Independence Day July 5, 2010 – Posted in: Family

I was really looking forward to July 4th this year. It’s always been a special holiday for me and I was looking forward to sharing it with Sofie. She’s starting to get into celebrations and it’s fun to teach her new things.

The Hubs was a little wary of taking the girls out to see fireworks, but I persisted so he caved. We were going to head to our FAVORITE BBQ place to eat first, but along the way we figured 1) it would really crowded 2) there probably wouldn’t be a place to sit and 3) white clothes on a toddler doesn’t mix well with barbecue sauce! So instead we opted for something nearer to the location of the fireworks, and of course, it was Mexican. How UN-patriotic?! I realized while we ate our cheese dip that we need to broaden our restaurant horizons soon or our children are going to grow up thinking the only restaurants in the world are Mexican!

Sweet Chloe was awake the whole time, just taking it all in!

After our horrible meal (accompanied by the worst service we’ve ever gotten), we made our way to Lenox Mall and found a good place to camp out for the fireworks.

Sofie passed the time by watching Mickey Mouse on Daddy’s iPhone,

and people-watching. She LOVES to people watch!

Then finally it was dark enough and the show started!!

Chloe was mesmerized. (and no, I’m not wearing some weird scarf–that’s my Moby wrap)

Sofie, on the other hand, WOULD NOT LOOK. She was absolutely terrified!!

All in all, it was a great day! We’re planning on seeing the Lenox fireworks again next year, and we’re already working on our gameplan!

Happy Independence Day!!