a little bit rock ‘n roll August 4, 2010 – Posted in: Family, Sewing

Last week we had the following conversation at the dinner table:

Me: “Sofie, can Mommy make you the raddest tshirt ever?”

Sofie: “No thank you, Mama.”

Me: “But if I make you a cool shirt will you wear it?”

Sofie: “Hmm…no.”

Me: “Okay, if I make a shirt will you wear it for me to take some pictures?”

Sofie: “Oh yeah!”

Actually, she LOVES it! And honestly, so do I!!

And though she wasn’t exactly thrilled about posing for pictures,

I’m thrilled about the way it turned out! She’s sure to be quite the little rocker girl!

I think I’m hooked on freezer paper stenciling! And if I have any say in it, Sofie will be hooked on Kings of Leon in no time!