Beach Babes May 14, 2012 – Posted in: Family

We went on vacation!

It’s the first family vacation we’ve had in nearly 3 years–and we all desperately needed the break! We were only able to get away for a few days, but a few days relaxing on the beach was the perfect getaway. No one wanted to leave to come back home, but we’ve returned to life and I think I just may have gotten all the sand vacuumed out of the car!

Sofie is definitely our beach bum! She has no time for sandcastles and snacks, that kid wants to be in the water the entire time she’s out there! She is very cautious and overly nervous about everything on this earth, but the ocean? She RUNS for it. Sofie possesses a deep love for the water and we know she got that from her surfer Daddy!




Chloe had a healthy fear of the water. The first day we were there she wouldn’t touch it, instead she clung to me for dear life and screamed like it was fire, trying to jump up and burn her feet. But by the time we left, she too had succumbed to the wonders of the sea and spent many hours splashing in the surf.



Ella loved the sand! She wanted nothing to do with the water and preferred to be sitting in the sand, pushing it around, feeling it between her fingers, and most importantly, eating it!

She’s 7 months old going on 2 the way she acts when she doesn’t get her way! Can you believe I wouldn’t let her eat the sand?!


I wish I had more interesting pictures to share from our trip, but these shots from the beach are all I’ve got. Some people go on vacation and go, go, go the whole time they’re gone. But we prefer to do absolutely nothing and we love it. We get lots of sleep, eat in, watch movies and spend lots of wonderful time together as a family. Things have been stressful for all of us lately and we’re thankful we got the chance to come back together as a family for a bit.

**And no, we haven’t gotten a new van yet since the accident. So yes, we went on vacation, all 5 of us for 5 days, in my tiny Corolla!! It was a tight fit, but we did it. And on just two tanks of gas!