Hello World May 25, 2010 – Posted in: Family, Sewing

Welcome to Sew Like My Mom–a place for me to showcase the things I create. I started this blog as a way to show my friends and family the things I’ve been up to. I love to sew, cook, and repurpose. We recently moved into a house and I’m trying my hand at decorating as well.

I began sewing in high school. My Mom found me trying to teach myself to make buttonholes on her sewing machine and decided to teach me how to use it. I progressed slowly, adding pajama pants and tote bags to my repertoire during my first years in college. By the time I was 22 I was creating my own purse patterns. At 24 I got my first “real” job out of college and taught myself to make dresses for work. Less than 2 years later I had my first daughter and now my sewing revolves almost entirely around my girls. I prefer not to use conventional patterns and find more fun in creating things absolutely from scratch.

I am so like my Mom. Many, many nights when I was little I fell asleep to the hum of Mom’s old Singer. I often woke up the next morning to a new dress to wear to school hanging on my closet door. At some time while I was in college Mom got a new machine and that avocado beauty of hers became mine. My machine is old, 35 years old to be exact, and I can’t even begin to count the millions of stitches it’s made in it’s life. I love that my girls now sleep to that same hum.