M-I-N-N-I-E April 29, 2011 – Posted in: Crafts, Family

Back in March, we had to take my computer to the Apple store for a repair. And since I can’t step foot into a mall without indulging in an Auntie Anne’s pretzel, after dropping off my MacBook, we swung through the food court. Sofie noticed a banner hanging in the mall with Tinker Bell on it and pointed it out to me. I glanced at it and acknowledged her, more interested in my pretzel than the banner, but then for some reason, I decided to read what it said. And to my great excitement, it said they were opening a Disney Store in the mall–and Mickey and Minnie were going to be there! The date was still a few weeks away, but I immediately cleared off the Saturday and told The Hubs not to make ANY plans.

And because I’m me, I can’t take my girls to meet their favorite “celebrity” without making them a shirt to celebrate the event. Must be the latent sorority girl in me! A year ago my freezer paper stencil skills left a LOT to be desired. But I think I’ve come quite a long way in the last 10 months! I whipped these out in a few hours one night the week before the big event. I had to keep them hidden, just to keep them clean!

Sofie was thrilled to put her shirt on Saturday morning, even though she had no idea what she was in store for! We got to the mall and made our way to the meeting area with an hour left in the meeting time. Sofie about lost it when she saw Mickey!


While we were waiting in line (about 15 minutes total–it was SO reasonable!), Minnie came out to relieve Mickey from the child-hugging duties. I thought Sofie’s arm was going to fall off she was waving so hard!

But Chloe? She didn’t really care!


As we got closer, Sofie got more and more anxious. We’d ask her, “Are you going to go hug Minnie like the other kids are doing?” And she kept replying with a firm, “NO.”


But as we got up next to the stage, The Hubs asked her one last time and she whispered, “yes.”

I don’t know if it was my hormonal-pregnant-Mommyness, or the pride I felt for my shy girl overcoming her profound fear of strangers, but I burst into tears at the sight of them together.

And Minnie noticed Sof’s shirt!

It was worth every second of the tedious exacto knife cutting for those few priceless moments! It also gave me hope of a successful trip to Disney in the next few years.

And the next day, we went to a cousin’s Mickey Mouse themed birthday party. Tucked carefully at the top of his gift bag was a Mickey Mouse shirt, made the same night as the Minnie’s, and deeply coveted by my girls. Looks like there’s more Mouse shirts in my future!