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**This post was originally posted on Project Run and Play for Skirting the Issue.

Hi everyone! I’m Melissa and I blog at Sew Like My Mom.

I thought a lot about the kind of skirt I wanted to make for this project. I wanted something modern, comfortable, basic, and easily converted to many sizes. I bounced ideas off my sister, who is also the Mother of 3 girls, and she ultimately suggested I find a way to make bike shorts into a skirt. We both strive to teach our girls about modesty and appropriateness and never let them leave home without something under a skirt. And since I’m admittedly not a laundry connoisseur, often scrounging through piles of clean clothes trying to find any pair of bike shorts, building the bottoms into a skirt was the perfect idea!

It was really simple to make this basic skirt, and Sofie and I both love the result!

I want to sew these for everyone I know! It provides wonderful piece of mind to know my little girl is covered and can play as she likes.


And best of all, there’s no searching for shorts last minute, they’re a permanent part of the outfit.

I wanted to do something that played with patterns showed contrast, so I used capri length leggings instead of bike shorts, though the technique is the same.

I found these leggings on sale at Old Navy (and have decided to start stocking up on them when I find them on clearance!) and got some basic black knit at Hobby Lobby.

I measured 1/2″ below the bottom of the elastic on the leggings and marked it all the way around.

I then carefully cut the waistband off. Leggings typically have a big rise and come up high, so I knew I had enough room to play with for seam allowances and still have the skirt come up high enough.

**Another plus to using store bought leggings is never having to guess what size they are. I know that as I’ve sewn for my girls I often forget what size a dress or outfit is when I pull it out for the next person to wear.

Since I used leggings that I wanted to be seen, I made the skirt shorter than I normally would for Sofie. I cut my fabric 12″ long by the width of the knit, 60″. I put right sides together and sewed a seam down the side to make a tube. Then I ran 2 rows of gathering stitches at the top. On big projects like this, I put 2 rows on each half so I’m only gathering half the skirt at a time. It’s easier and the thread breaks less often that way!

After gathering both sides, I carefully pinned the skirt to the leggings and stitched it in place.

I then took my waistband piece and pinned it on and stitched it down using a wide but narrow zigzag to allow for stretch. I made this seam run right up against the bottom of the elastic.

I then trimmed and serged the seam off as short as possible to reduce the bulk in the waist. If you don’t have a serger, just do a zigzag and trim. This isn’t to keep things from unraveling, it won’t because it’s knit, but to keep all your layers together and not bulky.

The finished product is a nice, clean waistband with bottoms built in!

I then folded the bottom of the skirt up 2″ and hemmed it. I decided to add my rick rack for a finishing touch to complete the look. I did it quickly, using a hem gauge marked at 1/2″ and a straight stitch.

And that’s it!

I can’t wait to make a million more–both for my girls and to donate here locally!

I have several other skirt tutorials on my blog if you’re interested in poking around some!
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This is a very basic skirt, good for beginners and easy to embellish!

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Thank you so much for having me, Liz and Elizabeth!