Pink Beginnings June 9, 2010 – Posted in: Decorating, Repurpose

The same day I found this skirt at Goodwill, I also found this old medicine cabinet. It was dirty, heavy, and beat up. I could tell it hadn’t been taken care of in many years, but I also knew I couldn’t leave the store without making it mine. I immediately raced to Walmart to pick up spray paint so I could start transforming it the minute I got home.

Choosing a color wasn’t difficult. You see, my world is pink. It has always been my favorite color (with the exception of the ages 9 to 15 when it was completely “uncool” to like pink) and it’s been a prominent color in our home. In fact, my kitchen is pink! And God bless The Hubs for not caring! I’ve never spray painted a thing in my life, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. It took several coats, but my old cabinet has new life in my sewing room–full of little jars of buttons, snaps, safety pins, straight pins, bells, and other small sewing necessities. It makes me ridiculously happy every time I see it!