Shirr Amazement August 29, 2010 – Posted in: Repurpose, Sewing

Whew. Sorry about that horrible break I took. You know how life speeds up and days fly by in a blur and before you know it 2 weeks have gone by? Totally didn’t happen to me.

But I did have a faulty sewing machine, a sick baby that basically stopped sleeping (we did spend 3 hours in the ER in the middle of the night last week, so that didn’t help), a 2 year old cutting molars, and a total lack of inspiration. So instead of excitedly running to my machine after tucking the girls into bed, I’ve been opting for vegging on the sofa with a beer and my DVR. Not good for the blog, but great for my spirit. But I’m back, and I’ve got lots to share!

I had such a great time (and success) creating something for Sofie from one of my shirts, that I wanted to try it again. About 3 months ago my Mom brought some old plastic drawers I left at their house after college. While digging through one I found an old shirt I’d adored in my collegiate years but knew I’d never be able to wear again. I instantly knew it would be an easy transformation into a shirt for Sofie.

This shirt came from the Old Navy Outlet in 2000. Anyone who was anyone (in my circle) had it. We had to alert each other to our intended wearing days to avoid the awkward twin moment in the dining hall. But I loved it. Loved it so much that even before I ever repurposed anything, I knew I’d want to do something with this shirt someday.

It had a hidden zipper in the back, as well as an label. I needed to remove both, and they were easily taken out.

(with zipper)

I carefully wielded my seam ripper up and down the sides of the zipper. I also removed the stitching at the bottom hem.

And once the zipper and label were gone,

I stitched the opening closed along the previous crease made from the zipper.

And restitched the hem and the bias tape along the top.

I knew I wanted to shirr the back, but was a little stumped about how to fix the darts. Because even though she’s dying for them, Sofie doesn’t have boobs. Well, I shirred a little out of the box and decided to go from the end of one dart, around the back, and to the end of the other one. It gave me great framework, a stopping point, and I liked the effect.

And she liked the shirt! It’s long enough in the front to be dress length, but in the back her little butt would hang out. I suspect this will fit her great next year (and potentially the year after that, too!).

(Please don’t mind the wrinkles, I took her out of the car to take these pictures before we went in for lunch. I have to strike while the toddler cooperates…)

I have a few other shirts from my college days I kept that I’m anxious to refashion for my girls. I love seeing them in clothes that have special memories for me!