go fish July 14, 2010 – Posted in: Sewing

I feel bad that my blog has been slightly neglected while I sew my orders this week, so I decided to pull out something from the past to share. I’ve been thinking about making one of these for Sofie because I think she’d LOVE it now.

Last March I was trying to come up with a gift to make for a friend’s son. He was turning 1, but also had a 3 year old sister. I found something similar to this online (don’t remember where) but changed it slightly to make it my own. It’s a fishing game!

(Please excuse the bad pictures. I never imagined I’d be sharing this on a blog someday!)

I found a basic fish shape, traced it, and sewed 2 pieces of flannel with wrong sides together. I left it open across the tail so I could toss the magnet in. Then I stitched the end closed and the magnet in place. Clipped the edges with pinking shears and voila! Magnetic fish!

Then I had my Dad help me by drilling holes in my fishing poles (12″ dowels) and magnets so I could tie the twine between them for added security.

This is then 9-month old Sofie enjoying the game! I forgot she used to sit with her feet crossed all the time. She still does it sometimes!

I found this nautical flannel to use for the “water” instead of plain blue.

The whole thing took less than 2 hours to make and I can only hope it’s provided it’s recipients with hours of fun!