Coming Soon! March 1, 2011 – Posted in: SYTYC

Thank you to everyone that’s been voting for me in the SYTYC competition! It’s been a long and exhausting 2 months, but here we are at the end and I’m so excited about my final project. It was an honor to go this far with my sister and this was definitely something fun to experience together. We’re off this week for the Season 7 auditions, so head over and choose your favorite! Then go back next Monday to choose between me and Amy for the Season 6 winner!

So if you’re looking for tutorials on my Nursery Canvases or Quiet Book, please be patient with me as I’m knee deep in my final project. As soon as I get it submitted I’ll be able to get those tutes together, as well as some new posts! One plus of doing this competition is that I’ve come up with countless ideas and I’m so anxious to get sewing for fun again. I got excited last week and stopped in Whipstitch with a friend of mine. Between a gift card from my parents for Christmas and an amazing deal I scored on FamGrab (like Groupon), I was able to walk out of the store with this gorgeous stack of fabric, 7 yards in total (Sofie died over those dogs!), for free and I still have $9 in credit! I’m so anxious to cut into all of it!!