severe problems as a baby and it wasn’t until she was a teenager that we learned she and I are both allergic to wheat. I believe that avoiding it may have alleviated her symptoms. I wish I had known when she was small!

  12. Rebecca said:

    I absolutely love your sewing room. I had mine organized somewhat but things just get thrown in there so I am trying to get it organized while I am off during Christmas. Merry Christmas!!!

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