christmas project March 25, 2012 – Posted in: Christmas Project

Well, this is the month I hang my head in shame. I have no project to share today.

I normally don’t start them until after the 20th anyway, but after a very busy week, I found myself down and out with a sinus infection AND strep throat, with flu-like symptoms and a fever. Other than going to the doctor yesterday, I haven’t left my bed since Friday. I’m extremely thankful that we’re still living with my parents so I don’t have to worry about the girls. The Hubs has been out of the country on business for the past 3 weeks and there’s no way I could do this alone!

So there’s no March Christmas project today. I haven’t started it yet and I’m a little behind on some orders, so I might not get to it at all. A week from TODAY is the last day the previous owners have to turn over possession of the house and after that will be a whirlwind of wallpaper-stripping, knocking down walls, painting, and ripping up carpet before we can move in and host Easter/Chloe’s 2nd birthday party for my entire family on the 8th and Easter/April birthdays for The Hubs’ family on the 14th. It’s going to be a busy few weeks for sure!

I have done some sewing and have a few cool tutorials to share in the mean time. I also hope you’re up for a little house reno because I’m so stinking excited about it I can’t stop talking about it!