Fopie turns 2 June 20, 2010 – Posted in: Family

We had a party to celebrate the 2nd birthday of the world’s CUTEST toddler yesterday.

I tried my hardest to throw a girly Curious George party! There was pink everywhere I could slip it in!

Our house was full of family! In total, we had 14 kids (ages 2-8), 2 babies who are 2 months old, and 16 adults. It was packed, but it was FUN!

The older kids played Wii bowling. Sofie tried so hard to weasel her way in!

The little kids made great use of the playroom.

And everywhere we looked there was snugglin’ and lovin’.

Not to mention deliciously chunky baby sisters!

We busted open a pinata,

and opened tons of presents.

(read more about this amazing chalkboard easel here)

Being the ever-resourceful Mommy that I am, the excess I cut off Chloe’s skirt became a dress for Sof’s new Barbie!

And finally we stuffed ourselves with birthday cake!

From the looks of the place, I’d say it was a roaring success!

Happy Birthday, Fopie!! We love you more than we could ever say!