Progress… April 13, 2012 – Posted in: Family

It’s slow going around here, but we’re getting there! We moved in a week ago today and normally I’d have a decent amount of the house unpacked and things would be looking wonderful. But we hurried in here before we had a chance to get things truly ready and there’s still lots of work left to be done before we can really start to settle in. It doesn’t help that we moved in Friday, spent Saturday running around getting things we need, then hosted Easter on Sunday. Monday the AT&T guy was here for hours hooking up tv and internet and yesterday there were 2 guys here blowing our the ducts in our HVAC. I also had to do huge grocery shopping twice and today are more errands so we can host Easter for The Hubs’ family here tomorrow! And somewhere in there, Chloe turned 2!

But, there is big progress!! When we took possession of the house, we blew out a wall. I showed some pictures of us taking it down, but here’s a better before and during. I can’t wait to have the full “after” done!

The den was like a little cave so after tearing down the wall, we yanked out the green carpet, took the solar screens off the windows and redid the floors. A few coats of paint are making a big difference, too! In the den the bookcases are going to go to dark grey, the molding will all be painted white, the tv will be mounted over the fireplace and the fireplace will become white.

We have a lot of extra seating in here right now since we’re hosting 2 events in 1 week with lots of family. We’ll move the old sofa and the bean bag chair out soon!

Under the green carpet in the kitchen we found this awesome green and yellow vinyl. Not exactly my style! So I got vinyl peel and stick tiles and have had a blast laying them.



It’s time consuming getting them done around the edges so there’s just a “bigger picture” in the breakfast room, but I finished most of the kitchen. We need to paint and put down quarter round molding and all the trim in the house needs to be repainted.

The cabinets are dingy inside so I need to scrub them out and repaint them before we unpack the kitchen. I’ve got them about 1/4 of the way painted inside, so that’s a project I need to finish (hopefully) this weekend. In a few years we’re going to gut the kitchen and replace everything, so all the changes are just to make things a little nicer in the mean time.


Whenever I get discouraged with our progress I look at the before pictures and realize we really have come a long way in just 2 weeks! It’s motivation to keep going for sure! If only I had 6 more hours each day and 4 more hands for all the things I want to do. And even though I’ll be painting trim for months to come, slowly but surely, it’s becoming home!