Publix time again! September 11, 2010 – Posted in: Coupons

I had a great grocery shopping trip this week! I spent more than normal because I was able to get a tremendous deal on diapers.

We ate out some with our company last weekend, so some things made it back to this weeks menu. So for the next week we’re looking at having:

lasagna and cesaer salad
waffles and scrambled eggs
stir fry with noodles
spaghetti with meat sauce
baked fried chicken, potatoes and green beans
chicken enchiladas
burgers and hashbrowns

I was really excited about some deals I got. I managed to score FREE sour cream and cottage cheese, Goldfish were 10/$10, but I had 2 $.35 coupons that doubled to $.70. So I paid $4.60 for 6 bags of Goldfish! I got Betty Crocker  cookie mixes for $.53 each, a $.21 overage on Lender’s bagels, $5.70 off 5 Kraft cheese products, and juice boxes were still on sale, so I grabbed 4 more for $1.50 each.

But I was really excited about diapers. Publix had a $3 coupon in their weekly ad, and I had $2.50 coupons, so I paid $14.49 for each of my boxes of diapers! We didn’t need Chloe diapers yet, but when I could get them for $.17 per diaper, I couldn’t pass up the deal. Of course, I paid regular price for Overnights, but it’s worth it not to have to change crib sheets every day!

I did great, considering I spent $40 in diapers alone!

Had I not gotten them, I would have spent $80 and saved $53–which would have been awesome! But the kids keep pooping, so I had no choice! 🙂 All in all, it was a pretty great week!