Sewing Space August 2, 2010 – Posted in: Decorating

I injured my shoulder last week and spent most of the weekend at my parents house. To make me feel better, my Mom bought me the latest issue of “Where Women Create” and I was glued to it. I can’t believe Amy Butler uses an old Singer that’s remarkably like mine! Anyway, being inspired by these huge, beautiful, amazing spaces people create in, I decided to share my own little creative nook.

This is the biggest sewing space I’ve ever had. I’ve got 9 whole feet of wall to myself! It’s like a dream come true!! We moved in and unpacked only the necessities because Chloe was born a quick 12 days later! I started sewing shortly after that and haven’t stopped since. Last weekend my frustration came to a head when I couldn’t find a pattern piece. How could anyone be creative in this mess?!

So I made a shopping list, did a bunch of organizing, and now this is my favorite place to be in our house!

Everything’s wonderfully organized, easy to find, and just so darn cute!

I hung my rulers, my thread racks, a place to keep up with orders, and a magnetic board for inspiration. I got a pencil holder to keep scissors, seam rippers, pens and pencils, fabric marking tools, my hem gauge, and other small odds and ends I want next to my machine.

To the left of my sewing table, I have my pink medicine cabinet I rescued from Goodwill, full of it’s goodies. I also have a basket with projects I’m currently working on, and a drawer unit with other craft items. I’ve got materials to make hair bows and I-Spy bags in the top drawer, webbing and adhesives in the middle drawer, and random things in the bottom one.

I cleaned up the fabric cabinet (it’s now 4 full shelves of fabric!) and my bigger notions are stored in glass containers on top of it.

The drawers to the right of my sewing table have patterns and ribbon in the bottom 3. The top 3 contain things like crayons for crayon rolls, onesies and burp cloths for gifts, my roll of HnB, and my stock pile of tshirts sit on top.

It might be the other half of the playroom, but it’s entirely mine. And it’s the only place in the house that stays impeccably clean all the time! I love being in MY space and have been inspired so much. I can’t wait to keep creating (and sharing!) all the ideas bouncing around in my head. And now that I’ve got it organized and perfect, it’ll be easy to keep it up!