Closet Raid May 29, 2010 – Posted in: Repurpose, Sewing

A little math lesson:

6 week post-baby body+Carribbean vacation=nothing in your closet fits.

The Hubs and I had been planning on attending the wedding of some near and dear friends in the British Virgin Islands since February of 2009. When I turned up pregnant that fall we quickly did the math and discovered, to our delight, our little bundle of joy was due exactly 6 weeks before our plane took off.

As April drew nearer and my belly kept swelling I started to panic about what I was going to wear. I knew I’d be surrounded by plenty of other women who hadn’t just given birth, but I didn’t want to be the dumpy Mom. So I raided my closet for something I could refashion and feel good about myself in. I spotted this dress I bought on eBay years ago and have never worn. It just never fit me right.

I spent a few minutes examining it, holding it up to myself, and checking out the stitching on the inside. Then I cut the top off, turned the raw edge down once, and sewed. That was it! There was existing elastic in the waist that I left and it fit like a comfy dream!