More Appliqued Canvases April 9, 2014 – Posted in: Applique, Family, Sewing

So for a New Years Resolution this year, I decided I was going to make everyone’s gift for my family members. I started out with a bang, though one gift is still unfinished (but nearly done and I’ll definitely been blogging about it!), and I’ve been doing great so far! We have at least one birthday every month, so it’s been a fun challenge to keep myself thinking outside the box.

I posted a tutorial on appliqued canvases for the Home Sewn Series on Living With Punks. And after my cute apron canvases for my kitchen, I really was hooked! My sister and her family built a house last year and moved in last fall. She’s been searching for things to hang on the wall and I knew this would be perfect for her! I quickly came up with an awesome little design in my mind and was thrilled to see it come to such adorable fruition.

Sew Like My Mom | Appliqued Canvases

I made it a tree with birds, representing her and her hubby and their three darling girls. The girls each picked out which bird was “them!”

It just makes me so happy to see it hanging in her house!

Check out my tutorial and whip up some for the little love birds in your life!