Game Day Gym Bag February 6, 2011 – Posted in: SYTYC

I narrowly beat my sister last week! What a race that was! Thank you for voting for my Game Day Gym Bag, a tutorial is coming very soon!

I come from a real sports family. Growing up we were on the field, on the court, in our backyard and watching it on tv. My Mom spent her days chauffeuring kids from one sport to another. I was always in search of a bag big enough for all the stuff I had to haul. I wanted a separate place to keep my shoes, a way to “hide” my clothes, and enough pockets to organize all the little things I liked to keep on hand. Every bag I got fell short of my expectations.

As an adult I don’t have the time to play organized sports anymore, but I do still love getting to the gym for some alone time. And I finally have the bag I always wanted! It’s full of pockets, a lined, zippered pocket for keeping keys, phones, and other important items from getting lost, and all the room you’ll need for your game day possessions. I made coordinating bags to store my shoes and clothes so I no longer have to worry about exposing all the funk on my shoes to the rest of my bag or dropping my sports bra on the ground as I dig for my keys. As an added bonus, I can toss the bags in the wash when they start to stink, saving my whole bag from that sporty aroma!