DIY Tissues Tutorial September 2, 2012 – Posted in: Tutorials

So I spent days getting the girls special outfits made for their first days of preschool this year, then Chloe went for her very first day and brought home the funk and knocked all 4 of us girls out! The Hubs managed to escape it, but the rest of us spent all last week drowning in snot.

By the end of the first day everyone had red, raw noses from blowing and wiping. Ella wanted me to wipe hers, but it hurt and she’d scream while I tried to help her breathe. I personally hate tissues, so out of desperation, I had us using fabric out of my scrap pile instead.

Then I came to the brilliant conclusion that I should just make us some flannel tissues!

They were simple to make and took me all of an hour start to finish. The girls enjoyed using them and didn’t fight me on wiping.

I spent a few minutes cutting 6″ by 6″ squares from fabric. I ended up making us 30 tissues.

I wanted them to be 2-ply, so I left my fabric folded with wrong sides together when I cut. Then I used a straight stitch and sewed around them at a 3/8″ seam allowance.

Staying right at the edge, I clipped the edges with pinking shears before I tossed them in the washer. When they come out of the dryer, clip the threads that frayed and start blowing!

We used an old wipes container to store them and I was ridiculously happy when I figured out how to fold them inside to make them pop up as you pull each one out!

And our 30 wipes were the exact right size to fit in and fill up the tub! To fold them, place 2 on top of each other lining the edge of one with the middle of the other.

Take the one on the bottom and fold it over.

Then take the next one and lay it on top of the one you just folded, lining the edge up.

And fold the one on the bottom up.

Just keep repeating until you’ve got them all stacked up.

Then stick the top one through the hole in the container and you’re ready to go!

Hope your nose stays happy this winter!