My Turn March 18, 2011 – Posted in: Family

Seems everyone else from my season of SYTYC has announced their big news, so I guess it’s my turn now!!

We told our families last week and are slowly telling everyone else in our lives. I’m 13 weeks today and our last little bundle is due Sept 23rd. I’ve felt like hell–I’m blessed with 24 hour morning sickness the first half of my pregnancies (yes, I have it until around 20 weeks, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone!) so I’ve been really dragging lately. I’m still shocked I made it through the competition alive!

Things are getting back to normal around here. Our house is nearly spotless and it feels good to have everything clean and organized. I’ve got some projects to finish and my tutorials to get up (had to send my computer off to Apple this week to be repaired, so I was without it for a few lonely days), and I’m trying, I promise! So stick around for some cute projects soon to come!